Dock News

12 Oct
Dock News

Centek Presents
Its Genset Pollution Control Guide

The guide is designed to help boat builders and service yards integrate the company’s Gen-Kleen™ filter system with a generator wet exhaust system to remove hydrocarbon pollution (sheen, soot, unspent gasoline and diesel fuel) from the exhaust cooling water before it is discharged.

Available for marine gensets from 5-kw and up, a Gen-Kleen system separates raw cooling water from exhaust gases. The dry exhaust gases are vented to the atmosphere, the raw cooling water is scrubbed by a filtration system. The filters are impregnated with a patented formula that binds and captures hydrocarbons while allowing clean water to pass through. Clean water is then returned to the environment.

Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, Gen-Kleen systems are available in two models to accommodate different engine room layouts. The Compact Gen-Kleen integrates many of the system components into a single package. The Component Gen-Kleen disperses the components throughout the engine compartment as space allows.

Over 100 Gen-Kleen systems have been installed on boats and yachts worldwide. Centek has also designed and built more than 14,000 custom marine exhaust systems and is the only company to offer fiberglass exhaust components that are Lloyd’s Register Type approved, ABS type approved and meet or exceed ABYC-P1 standards. Centek’s engineering staff has more than 80 years of marine wet exhaust system design and innovation experience.

For more information about Centek Gen-Kleen wet exhaust filtration systems and other Centek products and to get a copy of the Genset Pollution Control Guide, visit or call 1+229.228.7653

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