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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Pirelli Superyacht Tenders

Pirelli PZero Boats

In the 1950′s, at a time when Italy still had to be totally reconstructed, Pirelli “rubberized” the country. On a road network yet to be created, PIRELLI rubber was at first tool and then symbol of the conquest of distance, synonymous with freedom of travel for everyone, everywhere. Around the same time, Pirelli also launched its range of “rubberised boats” with the same objective: to travel anywhere, freely and safely. After the roads came the sea. The first model, Laros, immediately became an icon, closely followed by an entire range through which Italy discovered its coastline.

Fifty years on, Pirelli Yacht Tenders are back, through a license, with the PZERO range. Its basic design remains that of a true boat: the rubber dinghy is by definition the marine craft par excellence, which goes where no other boat can. This license has led to the creation of a special breed of yacht tenders, flawlessly bringing together style and design, careful attention to detail, and a commitment safety. Pirelli Superyacht Tenders fill a void in the yacht tender market: originality, the essence of a sports boat, along with the elegance of an exclusive brand recognizable anywhere.

Denison Yacht Sales is the exclusive dealer for Pirelli Yacht Tenders in North America. Please contact Pirelli Yacht specialist Alex Clarke for pricing and availability: +1 203.722.3047 or +1 954.763.3971.

Pirelli 1400 – Carbon Edition Superyacht Tender


LOA: 46′  / Beam: 12′   /  Draft: 3’4″  Engines: (2) Volvo Penta Diesels Drives: Bravo 1 Stern Drives. Construction: Carbon Fiber. Cruise: 55 knots. Max Speed: 75 knots

The 1400 Carbon Edition: Ocke Mannerfelt Design from Sweden has worked with boat and yacht design for almost 3 decades. The company is world-famous for their extremely efficient offshore racing boats which have won 12 UIM world championships.The Pirelli 1400 Carbon Edition has a hull design very similar to the racing boats and is fast, easy to handle and safe even in very rough weather.

The deck has been designed by Tecnorib and OMD and is at the forefront of the stat-of-the-art for many applications. The opportunity to realize the entire hull in carbon confers to the boat more rigidity and sturdiness with a weight decidedly inferior. New horizons in terms of speed and agreeability guide the sporting formulation of the new hull expresses in this configuration the maximum one of its potential.

Her 75-knot performance is unmatched. Her lines will turn heads at every single marina in the world. The Pirelli reputation remains above the competition.

Pirelli 1400 – Yacht Edition

LOA: 46′ Beam: 12’7″ Draft: 3’4″ Engines: 2 Volvo Penta D6EVC- 370hp Drives: Bravo1 Stern Drives. Cruise: 35 knots. Max Speed: 45 knots

The 1400 Yacht Edition: A sophisticated and versatile boat intended for those looking for an exciting boat, providing the highest performance levels, but without compromising on comfort or safety.

Her design has been created for a sailing experience at the highest level. Ergonomics: Harmonises forms in every detail, combined technology and functionality. Style: a boat without compromises, from materials research to the study of lines, with the point of arrival being a consistent design route. Design: utilization of spaces, the combination of rationality and technologies, excellence in detail. Tubes in Hypalon Neoprene and hull in GFRP combine with the uniqueness of the innovative solutions range. Top of the range in every aspect, true to the Pirelli Yacht brand.

Pirelli 1100 – PZero Superyacht Tender

LOA: 36′ Beam: 11’6″ Draft: 3’7″ Engines: 2 Cummins QSD 4.2- 320hp Drives: Bravo 1 Stern Drives. Cruise: 32 knots. Max Speed: 45 knots

The Pirelli 1100 Cabin: The Pirelli PZero 1100 is Pirelli’s newest model having just made her international debut at the Genoa Boat Show.The 1100 Series is available in Gasoline (65-knot performance) or Diesel engine options, which provides a 45-knot top speed.

Boasting new technology and previous ‘options only’ as standard features along with a Queen-sized berth with a complete separate head, the PZero 1100 is simply amazing.

Featuring Pirelli’s signature center console design, this high performance luxury RIB is built on a proven multiple World Championship Offshore Powerboat Hull platform allowing for superior performance with stability so that even the novice is comfortable at the wheel.

Pirelli 880 Sport – PZero Superyacht Tender

LOA: 30′ Beam: 10’6″ Draft: 2’6″ Engines: 2 Mercruiser MAG HODTS425cv- 496hp
Drives: Bravo 1 Stern Drives. Cruise: 45 knots. Max Speed: 55 knots

The 880 Sport: The successful PZero 880 Series, available in either the Cabin or Sport Editions, are not only a perfect fit as a megayacht tender, but also as a great day boat, weekend cruiser, or runabout.

No detail is overlooked in the finishes found onboard from the teak decks, powerful stern drives or outboards, high-end electronics package all of which one would expect to be associated with the Pirelli name synonymous with quality.

Each PZero 880 can be customized for the client down to every last details. No request is too much to ask, as impeccable customer service is another asset that sets Pirelli apart from its competition; making a winning combination of a top pedigree product and excellent customer relations.


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145 Wyckoff Road, Eatontown, NJ  07724
Janis Grundmann, National Sales Manager
(800) 645-4033
(732) 542-0111
Fax: (732) 542-0109

Rudy Gilbert, Industrial Sales & Development
Cell: (732) 693-0283

Technol 403 Summer Diesel Conditioner
Technol 403 is a premium diesel fuel improver designed to raise Cetane, improve fuel lubricity, increase fuel combustibility, and clean the entire fuel system.  This improves horsepower and torque output, fuel and engine efficiency, both increase economy while reducing fuel related maintenance costs and downtime.

Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel mandated by the EPA is good for the environment, but puts the lubrication properties of the fuel at risk.  The only source of lubrication for Injectors and the fuel injection pump is the fuel that flows through them.  When sulfur and various other components are reduced to produce low and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, the results are a substantial reduction in the natural lubricating properties of the fuel itself.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner has been tested and the results show an increase in fuel lubricity of 12½% (Ball On Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator – B.O.C.L.E.).   This extends component service life and lowering maintenance costs and downtime.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner Benefits include:

  • Cetane Enhancers raise the Cetane level up to 3 numbers enabling faster fuel ignition.
  • Combustion Improvers provide for a more complete fuel burn, both working together, enable fuel to ignite sooner, burn longer, hotter for a more complete fuel burn.
  • Water Emulsifiers which allow water and fuel to mix, water is then removed from the tank as the engine calls for fuel.   The water environment for algae and bacteria is no longer present.
  • Sludge Dispersants break up and dissolve fuel sediment sludge small enough that most pass harmlessly though filters and injectors.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors with continued use, virtually stop further fuel system corrosion from occurring, preventing costly leaks.
  • Stabilizes fuel by keeping the fuel fresh, preventing sludge from forming and maintaining fuel system cleanliness.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner is readily available in:

  • 8oz Bottles packed 12 per case – Treats 750 gals.
  • 32oz Bottles packed 12 per case – Treats 3,000 gals.
  • Gallon Bottles packed 4 per case – Treats 4,000 gals.
  • 5-gallon Pails – Treats 5,000 gals.
  • 55-gallon Drums – Treats 55,000 gals.
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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Azimut Yachts Introduces 45 Flybridge to 2011 Lineup

Azimut 45 Motoryacht For Sale

The Azimut 45 Motoryacht, one of Azimut Yachts’ new arrivals for 2011, sets a new benchmark for the market by re-examining the fundamental aspects of liveability and quality, attaining a level the competition may find difficult to match. The great efforts put into design, functional studies, and technical research have now borne fruit in the form of the undoubtedly most advanced flybridge motoryacht of its class.

The Azimut 45 represents a project that leads to new consequences through the use of ideas that were put into practice in earlier models with great success. These include a new layout for the living area that features a different use of available below-deck space through an innovative placement of the galley, as well as a cabin arrangement that come in two varieties, 2 or 3 staterooms, each with a large central VIP cabin.

The exterior design and the concept were created by yacht designer, Stefano Righini, and the interior design, by Carlo Galeazzi. On the exterior, the great achievement is the spacious flybridge, which is attached as a modular unit at the stern. The space can be reconfigured with the simple rearrangement of a few elements: from an dinette complete with a dining table and a sofa area with L- or C-shaped seating, to a spacious sundeck on a single level.

These elements have bases that use rotational technology, which enables a savings of 25% in weight versus traditional elements. The flybridge is designed to accommodate 10 guests between seating, sundeck, and steering station. Accessed by a handy stairway, this spacious terrace overlooking the sea covers the entire cockpit, providing ample shade. It has side railings for additional safety and a skylight near the exterior steering station that can be opened, allowing communication between the flybridge and the living quarters in the interior of the main deck. This creates continuity between the two environments, exterior and interior, enabling communication between the two steering stations, even while underway. The flybridge helm features a full instrument panel, including a 14″ Raymarine display.

Great design work is also on display in the cockpit, which comes with a folding table that disappears into the sofa and a refrigerator or icemaker. The swimming platform can be either fixed or retractable, which is also useful when hauling or launching the yacht tender. The retractable version can bear a load of 350 kg, with running boards on the sides to assist in getting on and off the boat.

The Azimut 45′s Main Salon comes with 2 large sofas and a pouf, thus accommodating eight people. The main sofa can be converted into a double bed. The table’s height can be adjusted with the flip of a switch.

A great deal of effort was put into the design of the central guest cabin, a spacious suite that achieves volume beneath the steering station. It is illuminated by daylight from a panoramic glassed wall and has a bathroom with separate access. The double bed can be turned into 2 singles with a few simple adjustments.

Located in the bow is the Master Stateroom, built with care and attention in order to provide wherever possible wardrobes and space for storage, such as the large locker underneath the bed. Here as well, the cabin has a dedicated bathroom that is illuminated by light from large rectangular side portholes.

The three-cabin version offers the owner a cabin with overlapping berths, which bring the total number of beds to 8, counting the convertible sofa in the dinette.

Her galley is particularly roomy: in the first version, the marble worktop reaches a length of 3.2 meters and can accommodate a dishwasher, microwave oven and a fridge. In the 3-cabin version, a small part of the galley space is taken up by the third cabin, but the worktop remains one of the most ample in its category. One surprising feature of the galley is its location, since anyone using it can still chat with people sitting in the dinette or at the interior steering station, which is in keeping with the modern concept of cooking being a time of shared enjoyment and socializing during on-board life.

The oak interiors are a natural honey color with a breathable finish; the Jakarta leathers have a light finish on the tips that gives them a heightened 3-D effect. Azimut follows the construction philosophy of using natural dyes and materials.

The keel of the Azimut 45 is a classic variable dihedral, with an angle of 21 degrees amidship that reproduces the optimal qualities in other models of similar size in terms of wave absorption and performance. It is built in its entirety employing an infusion process, a building method that ensures low environmental impact, high-quality construction, and top-flight mechanical characteristics.

The Azimut 45 is outfitted with twin 480hp Cummins engines with shaft-mounted propellers, and a 32-knot maximum speed. With the “easy handling” and “easy docking” options, steering the boat has been highly simplified. The easy handling option assists with differing propeller rotation speeds in order to enable quick, precise course corrections, while the easy docking option enables docking in tight spaces to be accomplished using a simple joystick: wind and sea conditions have no effect on precision, and thanks to intelligent management of the power of the twin engines and the bow thruster, all maneuvers become sure and simple.

These are systems that have made it easier to use the yacht, particularly for those with little help on board. All of the boat’s functions can be monitored by using the “easy cruising” system, which integrates data relating to the electrical system, tanks, temperatures, and alarms.

2011 Azimut 45 Specifications & Dimensions

Maximum Length: 13.78m / 45’3”
Hull Length: 13.46m / 44’2”
Waterline Length: 11.2m / 36’9”
Beam: 4.38m / 14’4”
Draft: 0.86m / 2’10”
Full-Load Displacement: 17.00t / 37,478 lbs
Light Displacement: 13.30t / 29,321 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 1,300 liters / 343.46 gallons
Water Capacity: 500 liters / 132.10 gallons
Grey Water Capacity: 140 liters / 36.98 gallons
Black Water Capacity: 140 liters / 36.98 gallons
Stateroom options: 2 or 3 Staterooms
Berths: 4/6 + 2 Main Salon (Convertible Sofa)
Heads: 2 heads
Engines: 2 x Cummins QSB 5.9 480hp
Max Speed: 32 knots
Cruise Speed: 27 knots
Maximum Capacity: 12 Guests

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From time to time, we come across a product that seems to make life aboard a boat just a bit easier. And that’s just what happened when Bruce Brand of Brand Marketing contacted us regarding a product called the NoMarr Strap®.

Let’s not get this confused with the traditional Bungee-type of fastening. NoMarr is constructed out of a formulated plastic that does not mark or scratch–hence the name NoMarr–and therefore, you do not have to worry about any metal surfaces, such as hooks scratching the surfaces of your boat. A UV resistant proprietary process is used to deter cracking and fraying. The NoMarr Strap® is highly adjustable and allows for the perfect length and tension which removes the danger of sudden recoil.

We sent out several of the products to various boat owners and got back a very favorable report. “They are very reliable and easy to use; in fact we found by using several of the four-foot, XL docking straps, even our young children could easily secure our boat to our dock,” one of our test boat owners said. “We also used the 15″ ones to hang our wash down hose in the engine compartment for easy access.” “We do a lot of touch and go pick ups and drop offs with the vessels in our launch service and our fast and often hectic running schedule was made that much easier by using the NoMarr XL straps,” said the mate on another test boat.

For more information on the NoMarr Strap®, contact Bruce Brand at the Brand Marketing Group, 1519 Union Avenue #208, Memphis, TN 38104. (901) 351-9204, or via e-mail at

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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

San Lorenzo Launches 104′ & 94′ Megayachts On The Same Day

San Lorenzo Megayacht For Sale

San Lorenzo Yachts announces the launching of 2 megayachts on the same day this week: Triple Fun, Hull #4 of the SL104 Yacht Line, and Mia Rocca IX, a member of San Lorenzo’s SD92 Yacht Series.

Triple Fun represents the latest in the SL104 line which produces 31-meter planing yachts. The well balanced, opened, low and sleek design evokes a sense of speed and agility. Like the Mia Rocca IXTriple Fun is expected to be cruising the Med with her new owners this Summer.

San Lorenzo Megayacht For Sale

 San Lorenzo SD92 Megayacht Yacht Series

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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Lürssen Yachts Set To Launch Superyacht Lady Kathryn V

Lurssen Superyacht Charter
Lürssen Yachts will soon be launching superyacht Lady Kathryn V, previously known as Project Coco. The 5th in a line of luxury Mediterranean charter megayachts of the same name, Lady Kathryn V, is the successor of a 164′ Wesport superyacht. Megayacht Designer Espen Oeino International is credited with her exterior lines, while Adam Lay Studio gets the nod for the interior.
Built in steel with an aluminum superstructure, Lürssen motor yacht Lady Kathryn V, is an evolution of the Linda Lou series begun in 2006. At 61 meters in overall length, she is slightly longer than her predecessors. Significant build evolutions are evident, such as her bridge deck.  There is no full-beam section to this deck, giving the yacht a sleeker, more classic appearance. Another noted difference is the addition of a crow’s nest above the sundeck, offering a panoramic view of the sea for her new owners. Her Adam Lay interior features accommodations for 12 charter guests. Her Master Stateroom is a true suite situated on the main deck, with a VIP stateroom on the bridge deck, and 4 guest staterooms, all doubles, positioned on the lower deck.

After her owner takes delivery this Summer, she will be immediately available for charter in the Mediterranean, followed by her first winter season in the tropical Caribbean.

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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Oyster Yachts Launches Inagural Oyster 100 Sailing Yacht

Oyster Sailing Yachts 100
The first Oyster 100 sailing yacht has departed her build bay at the Oyster Yachts shipyard in the U.K. in preparation for her launch, ahead of her eagerly awaited premiere at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show.

The Oyster 100 by Dubois is designed with the specification, features and classification of much larger yachts, and provides a sophisticated entry into superyacht ownership. Her layout offers three staterooms aft and two crew cabins forward. The two family/guest staterooms feature 2 large single beds, which are fitted on slide rails which can be pushed together to form a large double bed. A third fold down bed is also available.
David Tydeman, Oyster Yachts CEO, commented, “This is really the culmination of four years of planning, including establishing the construction facility from bare ground, and a lot of hard work by very many people since the project was first announced. We are delighted with the way the build of this beautiful yacht has progressed and can’t wait to show her off in Monaco.”
A raised Main Salon offers a panoramic view and leads forward and down to a more intimate lounge and separate dining area. Forward of the main living area is the crew mess, galley and two crew cabins. The composite-built Oyster sailing yachts combine excellent quality, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional design. They are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and require a markedly lower maintenance budget than comparable one-off new builds of the same size. Built to Lloyds 100A1 Classification, Oyster Yachts can be operated as commercial craft thus offering many owners significant personal benefits of ownership.

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Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Heesen Yachts Launches 10th 3700 Superyacht, “Aurelia”

Heesen Yachts For Sale

Dutch superyacht manufacturer Heesen Yachts announced another successful aluminum megayacht launch. On June 10, the latest member of the Heesen 3700 Superyacht Series splashed Dutch waters. Its obvious even to the casual yacht observer, this high-speed yacht, named Aurelia, isn’t the average Heesen 3700.

Aurelia, initially known as Project ‘Petra’ under construction, represents the 10th Heesen 3700 to be launched, with a paint scheme to match. Featuring an orange and blue hull, with standard white superstructure, an over-sized “10″ has been painted across the hull-sides, reflecting the spirit of a racing car. A matching yacht tender, and race car theme exist throughout her interior, even into her five staterooms.

Like most Heesen Yachts before her, her twin MTU 16V4000M90 engines allow her a consistent 30-knot performance, giving her bold styling substance,  Aurelia will soon be available in the yacht charter market in the Mediterranean in the Summers Months and the Caribbean during the Winter Season. Charter rates are published at $125,000 / week.

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Inverter vs. Generator: The Ultimate Grudge Match!

By Don Wilson

TECH DOCTOR DON WILSON has worked in technical capacities in the automotive, RV and marine fields and for the military since 1989 and has extensive experience in designing and troubleshooting onboard electrical systems. A former customer service manager dealing with electronic issues, Wilson currently serves as a technical instructor for the RV industry’s RVIA Trouble Shooter Clinics and is a full-time sales application engineer for Xantrex Technology USA Inc. INVERTER VS. GENERATOR: THE ULTIMATE GRUDGE MATCH is the eighth installment of TECH DOCTOR articles being presented by the Boat and Yacht Report

When talking about mobile power solutions while attending mobile power-esque parties (oh, yeah, we’re a lively bunch), someone always tries to make the correlation between an inverter and a generator. When chatting with the average lay-person, even I am guilty of explaining an inverter as “a generator that uses the battery as its fuel tank”. This is a bit inaccurate and quite misleading since they have very different roles and benefits.

But which is better?

In this corner…the heavyweight Generator!

Generators are AC power supplies that use fossil fuels as their main source of consumptive energy. In other words, they use fuel (diesel, propane, gasoline) to run an engine. That engine spins a rotating shaft that uses magnets and electrical windings to create electrical AC current. Generators are really good at one thing: taking a relatively light weight and easily acquired energy source (fuel) and creating lots of kilowatt hours of electrical power.

One of the major drawbacks of a generator is they can be terribly inefficient and waste a lot of fuel if they’re not used at full (or at least heavy) load for a long period of time.  Generators can unnecessarily pollute the environment for a small benefit. For example, if you have a 7kW generator powering your 700W TV/DVD/Surround system, you waste fuel running that big engine for little benefit. On the other end of the spectrum, if you start your generator for the 10 minutes it takes to microwave last night’s leftovers, the generator barely gets lukewarm before you’ve shut it down. This can cause carbon buildup on the critical engine components, shortening the life of your generators engine. Lastly, generators are heavy and don’t surge very well. And they are often oversized to meet load demands. The larger, heavier generators are used so a large in-rush of electrical demand (like an electric motor) doesn’t cause the generator to bog down.

In this corner…the lightweight Inverter!!

Xantrex PROwatt SW Inverter 2000

Inverters are also AC power supplies, but they use stored DC electrical energy in a battery (or a battery bank). They use high-speed electrical switches and transformers to modify the DC to AC, and then change the voltage to create 120V. On the plus side inverters are extremely efficient, compared to generators, and only consume DC power in direct relation to the amount of power they put out. Another major benefit is that they are virtually silent compared to generators.

However, inverters are not a perfect supply since their energy supplies (batteries) are permanently mounted, hard to replenish, and limited. This means that short-term heavy loads (like a microwave), or long-term lighter loads (like an entertainment center) are just right for an inverter with the right battery bank. Lastly, inverters are comparatively light weight compared to generators. Also, for their weight, inverters tend to surge very well (typically twice their rated constant power output) compared to their fuel-based nemesis.

And the winner is??

Everybody loves a winner. However, in the classic Generator/Inverter battle, there is no clear-cut champ. I know, I know, where’s the chair-slapping, pile-driving finale that conclusively denotes the winner?

 Sure if there was a significant investment in solar panels, an inverter could easily take the place of a generator. This would require a huge initial cost, but the long-term cost of ownership would be less with a solar/battery/inverter system than a generator. While sunshine is free when it’s available, you can’t purchase it from a friendly neighborhood convenience store like fossil fuels.

Personally, I like the win-win scenario that favors both options in their respective corners of strength. Use the inverter to power anything it can, minus the ‘monster loads’ like air conditioners. Then when the batteries are depleted, or you need the monster loads to turn on, run that macho generator for a long time (at least an hour) to power the heavier loads, and let the battery charger then give the inverter its efficient power once you’re ready to shut the generator down. This one-two punch allows the most efficient use of fuel (only using a pollutant when you’re getting the most effectiveness out of your fuel), fewer noisy generator runs so you can enjoy your environment more, and equally important, greater cost efficiency since you’ll use less fuel for the same used kilowatt hours.

Wait! There’s no tie in a grudge match!!

Ultimately, your system becomes the winner if you do it right. Generators are available from the small 1000W gas/electric to 15kW diesels (sure they get bigger, but the huge units are part of a completely different discussion). Inverters come from 100W “pocket” inverters to 600W in the portable scope, and 600W to 3000W in hard-wired configurations. With some models you can even stack similar inverters to get up to 6000W. If you do your homework right including  a lot of math and planning, you can partner a good inverter with a small generator and reap the benefits of  a light-weight, highly efficient, usable system that makes you, your chassis, and mother earth very happy.

Everybody wins!



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If you’re looking for a really tough cleaner for almost all your boating needs, you should have a go at things with ZCleaner by ZTuffStuff.

ZCleaner by ZTuffStuff, Inc. is a very powerful industrial cleaner featuring a patented formula of biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-acidic and non-flammable ingredients. ZCleaner was developed by a long time boat and recreational vehicle owner who was frustrated with buying boat cleaning products that did not stand up to their promise.

ZCleaner is nontoxic, non-abrasive and biodegradable. ZCleaner is highly concentrated, is easily diluted with water and has been tested and proven to be extremely effective, safe, and economical.

ZCleaner’s use alone is phenomenal; but when combined with the use of the ZScrubber, it will give you unrivaled results. You just won’t believe how well it cleans. Try it as a vinyl cleaner on your dirty and dull vinyl seating, boat decks, hulls, black streaks and diesel exhaust, and rubber dinghies.

ZtuffStuff Scrubber, along with ZCleaner, is one of the easiest ways to clean many hard smooth surfaces. Simply spray the Scrubber with a little ZCleaner and effortlessly rub it across set-in dirt and grime and rinse. It is free of harmful chemicals, environmentally friendly and safe for your hands and skin.

“It really does work,” reports Mate Willa Kendrick of New York City’s Liberty National launch which takes its exclusive clientele back and forth from the equally impressive Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City, NJ. “The boat always has to look clean and with our busy schedule, we don’t have a lot of time to keep things in bristol condition. I used ZTuffCleaner on our vinyl seats and was amazed at the results. You could actually see the difference between what was really clean and what was not. I now use it all over the boat.”

ZTuffStuff is available from Saber Distributors, (201) 396-0997. E-Mail:

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