13 Mar

For those of us who do not enjoy a 12 month boating season, the time is rapidly coming when shrink wrap will be pulled off—just a quick thought here though; just how does all that plastic get, hopefully, recycled? Any thoughts?—and we’ll have a go at getting things ready. I’m researching two products which may help to make your coming boating season, and those in the future, somewhat better especially in the area of keeping things clean. The first is a gizmo that goes by the name of SmartCap. I first covered it some time ago in the pages of Power & Motoryacht Magazine and have been keeping up with both the product and its inventor, a really knowledgeable, and nice guy by the way, by the name of Dan Sabatino. Basicall, SmartCap is for the most part, and depending on your boat’s fuel tank configuration, an easy retro fit.  This programmable, sensor-based fail-safe device prevents fuel from spilling out of your overfill during fill ups. I’ve seen it work. I’ll be interviewing Dan as well as getting all the technical background on the SmartCap and its operation. The other product is Technol, a fuel conditioner that promises better fuel economy and a cleaner burning engine, a boost in cetane, and savings at the pump. I know there are a lot of similar products on the market, some of them valid, some of them snake oil, but this juice, from several boaters who have been using it, seems to do the job. Again, I’ll be doing some field research, interviews, and data collection in the near future.

Thanks for listening.

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