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With No Moving Parts, SI-TEX Vector 3D Outputs Stable, Three      Dimensional Positioning Data to A Wide Range of Compatible Electronics

SI-TEX has introduced a new GPS Satellite Compass engineered to output stable, true heading data to NMEA2000 and NMEA0183-compatible equipment, including autopilots, radar, echosounders, sonar, AIS, charting systems, onboard PCs and more. 

Measuring only 16.4-inches in length, the streamlined, low profile SI-TEX Vector 3D is the smallest GPS compass on the market.  With no moving parts, this precision satellite heading sensor is affordable, easy to install on any vessel and virtually maintenance free.  A two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is the users assurance of reliable performance in the harsh marine environment.

SI-TEX’s Vector 3D provides accurate heading and positioning data with better than 0.60-degree heading accuracy and 90-degree Rate of Turn (ROT) tracking. It also provides critical heave, pitch and roll information for three-dimensional (latitude/longitude/altitude) positioning. Built-in SDGPS (Satellite Differential GPS) provides boaters with sub 1-meter positioning accuracy utilizing WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS differential correction sources, as well as RTCM SC-104 data from optional external sources.  Exclusive COAST™ technology maintains differentially corrected position for 40 minutes or more in the event of lost differential signal.

The provision for measuring heave (the rise and fall of a vessel in heavy seas) is uncommon in a satellite compass in this size and price class — and meets several key applications.  Providing a compatible sounder with heave data, for example, helps eliminates the “sawtooth” effect on straight down bottom readings, caused by the up-and-down motion of the boat.   This, in turn, allows fishermen to get a more accurate representation of the seabed contour and composition.  Accurate heave data provided by the Vector 3D can also enhance the performance of multibeam scanning sonar unit, stabilizing the sonar beam in the water column and improving the “Auto Tracking” of fish schools. 

“The benefits of heave measurement aren’t limited to recreational and commercial fishing vessels,” said Allen Schneider, Vice President/Sales for SI-TEX Marine Electronics.  “Inputting accurate, stable compass heading and dynamic vessel movement data enhances the accuracy and performance of marine radars, chart plotter displays and autopilots, as well,” added Schneider.

With its CE certification for EMI and RFI immunity, the Vector 3D is an ideal heading solution for a wide range of recreational and commercial vessels.  With its integrated Gyro and Tilt sensors, the Vector 3D provides initial start-up in less than 60 seconds, delivers heading fixes in less than 10 seconds and reacquires satellites in less than one second.   The Vector 3D provides position and heading update rates at a standard 10Hz (20Hz optional), with multiple BAUD rate selections.  The Vector 3D carries an MSRP of $2,499.

For more information on SI-TEX’s new Vector 3D GPS Satellite Compass — or the company’s entire line of professional-grade marine electronics for recreational and commercial vessels — visit an authorized SI-TEX dealer or contact SI-TEX at 25 Enterprise Zone Drive, Suite 2, Riverhead, NY 11901.  Telephone: (631) 996-2690. 


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