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10 Mar

wind-1776368_1280Hey everybody, just sitting here in rainy almost-end-of-winter New York City and, as I take a short break from tweaking a couple of chapters of a novel-in-the-works, I tuned into CNN News. They had on an analyst, one of many I’ve seen and heard during  the currrent crisis developing throughout the Middle East, on oil and why the price of a barrel of crude goes up and down; mainly up right now. Anyway, and because I remember the gasoline lines during the 1970’s, I began to think about all the time that has passed since what should have been a wake up call, and this country has done relatively nothing to move towards alternative energy sources and away from our addiction to oil. Am I missing something here? How far should we go, as consumers, as boaters, as devotees of the lifestyle, whether going fishing, cruising,chartering, or doing whatever it is on, in, around, and under the water, to participate in the effort? Anyone want to wade in on this?

Thanks for listening.

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