30 Sep


Traditional electric fishing reel systems are powered by a variety of conventional and not-so-conventional devices, many of which are AC-rated.  But, there’s a safer, more effective and readily available alternative. Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Device is a DC-rated system designed specifically for larger reel systems.  Its unique configuration ensures the DC-rated fishing reel system cannot accidentally be plugged into the AC-rated shore power supply, which can be harmful.

The system includes a locking plug, female connector and weatherproof plate to keep water out and electricity safely flowing.  All pieces are rated at 28V and are compatible with all 12, 24 and 32V DC fishing reel systems.

UL listed and CSA certified, Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Devices incorporate anti-corrosive nickel-plated contacts and stainless steel hardware for long-term use.  All parts are constructed from UV-stabilized nylon for a longer life in the harsh marine environment.

Offered in high-visibility yellow, the system is easily detected, even in adverse conditions.  The system features
Hubbell’s compact Twist-Lock® design to minimize accidental disengagement or loss of power from stress on the cord, typical vessel vibration or from being bumped.

Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Devices have a starting price of $35.

Contact: Hubbell Marine Electrical
Products, 40 Waterview Dr.
Shelton, CT  06484.
475-882-4838; Fax: 203-783-9195.

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