08 Sep

New GOST™ Sensor Monitors Onboard Freezer Temperature

GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies – formerly Paradox Marine) has introduced a sensor that monitors the temperature inside onboard food storage and bait freezers and alerts up to five people with a voice phone call if the temperature rises five degrees above freezing (0 degrees C, 32 degrees F).

The IP-rated, wireless, battery powered GOST Freezer Sensor is available as an add-on to GOST Marine Magellan Insight, Premier, or Value Package vessel monitoring systems. “It is not uncommon for an owner or captain to arrive at their boat and be met by the unpleasant smell of spoiled meat or dairy products. A failed freezer compressor can cause thousands of dollars in damages and the boat often never smells the same,” said Brian Kane, GOST Director of Research and Development.

For more information about the GOST Freezer Sensor (GMM-IP67-Freezer) and other GOST marine security, monitoring and tracking products, visit or call 1+954.565.9898.

Global Ocean Security Technologies 
1200 NE 7th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304 USA

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