16 Sep


Organized and easily accessible lures can make the difference between catching fish or spending valuable time on the water searching for the right bait. A perfect addition for every boat, the newly patented Gear Grabbar from Magnetic Marine Products offers anglers the ultimate lure organization station. It helps anglers keep their baits safely and neatly in place.

This magnetic fishing tool holder suspends lures with the use of powerful magnets.  With automatic and effortless holding power, users don’t need to touch the lure’s hook, just the body.  By simply holding it near the magnet, the bait gets pulled in.  If something gets snagged on a lure, such as a sleeve or pant leg, it’s easily released without tear or damage.

Powerful, dual-sided magnets make the Gear Grabbar a versatile 3-in-1 device.  Baits and tools can be secured on either side of the organizer, while other items can be placed on the holder’s magnetic top shelf. Constructed from durable ABS plastic and utilizing super-strong glue to secure the magnets to the base, the Gear Grabbar is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.  The unit features a nice sandblasted finish and is available in black or white.

With the standard magnetic mount, it can be removed for quick storage, enabling owners to stash away expensive lures when docked.  It can also be mounted with double-sided stick tape or permanently mounted.  Recessed screw holes enable the Gear Grabbar to stay flush to the surface.

To see the Gear Grabbar in action, a short video can be viewed at the link  A nice holiday gift item, the Gear Grabbar from Magnetic Marine Products retails for $21.95
online and is also available at Bass Pro Shops nationwide.  The company is currently developing other problem-solving products.

Contact Magnetic Marine Products, PO Box 959, Ada, MI  49301.  616-719-7667;
Fax: 616-940-0425.;

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