Yacht Spotting and New Launches

14 Oct
Yacht Spotting and New Launches

Bertram 64: Birth of a New Generation

The designers and engineers at Bertram have been busy developing some new concepts that will surely be well received by the company’s hard core sport-fishing aficionados. The buzz surrounding the new Bertram 64 convertible is unremitting and the new model is expected to deliver upon the expectations of the company’s most ardent worldwide enthusiasts.

Without compromising the incredibly sea worthy hull that has made this sport-fishing brand so notorious over the past fifty years, Bertram engineers are introducing modifications and improved features that evoke Bertram’s model past. But, the 64 takes on a whole new form, embracing acutely sleek features that will define Bertram’s future. The new 64′ will be undoubtedly a Bertram in every sense of the term.

This new 64 Bertram, designed in collaboration with Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group’s AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) and Centro Stile Ferretti Group, has been created for its intended use and, according to the company, outperforms other sport-fishermen of similar size. It is equipped with CAT C-32 ACERT engines powered at 1925 hp each and is expected to top out at 40 knots. Surmounting other sport-fishing boats of this category, its optimum power and control will thrust this new model through the toughest waters. Designed to get you to the fishing grounds and back to the docks as safely as possible with speed and agility, it relies heavily upon solid construction, high-performance and innovative technology, all of which contribute towards the uncompromising smooth and dry ride.

With a new sleek, racy and aggressive exterior profile due to restyling of Bertram’s famous shear-line, the B-64 will surely turn heads down the docks. It will be enviably Bertram in appearance and introduce small enhancements and added amenities to provide you with the most seamless sport-fishing experience on the water. Larger expansive side cabin windows have been incorporated into the exterior design and a smooth windscreen distinguishes the exterior brow, which will be offered as standard for the conventional sport-fishermen or full forward window as an option. Either way, its curved exterior lines are progressive, but still identify it as none other than a Bertram.

The cockpit boasts 194 sq. feet of working space including large mezzanine deck loaded with added storage and fishing features for any of your angling desires with extra large in-floor cockpit fish boxes, built in bait-well, spacious refrigerator/freezer and ample rod storage that will surely satisfy your sport-fishing requests. Also available is the optional pressurized fish box with see-through window with lights.

                                                                     Bertram 64 Specs (Preliminary)

LOA w/pulpit                            67’6″ (20.6m)
LH                                            63’6″ (19.4m)
Beam                                       18’5″ (19.4m)
Draft:                                        5’3″ (1.6m)
Displacement                           91,000 lbs. (41gt) Convertible; 97.000 lbs. (44gt) Enclosed bridge
Cockpit area                             94 sq. ft. (18m²)
Fuel Capacity                           1,850 U.S. gal. (7,000 L)
Fresh Water Capacity              360 U.S. gal. (1,363 L)
Standard Engines                    2 x 1,676-hp CAT C32
Optional Engines                     2 x 1,825-hp CAT C32; 2 x 2,000-hp MTU 16V 2000 Series M91

Moritz Octoplex™: Intelligence on the Sea
The 64 comes equipped with a Mortiz OctoPlex system that remotely controls and monitors all AC and DC power distribution throughout the boat. The innovative technology is capable of providing complete vessel status using a standard NMEA 2000 network with extensive monitoring capabilities, which extends to regulate the bilge areas, tank levels, battery and even engine and generator status among many other additions.

Octoplex Touchscreen

The Moritz Aerospace Octoplex™ Multiplexed Power Management and Monitoring System affords heretofore unavailable advantages in managing AC and DC power and monitoring vessel functions. It does so with extreme reliability and safety.

The Octoplex™ system is comprehensive, flexible, and easily expandable. This system not only provides the operator complete visibility and control of the vessel’s electrical system from any control screen, but also provides him or her with remote monitoring of alarm functions, battery, engine and generator data, and even electronic instrumentation such as depth sounders, GPS units, electronic compasses, and multiple additional electronics.

Octoplex System Monitor Display

Subsequent to vessel installation, the system may be easily expanded with additional features and software upgrades. The Moritz Octoplex™ System places the captain in control; it increases access and interactivity with the ship’s vital systems, and, most importantly, it increases vessel safety!

With the Octoplex™ System there is no more lack of awareness when a circuit breaker trips and a freezer unknowingly is shut down! Audible alarms may be assigned to circuit breakers as desired. There is no more burn out of a compressor pump because of a brown-out low voltage situation, since the system can be programmed to turn off designated circuit breakers in the event of a brown-out, and then turn them back on when voltage has recovered! There is no more frustration from tripping of the dockside circuit breakers due to overloading. Load shedding and automatic placement back online can be programmed into the system both for AC and DC should current usage reach higher than desired levels. The ability to reset a tripped AC or DC circuit breaker is immediate. The possibilities and benefits in power management and monitoring are virtually endless.

The Octoplex™ System enables substantial savings in ship’s construction as a result of significant reductions in vessel wiring complexity. The builder is provided with the unique flexibility of being able to locate circuit breaker panels remotely without normal access and environmental considerations, thereby saving space and enabling the use of the most direct and efficient wiring schemes. The results are lower wire harnessing costs, lower labor installation costs, and significant weight savings.

Octoplex Sensor Interface Unit

The Octoplex™ platform provides protection from obsolescence as the capabilities of the system may be subsequently enhanced with future software updating and installation of new NMEA 2000 components as they become available.Capabilities
The Moritz Aerospace Octoplex™ System remotely monitors and controls all AC and DC power distribution and circuit protection, and monitors the ship’s operating functions. The system employs NMEA 2000 communications protocol and provides:

•Immediate remote visual and audible identification of AC and DC circuit breaker tripping
  • Remote activation of AC and DC circuit breakers
  • Remote switching of all DC connected components
  • Accurate monitoring of current flow to every DC load
  • Programmable dimming functions for DC lighting
  • Immediate recognition of no-load situations for activated DC loads
  • Remote monitoring of vessel shore and generator power
  • Programmable automatic load shedding and re-activation at selectable current levels
  • Programmable automatic low-voltage brownout protection for operator selected loads
  • Monitoring of generator and engine operating parameters
  • Monitoring of Battery voltages, current usage, temperatures, and state-of-charge
  • Monitoring of fuel, alarm functions, and equipment activity, with complete bilge pump operations monitoring
  • Access to NMEA 2000 compliant electronics connected to the communication bus

The cutting edge Bertram 64 and all its systems will be showcased at the upcoming
 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 27-31, 2011.

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