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A  few postings ago, we introduced you to the forward thinking technology offered by Effect Ships International featuring its ASV, for Air Supported Vessel, concepts.  Given the number of ‘eyes on’ views since that first posting, the ideas and data supplied by Effect Ships seems to have hit a chord with many of you. Therefore, we will be updating the progress of the company as it continues to make advances in this very exciting venture. Here is their latest newsletter.       

ASV News. EU project BB GREEN Started

                             Effect Ships International AS, Thor Dahls gt 1, 3210 Sandefjord, Norway.  Phone + 47 33465650,

What is BB GREEN?
BB GREEN is a 3,1 mill Euro R&D project funded by EU 7th Framework, initiated and coordinated by ESI subsidiary SES Europe AS (Norway). The goal for the 3 year project is to develop a new, fast Air Supported Vessel (ASV) all electric ferry.  In a global perspective, active use of waterways for commuter transport is becoming increasingly more popular. A fast and capable commuter vessel can transport passengers (and particularly for the Netherlands – bicycles) faster and more efficient than most land based transport alternatives.

 The project was kicked off in Rotterdam end of June with all partners and scientific officer from EU present.

  • A Zero emission fast waterborne commuter
    Electric power, preferably from sustainable energy sources, stored in a new generation of marine batteries, will be used to power 18 m long x 6 m wide fast ASV commuter vessels, capable of 35 knots ((65 km/hour). The project will use a “holistic approach”, combining several State of the Art technologies and solutions to deliver a highly innovative transport alternative for citizens in communities with water access around Europe and beyond. As more and more of the world’s population move into cities AND towards coastal/waterway regions – environmental friendly, fast and efficient waterborne transport alternatives will be making increasingly more sense.

  • Design development and tank testing of the new BB GREEN ASV hull form
    ESI subsidiary SES Europe AS (Norway) in close collaboration with SSPA Sweden AB (Sweden) will be responsible for the ASV hull form and design development. Targets will be record low resistance, fast acceleration from stand still and low wake wash. Comfort- and safety aspects as well as hull/propulsion integration are other key aspects. Tank testing of two candidate hulls will be carried out in Gothenburg this fall.
  • Utilize ESI’s ASV technology for lowest possible hull/water resistance
    ESI’s patented ASV technology has demonstrated “game changing” efficiency, both in the form of catamaran and mono configurations. During the last year a similar size ASV test vessel has been extensively tested with documentation of quite amazing results. When powering of the vessel will rely on electricity stored in batteries, the targeted speed is high, and range and operational frequency are demanding, the resistance is the first factor to address. The BB GREEN team will seek to turn the design spiral in a positive direction, optimizing each possible factor to achieve best possible overall results.
  • Carbon fibre sandwich and light weight construction for optimal weight/strength
    Partner Diab AS (Norway) will be responsible for the composite engineering, of the full scale prototype as well as the final commercial ASV ferries to follow. Weight reduction has a strong impact on any vessel’s power consumption, battery size, wake wash and operational economy. Design of hull, superstructure and outfitting will address weigh. It is amazing how much energy saving, say of 2 tons, represents in a life cycle perspective.
  • New propulsion system for best efficiency throughout the full speed range
    Up to 80% of the BB GREEN vessel will be supported on a cushion of air, separating most of the hull from the water – with up to 50% reduced resistance – even at low speeds. An ASV will not have the conventional “hump” of most conventional vessels. With the new large diameter/propulsion blade area, slow rotating, surface piercing propulsion system envisaged for the BB GREEN vessel, combined with high torque electric motors, the vessel will accelerate to cruise speed (25 – 35 knots) in no time. Propulsion partner is Carbonia Composites AB (Sweden).
  • Lithium ion nano tech battery for fast recharging and long life
    Partner Amberjac Projects Ltd (UK) will be responsible for developing the new battery pack and driveline. Nano tech cell solutions will be used. Battery technology is making rapid improvements, a key task in the project.
  • Lloyds will assess rules, regulations and safety aspects for construction & operation
    Classification society partner Lloyds Register (UK) will evaluate safety and regulation aspects for the new type of waterborne transport to be operated in sheltered waters in and around cities and densely populated regions with navigational waterways.
  • End user focus – demonstrations, dissemination of results and exploitation
    Partner Aqualiner (Netherlands), based in Rotterdam and operating commuter ferries in various parts of the Netherlands, will together with SES Europe ( Norway) be responsible for the dissemination- and demonstration activities. The full size prototype to be built in the second phase of the project will be the final proof of concept. There are very many potential routes and operations around Europe where the BB GREEN concept could be successfully introduced. The project will endeavour to keep a close contact with end users and potential decision makers for local and regional transport throughout Europe. When ready for dissemination, results and project achievements will be posted on the projects website:

To obtain commercial access to exploit the ESI ASV technology and IPR, through a licensing / collaboration agreement, contacts: General Manager Mr.Ulf Tudem: e-mail: or, technical manager Mr.Tor Livgard: e-mail:

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