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Electronics Review


Innovative Designer and Manufacturer of
Industry-Leading Sunlight Readable Displays Introduces Elegant and
Simple-to-Install Solution for Flush Mounting Monitors into a Streamlined

Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) Marine, the manufacturer of industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, and high-quality marine hardware and software products, presents its innovative Glass Pod helm package. Easy to install, KEP’s Glass Pod custom mounting solution adds a sleek and sophisticated appearance to any console or bridge. Ideal for multiple sunlight readable displays, the Pods can be tailored to meet all helm dimensions. Available in 15-, 17- 19-, 21 and 22-inch wide screen models, the Glass Pods integrate with all brand name blackbox navigation systems for complete customization. The new Glass Pods from KEP Marine deliver a stunning, modern aesthetic look and streamline electronics into a workable station for the most discerning boat captains and owners.

KEP Marine’s new Glass Pods feature a revolutionary design with uniquely bonded layering and precision laser engineering. While its construction is a complex process, the result is a seamless, easy-to-integrate system that provides boatbuilders and installers with unparalleled flexibility and significant time savings. Allowing multiple displays to fit side by side in small areas and curved consoles, the Glass Pods can simply be dropped into existing consoles, rather than requiring labor-intensive, build-around efforts common to existing glass pod systems.

“The KEP Marine Glass Pods have that “WOW” factor—providing a stunning, aesthetically pleasing look while
enhancing boaters’ overall navigation experience,” said Keith Cariani, sales manager, KEP Marine. “Our helm package delivers the ultimate customization and flexibility, even in limited spaces, to provide a sophisticated big boat feel on small center console vessels. In addition to the Pod’s end-user benefits, its versatile installation and innovative design allows for simple integration, even in curved consoles, without requiring extensive carpentry—saving huge amounts of installation time resulting in lower costs. Our new Glass Pods are sure to be a crowd pleaser with boaters and builders alike.”

The flush-mount KEP Marine Glass Pods are watertight in the front and provide rear access for servicing displays. Ideal for pilothouses or fly bridges, the Pods feature a standard glass treatment with less than 1% anti-reflection coating, chemically strengthened glass for improved impact and scratch resistance, and a seamed
edge treatment to prevent chipping as well as improved safety during handling. The Glass Pods are equipped with a proprietary dry film technology, and have high-strength lamination with optical transmission less than 97%, no double refraction (birefringence) and are completely repairable. KEP Pods are also compatible
with multiple switching devices for easy source selection, as well as KEP Marine Bridgeview, AMX or any RS-232 control system for convenient management of displays from one or more stations. While KEP Marine Pod specifications vary based on display size, each package is fully customizable to meet boaters’ specific needs, includes clamp mounts and hardware, and is protected by a 2-year worldwide advanced replacement warranty.

The KEP Marine Glass Pods have suggested retail prices starting at $15,000 US, and can be purchased from authorized KEP Marine dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. KEP Marine’s design team also offers perspective and experience for installation, and will customize Glass Pod systems to meet customer needs and expectations. For more information on the new KEP Marine Glass Pods or the entire line of KEP marine electronics, contact 800-631-2165 (toll-free) in the USA or visit

About KEP Marine:
KEP has designed and manufactured high-quality industrial hardware and software products for over fifty years. Entering the marine market ten years ago with innovative vessel monitoring systems, the company now offers
industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, glass bridge displays, monitor management interfaces, marine computers, multimedia systems, and video recording and security systems. Known for providing top-of-the-line, highly reliable products and integrated solutions, as well as unparalleled support and warranty protection, KEP works with over one hundred distributors and representatives worldwide.



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Busy owners deserve boating accessories that multi-task just as well as they do. With Accon Marine’s Quick Store System, boaters can attach small, mesh storage pockets to their Accon Quick Release Drink Holders to create convenient storage space on deck.

Durable and breathable, the Quick Store System is constructed from vinyl-coated mesh fabric. To protect against mold and mildew growth, the system has antimicrobial properties. It also features Sunbrella™ acrylic binding for reliable, long-term use.  UV-resistant thread helps keep these storage pockets in top form.

Hook and loop fasteners and closures make it easy for owners to move the pockets around and establish additional storage where they need it. The lightweight Quick Store System is low-maintenance, easy to clean and dries quickly.

Single, double and triple pocket styles are available. Offered in neutral colors, the system won’t distract from a boat’s décor. Accon Marine’s Quick Store System has a starting price of $25.69.

            Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33762.  727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

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BoatUS Report

Lurking Below The Surface
BoatUS Safety Tip: Beware of Flood Debris

Normally this time of year, boaters have to be concerned about cooler water temperatures, rapid temperature swings, and being more self-reliant as fewer boaters are on the water to help in a potential emergency. With the recent storms, however, you can add one more to the list: a dramatic increase in the number of submerged objects lurking on or just below the surface of rain swollen rivers, lakes and bays.

Flooding from recent storms means boaters need to be on the lookout for submerged objects.

What’s the best precaution? Slow down after significant rain events and post extra lookouts – the more eyes the better. “It’s really a problem for any boat as running gear and outdrives can be damaged and lead to water coming in,” says Adriance.

BoatUS has these four tips:
Before you go: Have all of the safety and communications gear aboard and ensure the bilge pumps are working and there is no debris in the bilge. It’s always a good idea to have an extra bailer or two aboard, such as a bucket, emergency hand pump or even a cut-off detergent bottle. Also understand that navigational aids may have shifted.

Stop for any “thud”: If you hear a thud, always stop the boat immediately and inspect the bilge or storage compartments for damage – then check again a short while later. BoatUS Marine insurance claims files show that a crack can open up after a boat has bounced around a while. Another sign of damage is the boat may feel “funny” or less responsive, a sign that water is coming aboard.

Put on life jackets: If you find water coming aboard – even if it’s just a trickle – immediately put on your life jacket and notify the Coast Guard as you could lose the power and the ability to send a distress call on your VHF. It takes only seconds for a trickle to get worse.

Be prepared to improvise: If you do find a hole in the hull, bilge pumps alone may not stem the tide. Use anything you may have aboard such as towels, wooden bungs (keep them handy for plugging round holes such as prop shaft logs), or other gear to wedge into holes or cracks.

About BoatUS:
BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States – is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing over half a million members with government representation, programs and money-saving services including towing services and boat insurance. It’s Damage Avoidance Program helps boaters learn how prevent injury or vessel damage using real-world examples from the BoatUS Marine Insurance claims files and other boating safety resources. For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

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Electronics Review


Innovative Designer and
Manufacturer of Industry-Leading Sunlight Readable Displays Debuts the First
Marinized Screens with Two-Finger Touchscreen Functionality

Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) Marine, the manufacturer of industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays and high-quality marine hardware and software products, announced today the first marine multi-touch monitors, the KEPM GB Dual Touch Glass Bridge Display series. Similar to popular smart phone and computer tablets like the Apple iPad®, the new screens allow boaters to zoom in, zoom out and skew displayed images with the use of two fingers. Turning taps, swipes and pinches into lifelike actions, the accuracy and precision of dual touch exceeds the capabilities of one-touch screens on the market. The KEPM GB series pairs KEP Marine’s industry-leading crisp, clear and vibrant, no haze or glare displays, even in the strongest sunlight, with seamless multi-touch technology for the ultimate in convenience as well as full fingertip control navigation functionality.

The KEPM GB Dual Touch Display series provides simplified command processing at the helm. Compatible with new PC-based marine navigation software that incorporates convenient touch-screen operation, the multi-touch displays from KEP Marine offer state-of-the-art control to easily zoom, pan, change chart display modes and perform numerous navigation functions using only fingertips. Providing unparalleled screen clarity in all lighting conditions, the new displays offer impeccable 2D and 3D top-down and side viewing of navigation data. Coupled with a user-friendly interface and innovative multi-touch functionality, KEP Dual Touch Displays offer the most dynamic, convenient and enjoyable navigation control options on the market.

“The new KEP Marine Dual Touch Display series represents a significant technology advancement in monitor operation and greatly enhances on-the-water navigation,” said Keith Cariani, sales manager, KEP Marine. “With Window 7 OS systems supporting convenient touchscreen capabilities, we took the opportunity to complement our best and brightest display technology by offering the world’s first multi-touch marine-grade LCDs with unparalleled functionality and quick fingertip control of navigation features.”

The KEPM GB Dual Touch Displays look identical to KEP Marine’s existing large-screen modern and sleek monitor offerings for a consistent design throughout a vessel, and feature the same renowned patented bonding
technology that provides exceptional sunlight-viewing. Designed for open cockpits, flybridges and bright pilothouses, the glass bridge displays’ small bezel and large screens maximize space savings at the helm while providing the largest screen size possible in the available space. KEPM GB monitors can be flush mounted side by side for a beautiful glass bridge appearance. Accepting multiple inputs including composite, S-Video, DVI, VGA, UXGA and SXVGA, the displays support simple custom labeling for organization and ease of use. Additional features include a wide backlighting range that can be dimmed to complete black for night viewing, advanced three-stage Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities for display flexibility and a 12-24 VDC voltage input range. For added control options, the displays are compatible with RS-232 remotes that can be mounted near the display or hidden in cabinet space.

Compatible with Windows 7 operating system and designed to enhance the use of navigation software such as Furuno MaxSea and Nobeltec TimeZero Trident, the KEPM GB series consists of the KEPM GB-15 (15-inch), KEPM GB-17 (17-inch), KEPM GB-19 (19-inch) and KEPM GB-22 (22-inch) models. Featuring a color TFT Active Matrix LCD, the 15-, 17- and 19-inch monitors have a maximum resolution of 1280×1024 and the 22-inch widescreen model has a maximum resolution of 1680×1050. The KEPM GB-15, GB-17, GB-19 and GB-22 have display brightness and contrast ratios of 1500 nits/600:1, 1300 nits/500:1, 1000 nits/800:1 and 1100 nits/1200:1, respectively. The dual touch 15- and 17-inch displays provide a wide viewing angle of 80-degrees from center horizontally and 75-degrees from center vertically, while the 19- and 22-inch deliver the widest viewing angle
on the market—85-degrees from center horizontally and vertically. Ultra-ruggedized for the harsh marine environment, the displays are housed in a powder-coated, UV protected, marine-grade aluminum enclosure. KEP Marine Dual Touch Glass Bridge Displays are dust and water resistant to the IP66 standard, and are protected by a 2-year advanced replacement worldwide warranty.

The KEP Marine KEPM GB Dual Touch Glass Bridge Displays have suggested retail prices starting at $7,300 US, and can be purchased from authorized KEP Marine dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on the new KEP Marine Dual Touch Glass Bridge Displays, or the entire line of KEP marine electronics, contact 800-631-2165 (toll-free) in the USA or visit

About KEP Marine:
KEP has designed and manufactured high-quality industrial hardware and software products for over fifty years. Entering the marine market ten years ago with innovative vessel monitoring systems, the company now offers industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, glass bridge displays, monitor management interfaces, marine computers, multimedia systems, and video recording and security systems. Known for providing top-of-the-line, highly reliable products and integrated solutions, as well as unparalleled support and warranty protection, KEP works with over one hundred distributors and representatives worldwide.

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Superyacht RoMa available for dockside viewing at Monaco.

62m (203ft 4in) • VSY – Viareggio Super Yacht • 2010 • Guests 12 • Cabins 6 • Crew 16
Summer: Mediterranean – East & West Rates
High 395,000 €/week Low
395,000 €/week

After an extremely successful summer season in the Mediterranean, RoMa welcomes you to view her at anchor during the Monaco Yacht Show 2011, September  21 – 24. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to visit this first class  yacht and book your appointment in advance by emailing Celine Laffin

This sensational mega yacht offers a unique accommodation layout featuring the Master stateroom which is on the main deck with panoramic views over 270 degrees forward, and three additional guest staterooms on the main deck. A VIP stateroom on the bridge deck and a twin stateroom below deck round out the spacious
sleeping arrangements for twelve guests on this voluminous yacht.  State-of-the-art audio visual and communication systems throughout, custom gym, cinema/game room, large Jacuzzi/pool with hydro massage nozzles and jets, elevator that goes to all levels of the yacht plus a great selection of water sports; RoMa offers the utmost in entertainment, comfort and sophistication.

Schedule an appointment: Celine Laffin

Charter Manager: Clancy Weller
651 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort
Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA
                                     4 524 4250

The spectacular M/Y Galaxy.

56m (183ft 8in) • Benetti • 2005 • Guests
12 • Cabins 6 • Crew 15
Summer: Mediterranean – East & West Rates
High 255,000 €/week Low
255,000 €/week

At 56 metres overall and 10.4 metres in beam, M/Y GALAXY is an exceptional yacht with a great crew, and the Owner is keen for September charters.

The owner’s suite is on the main deck, with a panoramic saloon in its forward part. GALAXY then has a VIP cabin on the upper deck, and four more guest cabins on the lower deck, in the form of two doubles and two twins.

GALAXY has an elevator running the lower deck guest from lobby all the way up to the sun deck. The lift carries four people at a time, and the shaft being in glass, tends to act as an atrium, carrying light through the heart of
the yacht. The lift to the sundeck is built into the gymnasium.

Most meals will be taken on the upper deck in the semi-circular dining room which can be opened onto the aft deck, or closed off with circular doors. When guests wish to eat truly al fresco, there is a shaded dining area on the sundeck, under a full beam awning.

M/Y GALAXY is the best option for your last minute September charters.

I look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Charter Manager: Alex Garro
Le Panorama, 57 rue Grimaldi,
MC98000, Monaco
Phone: +377 97 97 77 45gTel: +377 97 97 77 45

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Electronics Review

B&G Sets the Standard with New Triton Instrument Display & Autopilot Remote

Electronics Leader Unveils New Multifunction Instrument for Coastal Cruising and Club Racing

B&G – the world leader in marine instruments, autopilot systems and tactical software solutions for the sailing market – announced today its next-generation instrument and autopilot solution – the Triton. Sporting a striking mechanical design and employing the same innovative interface developed for its Zeus multifunction navigation system, the B&G Triton T41 is a single, fully customizable, “do-it-all” display that offers sailors quick access to critical wind, depth, speed and autopilot information. The optional Triton Autopilot Controller connects to the T41 and provides full autopilot integration. Easy to install as a standalone instrument or as part of an integrated system, Triton delivers low-power, high-quality, easy-to-use navigation capabilities at an attractive price.

Triton T41 Display (L) and Pilot Controller (R)

Triton best-in-class operation and durability is designed specifically for coastal cruising and club racers. Featuring a 4.1-inch, quarter-VGA LED backlit display with 320 x 240-pixel resolution that is nearly 40-percent larger than competitive products, the instrument’s bonded-glass construction ensures zero condensation and provides excellent visibility in all weather and lighting conditions — even at extreme viewing angles. Designed to match the B&G Zeus multifunction display, Triton’s simple-to-navigate menu structure is controlled by three elegant ‘up, down and enter’ buttons, and a dedicated ‘page’ key for toggling through instrument functions. Its Micro-C backbone offers dual male/female connectors that support both daisy chain and ‘T’ connection for easy installation in any vessel.

A complete autopilot solution, B&G Triton’s optional Pilot Controller seamlessly interfaces with the Triton T41 instrument to offer sailors convenient remote control of pilot steering functions. Featuring large clear keys, straightforward operation and backlighting for night use, the pilot control’s interface employs single-mode toggle and includes a simple ‘off’ key for returning the pilot to standby. The Triton controller is connected through a single Micro-C connection on the back of the device and sports a unique clip mount for easy installation. When integrated with the B&G Zeus navigation system, pilot information and control can be accessed and operated from either solution.

“B&G has redefined the way cruising sailors and club racers should think about electronics,” said Louis Chemi, COO, Navico Americas. “With Triton and Zeus features designed specifically for their boating needs, sailors no longer have to settle for systems designed for power boaters or chose systems designed for professional racers. In addition, Triton’s ease of integration will appeal to boaters and installing dealers alike.”

Supporting both Micro-C and Simnet backbones, the B&G Triton T41 interfaces with B&G and Simrad Yachting Wind, Speed, Depth and Heading Sensors, as well as data sources from other manufacturers. Measuring 4.6-inches (118 mm) in width and height by .65-inches (16 mm) in depth, the T41 requires .75-inches (20 mm) of depth behind the mounting plane. Designed for 12V DC environments, the T41 draws a scant power range of 50-150mA. The Triton Pilot Controller measures 2.3-inches (60 mm) in width by 4.5-inches (115 mm) in height by .65-inchs (16mm) in depth, requires .55-inches (14 mm) of depth behind the mounting plane, and draws only 50mA of power. The Triton T41 Display and Pilot Controller both operate seamlessly within a temperature range of +5 to +131 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 to +55 degrees Celsius), are waterproof to the IPX7 standard, and protected by a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Price & Availability:
The new B&G Triton T41 instrument and optional Triton Pilot Remote have a suggested retail price of U.S. $599 and $299, respectively and is available from authorized dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on the B&G Triton Instrument and Autopilot Controller, or the entire line of B&G marine electronics, visit

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Dock News

Dock News

Naples Marina Sales to Serve as Southern Florida Dealer for Cutwater Boats

In its ongoing expansion of the U.S. dealer network for Cutwater Boats, Fluid Motion announces that Naples Marina Sales will serve the southern Florida boat buying market as a new dealer for the trailerable line of Cutwater Boats.

Naples Marina Sales is a full-service marina facility offering a range of new and used boats. The marina features secured boat storage, winter storage and trailer storage. Traditionally offering center consoles, walk around cuddy cabin boats and other outboard engine boats, the addition of the Cutwater line gives the Naples sales team something they’ve never had to offer before—a modern, inboard powered, multi-purpose cruiser that is fun and economical to operate.

Owner of Naples Marina Sales, Phil Jentgen, shares, “No one else in our area offers a boat of this size and price range. It’s a small boat with the amenities of a much larger boat and great performance. What a package!”

Naples Marina Sales is now taking orders on the 26- and 28-foot trailerable Cutwater boats and will exhibit the line at the Ft. Myers Boat Show November 10-13 and in 2012 at the Naples Boat Show. Buyers are able to schedule a sea trial on boats when available and will leave out of Naples Bay into the Gulf of Mexico and experience the boat under way along the coast or slightly further offshore. The unique semi-displacement hull design integrates a Keel Stepped Hull bottom with tapered intake tunnels to distribute an uninterrupted flow of air evenly across specifically designated segments of the running surface, while vectoring air away from the propeller. This, among other features deliver a smooth ride, straight tracking, agile, responsive performance, and maximum fuel economy which is ideal for near shore or offshore cruising.

Naples Marina Sales will take new customers through a detailed introduction of the Cutwater line and allow them time at the helm during a sea trial to experience the boat’s maneuverability firsthand. The company has been selling other models of trailerable boats for over 15 years and they are well positioned to guide and educate the buyer on the value of a trailerable boat like Cutwater.

“I think the ease of ownership, maintenance, trailerability and fuel usage is something people are looking for
in the market today,” says Jentgen.

Cutwater Boats will come turnkey from Naples Marina Sales with a vast set of quality standard equipment making them easy to handle and efficient to cruise. They are equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine, Garmin electronics, Diamond/Sea-Glaze windows and bow and stern thrusters come standard for ease of operation and maneuverability. Naples Marina Sales will work with buyers on additional equipment and trailer options so their Cutwater is commissioned to fit their cruising needs and styles.

For more information, visit

Naples Marina Sales: Phil Jentgen
11420 Tamiami Trail East
Naples, FL 34113
Mark Mansfield, National Sales Manager
Cutwater Boats

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