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Technol 403 Summer Diesel Conditioner
Technol 403 is a premium diesel fuel improver designed to raise Cetane, improve fuel lubricity, increase fuel combustibility, and clean the entire fuel system.  This improves horsepower and torque output, fuel and engine efficiency, both increase economy while reducing fuel related maintenance costs and downtime.

Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel mandated by the EPA is good for the environment, but puts the lubrication properties of the fuel at risk.  The only source of lubrication for Injectors and the fuel injection pump is the fuel that flows through them.  When sulfur and various other components are reduced to produce low and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, the results are a substantial reduction in the natural lubricating properties of the fuel itself.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner has been tested and the results show an increase in fuel lubricity of 12½% (Ball On Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator – B.O.C.L.E.).   This extends component service life and lowering maintenance costs and downtime.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner Benefits include:

  • Cetane Enhancers raise the Cetane level up to 3 numbers enabling faster fuel ignition.
  • Combustion Improvers provide for a more complete fuel burn, both working together, enable fuel to ignite sooner, burn longer, hotter for a more complete fuel burn.
  • Water Emulsifiers which allow water and fuel to mix, water is then removed from the tank as the engine calls for fuel.   The water environment for algae and bacteria is no longer present.
  • Sludge Dispersants break up and dissolve fuel sediment sludge small enough that most pass harmlessly though filters and injectors.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors with continued use, virtually stop further fuel system corrosion from occurring, preventing costly leaks.
  • Stabilizes fuel by keeping the fuel fresh, preventing sludge from forming and maintaining fuel system cleanliness.

Technol 403 Diesel Conditioner is readily available in:

  • 8oz Bottles packed 12 per case – Treats 750 gals.
  • 32oz Bottles packed 12 per case – Treats 3,000 gals.
  • Gallon Bottles packed 4 per case – Treats 4,000 gals.
  • 5-gallon Pails – Treats 5,000 gals.
  • 55-gallon Drums – Treats 55,000 gals.
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