19 Aug

Centek Gen-Kleen Systems

The Gen-Kleen system is a  pollution-control technology for marine generator sets. Gen-Kleen integrates with your generators wet exhaust  system to remove hydrocarbon pollution from the exhaust water before it is  returned to the natural environment.

Gen-Kleen removes hydrocarbon pollutants including sheen,  soot, and unspent gasoline and diesel fuels.

Why use Gen-Kleen?

  • Comply with existing and upcoming marina and  port mandates regulating unsightly generator discharge.
  • Enjoy a sheen-free setting for  swimming, diving, and fishing.
  • Keep the hull of the boat clean of  soot deposits during generator use.
  • Be ecologically responsive to the  sensitive marine environment.

How does it work?

The Gen-Kleen system begins by separating  the raw cooling water from the exhaust gases.   While the dry exhaust gases are vented to atmosphere, the raw cooling  water is scrubbed by a filtration system.   The filters are impregnated with a patented formula that binds and  captures hydrocarbons while allowing clean water to pass through.  Clean water is then returned to the  environment.

What are the features?

  • To accommodate different engine room  layouts, the Gen-Kleen system is offered in two basic models.  The Compact Gen-Kleen integrates many of the  system components into a single package. The Component Gen-Kleen allows the user to disperse the components  throughout the engine compartment as space allows.
  • The Gen-Kleen system is fail-safe.  Functionality of the generator set is never  compromised by functionality of the Gen-Kleen system.
  • The Gen-Kleen system is built to withstand the harsh marine  engine room environment.  Its  corrosion-resistant design uses only high-temperature fiberglass and 316L  stainless steel wetted parts.
  • Filters are easily user-changeable as needed.  Filter lifespans vary widely (due to great  differences in generator exhaust pollution levels), but typical users report  normal lifespans of 100-200 generator hours.
  • The Gen-Kleen system includes a selectable bypass  mode.  Owners may choose to run the  system any time the generator is on and discharge only clean water, or, they  may choose to run the system only as needed and preserve filter life.

Centek Industries
116 Plantation Oak Drive
Thomasville, GA 31792
229.228.7653; toll free: 800.950.7653   
  fax: 229.228.1270

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