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Delta “T” Systems has enhanced its popular range of reliable and affordable Redneck axial fans with more sizes and new steel models to fit boatbuilders’ requests.  The Economy line, with sturdy plastic housings, is now available in five sizes from 12″ to 24″ with a variety of flow rates in each size.  Sporting steel housings, the new Standard line has models in sizes from 12″ to 48″ with a variety of flow rates in each size.  Custom versions to meet special requirements are also available.

Specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of the marine environment, Redneck Fans are named for the red bolt seating ring around the housing flange.  The economical fans come standard as a kit, which can be assembled in minutes using everyday tools.  They also are available fully assembled and shipped in bulk for OEM applications by special order.

For safety and reliability, Redneck hubs are secured directly to the motor shaft.  Fan blades are factory-balanced for smooth operation and long life.  The airfoil blade shape provides exceptional air flow and quiet performance.  With CE Classification and optional I-EEE-45 Certification, Redneck fan motors are available in 50 or 60 HZ and a variety of voltage configurations for worldwide applications.

Delta “T” is a leader in engine room ventilation technology, offering complete systems, as well as fans, blowers, closures and other equipment.

Contact Delta “T” Systems, 858 W 13th Ct., Riviera Beach, FL  33404.  561-204-1500; Fax: 561-848-1611.;


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             ASV Namaste 72’- More Than A Stunning Design

                         Effect Ships International AS, Thor Dahls gt 1, 3210 Sandefjord, Norway. 
                                          Phone + 47 33465650   

This is another in a continuing series of newsletters brought to you by The Boat and Yacht Report from Effect Ships International AS in regards to their progress with ASV (Air Supported Vessel) technology.

In last issue of ASV Newsletter we introduced the ASV NAMASTE 72’ – a joint visualisation project between Studio Sculli  (Mauro Sculli) and Effect Ships International (ESI). Several of our readers have asked us to “flip the boat around” – to show the unique and patented mono version of the Air Supported Vessel hull form. Below we have done exactly that.

What do we see – and how does it work?
The new ASV has a significantly larger water footprint than conventional vessels of same size. With the new distinctive bow, the effective water line length has been extended Work is ongoing to also extend the outer parts of the aft section – we call them propulsion bodies or gondolas – backwards and underneath the swim platform (not showing here). The proposed change will shifts the engine room more than a meter back to secure even more interior volume for accommodation, making the 72 a true “space ship”. The deadrise angles of the bow and fore body are fairly steep, with gradually reduced angle of the propulsion bodies as one moves aft wards towards the propulsors, The renderings are showing the new Rolls Royce forward facing pods. Volvo Penta IPS series 2 and 3 or ZF/ Cummins Zeus can also be used. The combination of a high air cushion support ratio, air cushion damping, steep deadrise angle and balanced shines will reduce the slamming impacts and bow pitching to secure a soft, pleasant and comfortable ride, superior to most planning or semiplaning conventional vessels. The air cushion covers a fairly large underwater area, is fed by pressurised air from a specially designed centrifugal fan system, located in the far bow, and closed in the aft section towards the transom by a proprietary air cushion enclosure flap arrangement. The air cushion chamber is supporting as much as 70 – 80 % of the vessels operational weight. In addition the planning surfaces of the air propulsion gondolas are contributing with additional support while underway. The overall result is a very dry hull, with very modest “wetted surface areas”. The vessel is actually surfing on a cushion of air. The favourable air support is available from standstill and is contributing to a reduction in overall resistance of approximately 50%, further securing market leading acceleration up to speed, with almost no “hump” , much less generation of wake wash, a comfortable neutral trim and unrivalled fuel economy throughout the full speed range.

Remember ESI proved a 50% reduction in fuel consumption at medium and high speeds (30 knots +) with their European Power Boat of the Year 2011 – Innovation winning 65 feet prototype.

ASV applications and design flexibility
The presented ASV Mono pleasure craft illustrates what kind of innovative and capable vessels can be built with ASV technology. ESI and collaborating partners can tailor make ASV mono designs for vessels between 12 and 100 m + ; to be designed, arranged and outfitted to meet each yards design, styling and image preferences. A wide range of ASV mono- and mulithulls are available. There are virtually no limits.

The same applies for ASV commercial crafts – any size from small ASV water taxis, fast ferries of different sizes and kinds (passenger- and car ferries), offshore service crafts etc. The first ASV crew boat is under construction. Patrol vessels, navy crafts, even super efficient and capable ASV landing crafts are other options.
Please contact us for more info on the ASV technology and applications – or to discuss your potential projects.

Contact details
Effect Ships International AS: Contact persons: Ulf Tudem or Tor Livgard. Phone: + 47 334 65 650 ,
E-mail:   or   Web:
Studio Sculli:Contact person: Mauro Sculli. Phone: Phone:  + 39 0187 1500037,
E-mail: or    Web:
Additional images and illustrations may be found on:

To obtain commercial access to exploit the ESI ASV technology and IPR, through a licensing / collaboration agreement, contacts: General Manager Mr.Ulf Tudem: e-mail: or, technical manager Mr.Tor Livgard: e-mail:

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Navigational lights are essential to see other craft and discern their direction.  Accon Marine offers a full line of sleek stainless steel lights, including the 205 series Pop-Up Port Lights, 206 Starboard and 207 Side Lights.

Accon’s unobtrusive lights fold down flush when not in use, keeping the deck free of hazardous protruding lights.  All three models are US Coast Guard-approved for one nautical mile, are NMMA-accepted and meet 72 Colregs.

Made of marine grade 316 stainless steel, they are illuminated with a #78 bulb.  A plastic waterproofing cup prevents water runoff below deck.

For easy and exact installation, each light comes with a cut-out template and fastens with three #10 screws.  A link to an instruction video on YouTube is provided at

Accon Marine’s 205 Pop-Up Port and 206 Starboard Lights cost $156.49 each, while the 207 Pop-Up Side Lights are $312.98.

            Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33762. 
727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

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Electronics Review


Raymarine, the world leaders in marine electronics is proud to announce the new AIS650 Class B AIS Transceiver, and the AIS350 AIS Receiver. Engineered for seamless integration with Raymarine multifunction navigation systems, the AIS650 and AIS350 bring a new level of situational awareness and safety to sailing, cruising and fishing boats.

Operating in the VHF maritime band, the Automatic Identification System (AIS) enables the wireless exchange of navigation status between vessels and shore-side traffic monitoring centers. When interfaced to a compatible chartplotter or radar display, boaters immediately benefit from being able to see the surrounding vessel traffic plotted and updated automatically.

AIS650 is a Class B transceiver unit, meaning it allows full participation in the AIS network by receiving data from other vessels as well as transmitting data about its own navigational status to other AIS-equipped vessels. This “see and be seen” capability significantly improves navigational safety by making the boat visible on the chart and radar displays of much larger vessels. It also presents the captain with a comprehensive picture of the AIS-equipped vessel traffic around him right on his own chart and radar screens.

AIS650 also has a user selectable “Silent Mode” which can be enabled right from the Raymarine MFD interface, or by connecting an optional toggle switch to the unit’s silent mode circuit control. Silent Mode allows the captain to temporarily suspend broadcast of identifying information on occasions where privacy or security are desired. AIS650’s built-in Secure Digital memory card reader can be used for recording AIS data for later analysis, or for configuring the system’s vessel identification static data. The AIS650 includes a 50-channel GPS receiver with built-in integrity management software, which ensures the GPS positions reported by the system are of the highest accuracy possible.

The AIS350 is a receive-only product designed for small boats wanting the increased situational awareness benefit of AIS, but not wanting the Class B transmitting capability. This low-cost alternative brings many of the safety advantages of AIS to a wider range of vessels than ever before. AIS350 features a new dual-channel receiver design for fast acquisition and download of AIS traffic data.

Both new Raymarine AIS products are built on a new ultra-compact chassis that is at least 50% smaller than previous generation AIS products. Both models feature multiple data interfaces including NMEA0183, SeaTalk-NG and USB (universal serial bus) for easy integration with PC-based navigation solutions. Both AIS products also support the NMEA2000 interface standard making them compatible with a wide array of 3rd party navigation products.

The AIS650 will be available nationwide from Raymarine’s network of authorized dealers and OEM integrators beginning in July 2011 with the AIS350 arriving shortly thereafter. The AIS650 has an MSRP of $999 and the AIS350 has an MSRP of $549.

About Raymarine
Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics, develops and manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic equipment for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. Designed for high performance and ease of use, the award-winning products are available through a global network of dealers and distributors. The Raymarine product lines include radar, autopilots, GPS, instruments, fishfinders, communications, and integrated systems. Raymarine is a division of FLIR Systems, a world leader in thermal imaging. For more information about Raymarine in the USA call 1-603-881-5200 or visit

About FLIR Systems
Pioneers in all aspects of infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications. With a nearly 50-year history of infrared innovation, +100,000 systems in use worldwide, and development centers and sales offices in over 60 countries, FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology.

FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc.
27700 SW Parkway Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Direct: 503.498.3293 | Mobile: 503-919-0696

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Boat Builder’s Profile

The New Hatteras GT Series


When Willis Slane launched the first fiberglass sportfishing boat in 1960, he established a solid foundation for what has become the world’s leading builder of luxurious convertibles and motoryachts. During the 50 years since, the 41-foot Knit Wits hit the water, numerous Hatteras models have so proven their mettle offshore that they remain industry benchmarks.

Today, that never-ending quest for perfection has brought the fleet to new heights and given birth to the new Hatteras GT Series. Thanks to intelligent engineering, innovative layouts and advancements in construction technology and hull design, these models are sure to thrill anyone looking for speed, style, a soft ride, long-lasting quality,and a rock-solid hull.

The new Hatteras GT Series is comprised of three models, the new GT54, the redesigned GT60, and the new GT63. This exciting family of tournament-class convertibles is designed for serious anglers and comes to market with best-in-class performance, unforgettable styling, and a construction pedigree that has made Hatteras Yachts the gold standard.

We invite you to take a closer look at these legends in the making!

Tournament Speed


The Hatteras GT Series is about unsurpassed performance and seakeeping. Each model in the series has a minimum top-end speed of 41 knots at full load, a 36-knot cruise, and range exceeding 400 nm. This performance is made possible by utilizing resin infusion technology in our solid fiberglass bottom hulls. This provides increased strength while allowing the boat to be much lighter than a traditional hand-laid vessel. Achieving these speeds while preserving our legendary ride, these convertibles represent the next generation in hull design from Hatteras.

Classic Styling


Design began with a study of generations of Carolina-built classics to create a forward-thinking design. As a result, the Hatteras GT Series is a showcase of style that harkens back to the grand years of sportfishing and family cruising. Each model features a striking bow flare, a well proportioned foredeck and sleek deckhouse, as well as tumblehome aft. In essence, we’ve updated the look of the Carolina-style boat. The distinctive styling is so timeless, we believe convertible lovers will be admiring the lines for years.



Equipped to meet the standards of the most competitive anglers, these cockpits are designed for improved fishing as well as increased relaxation. Mezzanine seating is designed for comfort and cockpit features include a dedicated tackle center, in-deck fish boxes, and a recirculating live well at the transom. Stowage is excellent, with compartments for gaffs and boat hooks along with ample rod storage. Teak is available for the coaming boards and cockpit sole for those who want to play up the GT Series’ distinctive design.

Hatteras Pedigree
In keeping with Hatteras style, the comfortable accommodations found on these boats feature thoughtful layouts and luxurious amenities. Underneath these dashing good looks, the Hatteras commitment to quality construction continues with a no-compromise build philosophy. Each model in the GT Series is made in the Hatteras tradition, with robust electrical and mechanical systems, and incredibly durable hulls that are resin-infused for light-weight strength and performance.

For more information about the Hatteras GT Series or any of the other fine products from this great American builder, visit the company Website at

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Night vision technology is designed to help boat owners and captains see and navigate better in low-light and rough conditions.  But, a constantly moving image can be hard to watch and important details may be missed.  Now, OceanView Technologies introduces SteadyView video stabilization as an option to its Apollo night-vision cameras.

This unique option eliminates the effects of unwanted camera motion on a marine display.  SteadyView turns shaky, unclear video into crisp, clear actionable information.

“OceanView is proud to bring this amazing new technology to the marine night-vision market,” said Kelly Hulse, OceanView Technologies’ chief technology officer.  “OceanView revolutionized the way we navigate at night, SteadyView makes night vision usable when things get rough.”

SteadyView can be added to all existing Apollo and Apollo II installations and can be combined with either thermal or low-light cameras.  It requires no additional motion sensors, everything is contained in one unit.  SteadyView won’t wear out the pan and tilt motors in the camera, since there are no moving parts.  The video stabilization can also be turned off when owners don’t want to use it.  This innovative option takes under an hour to install.  A video clip of the effects of video stabilization can be found at  OceanView Technologies’ optional SteadyView video stabilization for its Apollo night-vision cameras costs an affordable $2,995.

            Contact OceanView Technologies, 1181 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL  33487.  954-727-5139; Fax: 954-302-2476.;
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The Billfish Foundation in the Canary Islands To Promote Conservation and Sportfishing Tourism

TBF ramps up worldwide awareness in its 25th anniversary year

The 26th Annual Offshore Fishing Championships (XXVI Edicion Campeonato de Pesca de Altura) from July 28-30 in the extremely prolific billfishing arena of the Canary Islands will also be the back drop for the promotion of The Billfish Foundations’ global conservation efforts. 

Elliott Stark

“As a world class blue marlin destination the Canary Islands’ are dedicated to sportfishing tourism as a means to promote fisheries conservation as well as economic well being of communities,” said TBF Science and Policy Specialist Elliott Stark who will be attending.  “This is an increasingly important means of empowering fisheries conservation policy on national and international scales. TBF is proud to be able to work with the Club de Pesca de Altura de Gran Canaria (Offshore Fishing Club of Grand Canary) to promote conservation and sportfishing tourism.”  

While in Gran Canaria, Stark will discuss TBF’s ongoing fisheries conservation programs in Europe and throughout the Atlantic basin. Specific topics include sportfishing tourism, tagging and fisheries conservation issues, and representation of sportfishing interests in the management process.  TBF is hard at work with the European sportfishing community, including the Canary Islands, to empower continued conservation strives.   

The foundation recently launched the TBF Experience– a worldwide membership drive– with a special prize package for TBF’s members from European countries. The Canary Islands are showcased as the winner, whose name will be drawn January 15, 2012, will join TBF for two days of blue marlin fishing in the waters around the island of La Gomera with Capt. Jason Pipe  and Bocinegro Blue Marlin Fishing Charters.

For more information on fishing in the productive, large blue marlin fishery in the waters of the Canary Islands please contact club spokeswoman Silvia Valencia Trujillo by phone at 00 34 635056018 or via e-mail at .

The club’s website is located at:, or its Facebook page at: Pesca Altura-Gran Canaria.

            For more on joining The Billfish Foundation (starting at $40 annual membership) the TBF Experience for the traveling European, please visit:  Or you can write to Stark for more at

 Pete Johnson (PR counsel for The Billfish Foundation —
Johnson Communications, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Ph: 480-951-3654; e-mail:


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