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Frequent re-anchoring is a pain, especially in difficult conditions.  Designed specifically for anglers, divers and others who anchor several times a day, the Rocna Fisherman sets firmly and is easily retrieved in all conditions, including rock, reef, sand and weed.

Designed for smaller, weight-sensitive boats, the galvanized anchor is available in 9 and 13 lb. models.  The Fisherman features a shackle rail for easier recovery of a fouled anchor from the opposite direction.  A secure attachment point is designed for overnight anchoring.

The Rocna Fisherman’s design is based on the Rocna Original, which is classified by RINA to the highest level
available, Super High Holding Power (SHHP).  A Rocna possesses stopping power vastly superior to equivalent-weight plough or claw type anchors in soft sand or mud due to the large, concave blade.

Rocna’s roll-bar ensures the anchor will always turn itself to the correct attitude for setting.  Skid rails then direct the blade into the seabed and the chisel-like tip easily cuts through weeds or hard bottoms.  The anchors are not susceptible to sudden trip out and will remain embedded even when dragged under extreme loads.

The roll-bar also can be used as a handle.  If lost or fouled, the Rocna may be recovered from the surface by
snaring the roll-bar with a grapnel or other hook.

On smaller boats, weight matters, and in a Fisherman, every ounce of metal is put to use.  The roll-bar avoids the need to weight the toe with extra lead or cast iron.  The lack of dedicated lead reduces the profile of the fluke, facilitating setting in undergrowth.  The absence of lead is better for the marine environment and eliminates complications when the anchor requires re-galvanizing.

A Rocna self-launches and locks home on most bow rollers.  A tight curve radius between the shank and
blade gives a positive lock, preventing movement at sea.  The slotted shackle attachment point allows single-shackle fixing.  The Fisherman is rock-solid with no moving parts, eliminating complex adjustment systems and potentially dangerous failure points.

A hot-dip galvanized finish covers the Fisherman with protective zinc, including the interior of the hollow roll-bar.  Ecologically friendly, owners don’t have to worry about anchor drag in fragile environments.

The Rocna Fisherman anchors have suggested retail prices starting at $159.99.

Contact Rocna Anchors, PO Box 340 064,
Birkenhead, Auckland, 0746, New Zealand.
North American distributor: Suncoast Marine Ltd., #395 – 2242 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 5X6; dealer locator:

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