05 Oct

When Quality Matters
Marine Hardware & Accessories
for OEM and Aftermarket


Known for its durable deck plates, Beckson Marine now takes this high-quality standard of manufacturing to make the accessory many boaters need.  The company’s new DPA-4 Deck Plate Key is a 3-in-1 multi-tool made to work with screw-out, pry-out or twist-out deck plates.

Beckson’s Deck Plate Key has a pry-out tool on one end and a drain plug slot wrench on the other.  This slot can also be used to hang the key on a hook in a handy spot.  Two nubs on the tool’s edge are for use as a spanner wrench with screw-out deck plates.

Approximately 7″ long, the key is offered in a bright, stand-out yellow to make sure it can be easily found.  It’s constructed from tough high-strength acetal resin for a long life. Beckson Marine’s DPA-4 Deck Plate Key has a suggested retail price of just $4.95.

For over 55 years, Beckson has produced
high-quality marine equipment and accessories.  The company manufactures an
extensive range of superior products, including pumps, ports, hatches, vents,
deck plates, fasteners and hoses.

Contact Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave.,
Bridgeport, CT  06605.  Email:;  Visit

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    Good information on high quality marine equipment and accessories is always needed.


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