08 Jul


When it comes to auxiliary power, diesel gen-sets have a lot going for them.  They’re safer to operate and have lower average fuel consumption rates than their gasoline counterparts, with a longer service life.  Next Generation Power has long known the benefits of diesel, and still offers some of the lightest, smallest units on the market.  Its 5.5 kW model has plenty of juice to run two air conditioning units and more, yet averages just 2/10 gph fuel consumption.

A reliable 12 hp, EPA compliant, Kubota Z482 engine is the brawn behind Next Gen’s UCM 2-5.5 gen-set, which delivers 5,500 watts of power at either 120V or 120/240V.  It runs at 2,800 rpm to maximize lifespan, and is far quieter than typical 3,600 rpm gen-sets.  A unique self-tensioning serpentine belt system further reduces noise and service intervals.  With its optional sound enclosure, the Next Gen model registers only 60dB, that of normal speech levels.

The UCM 2-5.5 offers versatile mounting options with its compact size of 25.5″ L x 20″ W x 22″ H with enclosure, weighing in at 270 lbs.  It features oil pressure and water temperature safety shutdowns, four-point isolation mounts, a remote start panel with hour meter and wiring harness, and a water-cooled stainless steel exhaust.  Maintenance is simplified with fuel pump, oil filter, heat exchanger, zinc anode and other service points all located on one side.

While the average cost of diesel fuel is slightly more than gasoline, the fuel-efficient diesel gen-set creates cost savings in the end, with its consumption rate 50% better or more than gas gen-sets.  Ignition protected certified models bring peace of mind to owners with gasoline-powered main engines, and their insurance companies. The Next Generation Power UCM 2-5.5 gen-set starts at $7,185 with enclosure.

           Contact Next Generation Power, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, FL  32246. 
888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175.


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