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Now that things are up and rolling here at the blog site–many thanks to all those who have found the postings on their own and continue to return while the Capt. Ken Hit-O-Meter heads north; it is greatly appreciated–I am getting lots of press releases and notices from various industry friends in the marketing and pr sector. I’ve been separating them out into several categories instead of lumping them under one heading. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

To lead things off, here is an offering of some products you may find interesting as well as helpful in rounding out your boat’s inventory. And if there is anything you want some information about in this or upcoming postings, please let me know in the comment box at the end of the offering and I will make sure I track down the inquiry for you.


For extra reliability in the toughest applications, boat owners can turn to Shakespeare Electronic Products

Galaxy 5225XP, 5400XP

Group. The company’s world-renowned Galaxy 5225-XP and 5400-XP Extended Performance VHF Antennas feature silver-plated brass elements to deliver a longer service life, stronger on-air signal and extraordinary range.

The 8′, 6dB gain 5225-XP and 4′, 3dB gain 5400-XP have an extra-durable fiberglass radome designed to withstand strong wind and high speeds, ideal for hard-top, T-top and radar arch installations. Their legendary Galaxy high-gloss, non-yellowing polyurethane finish also adds a touch of glamor aboard.

Corrosion-resistant features extend from the stainless steel ferrule with 1″-14 thread to Shakespeare’s exclusive white fiberglass that seals out moisture.  Inside, these antennas boast stranded, high-quality tinned copper within a silver-plated brass choking sleeve for maximum signal strength. Both models have a maximum power input of 150 watts.The flexible, RG-8/X coax cable has higher power capabilities, less loss per foot, UV-stable jacketing, stranded copper core and copper shielding to help enhance performance. Each antenna comes with 20′ of cable and a PL-259 connector.

Backed by Shakespeare’s 5-year warranty, the 8′ 5225-XP Extended Performance Antenna costs $267.95, while the 4′ 5400-XP has a suggested retail price of $232.95.

Stateside contact: +1-803-227-1590; Fax: +1-803-419-3099

European offices:  +44 (0) 1253 858787; Fax: +44 (0) 1253 859595


A leading supplier of night-vision cameras to the finest yachts in the world, OceanView has announced the

OceanView Apollo 2Xi

release of the Apollo 2 Xi, which utilizes an on-screen controller instead of a separate unit.  This makes the camera easier to control, and the images easier to view. An included small, fixed waterproof mouse and wireless mouse give the user maximum flexibility, as either can control all the camera’s functions via the on-screen menu while simultaneously viewing images. Eliminating the need for an LCD controller also increases the space available at the helm.

Supplied with IP as standard, users can check, view and control the Apollo 2 Xi camera from remote locations on or off the boat. A simple Ethernet installation completes the package. The Apollo 2 Xi’s on-screen controller is a truly flexible solution as it can be used with any marine display, including touch screens or on-board TVs.  OceanView offers further flexibility by providing an optional handheld, wireless tablet to control the camera. In May, there will be an option for an iPad app for those owners wanting to operate the camera from their iPad. Standard features of the Apollo 2 Xi include full 360° continuous pan, tilt and 2x digital zoom. There is also an instant home, on-screen camera direction indicator and variable color palette.

Similar to the standard Apollo 2, the Apollo Xi has a thermal camera (320 x 240, 2x digital zoom) and low-light camera in one unit.  Both cameras’ images can be displayed simultaneously on two displays, or on one display with a split screen. It is also available as a HD unit (640 x 480, 4x zoom), in thermal only (TH) or low-light only (LL) models. Lastly, the series also includes the Apollo 2 Xi F which has been designed specifically to be integrated with the standard Furuno NavNet 3D controller. This unit is not supplied with any OceanView controller, saving more space at the helm and making control even easier.

OceanView’s Apollo 2 Xi has a price of $12,995, which is the same as the Apollo 2 standard. The optional handheld wireless tablet retails for $869.

Contact OceanView Technologies, 1181 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL  33487.  954-727-5139; Fax: 954-302-2476.;


Diamond A, a beautiful 1998, 188′ Abeking & Rasmussen steel yacht, suffered breathing problems. Her main stainless steel exhaust had corroded dangerously over time and her genset drystacks spewed soot, slowly destroying her deck. She needed help, and fast. Marine Exhaust Systems’ technical experts cured Diamond A‘s troubles with custom units that now have her breathing easy, in a crunch project of less than 6 weeks.

Diamond A‘s 185kW Caterpillar 3406 gensets had a corrosion-prone stainless steel hull discharge setup. The three-muffler wet/dry exhaust led to a drystack, which couldn’t be used due to soot issues. On top of providing clean exhaust, the new system had to fit in tight quarters. While maintaining or improving noise abatement, it had to work within the backpressure limitations of the older existing engine. It was a tall order.

Marine Exhaust Systems put its technical expertise to work by first replacing all piping and equipment with its proprietary Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)/Silencer combo. Its proprietary Water Separation Muffler efficiently quiets exhaust, then strips out water to a cool, gas discharge. The DPF’s metal filters utilize high exhaust temperature to burn off soot buildup, creating a self-cleaning system.

“Our design exceeded our expectations,” said Michael DeAngelo, Marine Exhaust Systems’ technical sales and application engineer. “The exhaust ended up being quieter overall, with smaller components and less backpressure. Even with the older genset engines, the filters are regenerating perfectly, with no soot clogging.”

The challenge for Diamond A‘s main exhaust came in part from her Caterpillar 3516B engines, older workhorses with little available technical data. They blew through an extremely large, dry silencer and stainless steel wet exhaust. Diamond A‘s owners knew the old system had to come out in pieces, and thought a new one would have to come in as small modules, welded once in the engine room. It would be expensive and time-consuming.

But Marine Exhaust Systems had a better plan. “We were up against a tight haulout window, so we pre-measured and designed our replacement system before Diamond A ever landed in the yard,” said DeAngelo.

“We created a solution that came into the engine room in one piece, with little or no long-term maintenance, and equivalent noise abatement,” he said. Their custom system included a stainless steel dry exhaust, removable risers, and composite Super 60 Thinline muffler. All wet exhaust components were replaced with composite assemblies and hoses to eliminate corrosion issues.

The resulting system maintained acoustical performance, had less heat rejection into the main engine room, and opened up space for storage, to boot. The completed project delighted the client.  “We have much more compact designs than traditional silencers. They’re the most compact, per horsepower, on the market,” said DeAngelo.

Built in 1998, Diamond A accommodates 12 guests in six luxurious staterooms designed by Donald Starkey.  In addition to the exhaust refit, she recently received an upgrade of the audio-visual and communication systems, superstructure and hull paint and a Quantum Zero Speed Stabilizer.

Established in 1973, Marine Exhaust Systems manufactures complete diesel exhaust system packages, from turbo to transom. It offers superior exhaust risers, elbows, fiberglass mufflers, custom fiberglass products, silicone hoses, clamps and other high-quality hardware.

Contact Marine Exhaust Systems, 3640 Fiscal Ct., Riviera Beach, FL  33404.  561-848-1238; Fax 561-848-1298.;


To determine how badly faded a hull is, owners should rub the surface with a clean rag. If the chalky surface rubs off on to the rag, the gelcoat is heavily oxidized and needs some work. However, with hundreds of different products on the market, all touting to be the best cure for dull, faded gelcoat, finding the best products for the job can be overwhelming.

One-part cleaner/wax products are a good place to start. These compounds are usually some form of wax combined with a very mild cleaner, a very mild abrasive compound and sometimes a lubricant. Applied with a buffer, they do a good job on mildly dulled or chalked areas.

Also included in the single-part products category are restorer/wax. These typically have a more aggressive rubbing compound than the cleaner/waxes. Some products claim to have an abrasive that continues to break down when being applied, producing a finer finish.

There is another class of products touted to be the best solution for faded and chalky gelcoat. These products are usually in the form of an acrylic or similar coating, much like floor wax. These liquids are very thin and easily applied. They quickly dry, leaving behind a waterproof coating that fills in the gelcoat surface to form a shiny layer. Since the coating is very thin, multiple coats are usually required.

The downside to these products is that the coating will wear away or turn yellow. Depending on the conditions, the finish has one to three years of life. In most cases, a yearly reapplication of several coats is suggested.  After that, a total reapplication is needed. The selling point is the ease of application and the instant shine achieved.

Other products used to remove oxidation are polishes and waxes. Polishes are best applied with a buffer and a clean pad. Users should apply the polish and buff out until the gel coat color is uniform and glossy. They shouldn’t buff at high speed since there’s a risk of overheating the surface. Once the color is uniform, a good quality paste wax for maximum protection and shine can be applied. Most paste waxes will last three to six months and should be re-waxed appropriately.

Before repainting the boat, compounding is usually the last process employed. Rubbing compounds come in variations from mild to heavy-duty. It is usually applied to the surface and then buffed with a power buffer. Pads should be changed often as they tend to get clogged with the rubbing compound and gelcoat.

The best results are a uniform color and smooth satin finish. The more aggressive rubbing compound alone won’t produce a shine. The surface also has to be polished. After polishing, an application of a good paste wax should result in an almost showroom finish.

A great product to help throughout the cleaning process is Shurhold’s Buff Magic, a fiberglass reconditioner and deoxidizer. It’s formulated to be user-friendly, whether buffing by machine or hand. The company’s Microfiber Towels are super-soft and extra-strong and are ideal for polishing and shining gelcoat surfaces.

For areas that need a little more help, Shurhold’s Dual-Action Polisher’s 6″ oscillating head allows anyone to get the same great finish, without burns or swirls. General detail maintenance like waxing and buffing can now be done in half the time, with half the effort and half the amount of product. The Buff Magic Compounding Pad is 6 1/2″ in diameter and made of 100% twisted wool. This pad was designed to work with Buff Magic and is perfect for removing oxidation.

Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher costs $149.98, while the Compounding Pad is $23.98. A three-pack of Microfiber Towels is priced at $18.98 and a 22 oz. can of Buff Magic is $28.98.

In other Shurhold news, the company is debuting is Boat Cleaning App allowing owners to wash, wax and clean from any smartphone. This app magically brings Shurhold’s high-quality detailing products to life. Owners simply enter the parameters of their boat into the phone. Then, the app determines which products should be used and with what tools based on availability. Users can then just sit back, relax and watch the gear dance around and clean the vessel. A boat can now, literally, clean itself. As an added convenience, the app is suitable for any and all craft. It features three settings, Wash Mode, Dry Mode and Wax Mode, so users can get their vessel sparkling according to their needs.

For a video demonstration and more information, interested parties can visit As a special offer, Shurhold’s Boat Cleaning App has an introductory price of $41.11.  The app will have a retail price of $99.98.

Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

Contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990.  800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.


The luxurious new Island Pilot 535 crossover trawler reflects the fresh ideas of its builder. This reputable company joins a rapidly-growing group of forward-thinking builders who have standardized the Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization System on new models. With the IP535, Island Pilot remains on the forefront of pleasurecraft innovation, enabling its customers to cruise in comfort.

Island Pilot president Reuben Trane had never used stabilization on his yachts, “Until I took a Seakeeper demo ride. I was quite impressed with the gyro’s performance in beam seas.” He experienced Seakeeper’s powerful righting force that virtually eliminates boat rock and roll at anchor, zero and low speeds, as well as while underway.  “We feel so strongly about its advantages that we made the Seakeeper gyro standard equipment on the IP535,” he said.

The craft’s deep-V planing hull, “Is inherently tender at low speeds. On longer passages, such as to the Caribbean, she’ll run at eight knots. The gyro will make these trips much more pleasant all around, and safe for the crew because a rested crew is an alert crew. Seakeeper’s gyro will also make unpleasant anchorages more comfortable,” said Trane. “And, if an existing Island Pilot 395 or 435 owner wants a gyro, we’ll be glad to retrofit.” Seakeeper is also an option on new builds of these models.

“We’re honored to have Seakeeper standardized on the IP535, as it further solidifies our market position. More and more builders are adding stabilization systems as standard equipment. They’ve recognized that their customers will be happier and spend more time aboard if they’re comfortable. Seakeeper continues to evolve and innovate its product line to provide stabilization solutions to an ever-growing range of vessels,” said Seakeeper VP of sales and marketing John Kermet.

The addition of the Seakeeper gyro is among many improvements on the new Island Pilot. The design goals were to maintain its speed, efficiency and style while creating two spacious, private staterooms. Island Pilot cleverly accomplished this with a “Great Room” galley and dinette located between the VIP guest stateroom in the bow and the luxurious 11′ x 16′ master stateroom aft.

This new design maintains the signature Island Pilot deck house, with extensive glass lending a bright, open feeling and 360° views. Both the aft cockpit and bridge incorporate large settees and plenty of room for dining and entertainment amenities. Lavish electronics aboard include four Garmin 15″ GPSMAP 7200 series touchscreens, a KVH 7HD DirecTV satellite dish and LED HDTVs.

The high-performance trawler is powered by twin 700 hp D-11 diesels paired to the new Volvo IPS II 900 drivetrain, and features joystick controls. Top speeds are anticipated at over 30 knots, with fast-cruising speeds of 18-20 knots. Island Pilot created a spacious, walk-in engine room by relocating other systems to an easy-access machinery space under the galley sole. The compact Seakeeper gyro is unobtrusively mounted under the galley stairs, which lift for easy access.

Seakeeper is the world leader in active gyro stabilizer technology for the leisure yacht and commercial marine markets. Unlike fin-based systems, these units install within the craft, eliminating the need for hull cutting, as well as drag-producing and damage-prone appendages.

Small and lightweight, the powerful gyros offer flexible installation options and consume minimal power.  Various models can be installed in single or multiple configurations for optimum stabilization performance.  Seakeeper is supported worldwide by an extensive team of experienced dealers and service/installation centers.

Contact Seakeeper, P.O. Box 809, California, MD  20688.  410-326-1590; Fax: 410-326-1199.,

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