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             ASV Namaste 72’- More Than A Stunning Design

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This is another in a continuing series of newsletters brought to you by The Boat and Yacht Report from Effect Ships International AS in regards to their progress with ASV (Air Supported Vessel) technology.

In last issue of ASV Newsletter we introduced the ASV NAMASTE 72’ – a joint visualisation project between Studio Sculli  (Mauro Sculli) and Effect Ships International (ESI). Several of our readers have asked us to “flip the boat around” – to show the unique and patented mono version of the Air Supported Vessel hull form. Below we have done exactly that.

What do we see – and how does it work?
The new ASV has a significantly larger water footprint than conventional vessels of same size. With the new distinctive bow, the effective water line length has been extended Work is ongoing to also extend the outer parts of the aft section – we call them propulsion bodies or gondolas – backwards and underneath the swim platform (not showing here). The proposed change will shifts the engine room more than a meter back to secure even more interior volume for accommodation, making the 72 a true “space ship”. The deadrise angles of the bow and fore body are fairly steep, with gradually reduced angle of the propulsion bodies as one moves aft wards towards the propulsors, The renderings are showing the new Rolls Royce forward facing pods. Volvo Penta IPS series 2 and 3 or ZF/ Cummins Zeus can also be used. The combination of a high air cushion support ratio, air cushion damping, steep deadrise angle and balanced shines will reduce the slamming impacts and bow pitching to secure a soft, pleasant and comfortable ride, superior to most planning or semiplaning conventional vessels. The air cushion covers a fairly large underwater area, is fed by pressurised air from a specially designed centrifugal fan system, located in the far bow, and closed in the aft section towards the transom by a proprietary air cushion enclosure flap arrangement. The air cushion chamber is supporting as much as 70 – 80 % of the vessels operational weight. In addition the planning surfaces of the air propulsion gondolas are contributing with additional support while underway. The overall result is a very dry hull, with very modest “wetted surface areas”. The vessel is actually surfing on a cushion of air. The favourable air support is available from standstill and is contributing to a reduction in overall resistance of approximately 50%, further securing market leading acceleration up to speed, with almost no “hump” , much less generation of wake wash, a comfortable neutral trim and unrivalled fuel economy throughout the full speed range.

Remember ESI proved a 50% reduction in fuel consumption at medium and high speeds (30 knots +) with their European Power Boat of the Year 2011 – Innovation winning 65 feet prototype.

ASV applications and design flexibility
The presented ASV Mono pleasure craft illustrates what kind of innovative and capable vessels can be built with ASV technology. ESI and collaborating partners can tailor make ASV mono designs for vessels between 12 and 100 m + ; to be designed, arranged and outfitted to meet each yards design, styling and image preferences. A wide range of ASV mono- and mulithulls are available. There are virtually no limits.

The same applies for ASV commercial crafts – any size from small ASV water taxis, fast ferries of different sizes and kinds (passenger- and car ferries), offshore service crafts etc. The first ASV crew boat is under construction. Patrol vessels, navy crafts, even super efficient and capable ASV landing crafts are other options.
Please contact us for more info on the ASV technology and applications – or to discuss your potential projects.

Contact details
Effect Ships International AS: Contact persons: Ulf Tudem or Tor Livgard. Phone: + 47 334 65 650 ,
E-mail:   or   Web:
Studio Sculli:Contact person: Mauro Sculli. Phone: Phone:  + 39 0187 1500037,
E-mail: or    Web:
Additional images and illustrations may be found on:

To obtain commercial access to exploit the ESI ASV technology and IPR, through a licensing / collaboration agreement, contacts: General Manager Mr.Ulf Tudem: e-mail: or, technical manager Mr.Tor Livgard: e-mail:

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