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Dock News

Marinalife Partners with Mainstreet Marketing To Create Unique Events for Boaters

Marinalife is pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership with Mainstreet Marketing to organize and promote events for the boating community. Plans include manufacturer rendezvous, yacht club events, and other events for boaters.

Mainstreet Marketing provides clients unparalleled expertise in event management, marketing and sponsorship solutions. Headquartered in North Palm Beach, Florida, Mainstreet Marketing has developed and managed corporate hospitality, music festivals, sporting events and a multitude of waterfront activities and group rendezvous.

Joy McPeters of Marinalife commented on the partnership saying, “The concept fits perfectly with our goal of helping boaters use and enjoy their boats. I’m excited about the things we are going to do.” Strategic partnerships have been a cornerstone of’s mission and the new affiliate partnership with Mainstreet Marketing will introduce even more active boaters to the tools and resources that can improve their boating experience.

Mainstreet Marketing president Chris Cantwell envisions great things when the companies work together. “We are eager to combine Marinalife’s extensive marine industry database with Mainstreet Marketing’s expertise in coordinating rendezvous. The result will be more boaters making more memories.”

Princess V85S

The first joint event will be the Viking Sport Cruisers Spring Getaway for Princess Yacht Owners that will start in Miami Beach and end in Key West, Florida on March 28 to April 1, 2012. Viking Sport Cruisers plans to showcase a new Princess yacht that will serve as the “committee boat” for the event. James Nobel, Viking Sport Cruisers vice president & marketing director is pleased with the partnership, saying, “I am excited to be working with Marinalife and Mainstreet Marketing on our first getaway for Princess Yacht owners. Our combined strengths and expertise will make this a very successful event.” Activities include a cocktail reception, golf, snorkeling and a grilled fish dinner on Saturday evening.

For more information, visit, or call 800-736-8275.

About Marinalife: Marinalife is the first and only company to bring together the boating community to offer marina information and provide a unique centralized online booking system. Marinalife’s mission is to provide boaters with a wealth of marina options and information to enhance their boating experience by creating services to simplify logistics and alleviate stress during the planning and booking process. Marinalife strives to promote a more enjoyable boating lifestyle by providing the boating community with the most extensive online directory of marina information. For more information on Marinalife, please call 1-800-736-8275 or visit

About Mainstreet Marketing: Mainstreet Marketing offers unparalleled service and innovative solutions to a diverse base of corporate, non-profit, government and sports-related clients. With extensive experience in marketing strategy and analysis, branding, sponsorship packaging, promotions management and event development and coordination, Mainstreet Marketing drives results and executes effectively and efficiently. For more information, call 561-262-2210 or visit

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Xantrex Expands TRUECharge2 Battery Charger Offering for Marine and Commercial Markets

Xantrex Technology announces the addition of three new 24V models – 10A, 20A and 30A to its top-selling TRUECharge™2 battery charger line. This complements its existing portfolio of 12V battery chargers that includes models ranging from 10A to 60A. Developed for both marine and commercial applications, the new 24V chargers are designed to charge 24V battery systems for trolling motors, dinghy davits, bow and stern thrusters in boats, as well as transit buses, power carts and commercial construction equipment.

In addition, an upgraded design feature of the TRUECharge2 line* includes the capability for “parallel stacking”. This allows two chargers of either 12V or 24V configuration to work together to combine the output current, achieving up to 120A for large battery banks. All TRUECharge2 models* use the same remote control panel, and accept 90-265 Vac & 47-63 Hz for global applications. Each meets stringent safety and regulatory standards including UL1564, UL1236 with marine supplement, ABYC and FCC Class B requirements.

“The TRUECharge2 battery charger series is one of our most advanced and successful product categories in the marine market,” said Xantrex Director of Sales John McMillan. “We have incorporated the new parallel stacking feature to provide a wider range of power levels for our customers.” Added Xantrex Sales Manager for Commercial Markets William Tomkinson, “This versatile product is a result of our commitment to a customer-focused strategy.  It is well designed to serve both commercial and industrial applications with 24V battery banks.”

Just like its 12V counterparts, the new 24V battery chargers are housed in an efficient compact design and delivers intelligent charging for your DC system.

*NOTE: Does not apply to TRUECharge2 12V/10A model

For more information about TRUECharge2, visit

About Xantrex Technology USA Inc.
Xantrex Technology USA Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the mobile power markets. The company’s products convert and control raw electrical power from any central, distributed, renewable, or backup power source into high-quality power required by electronic equipment. Xantrex is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with facilities in the United States.

About Schneider Electric
As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, the company’s 110,000 plus employees achieved sales of 19.6 billion euros in 2010, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy.”

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If you’re like me, and besides the benefits of being able to examine the hull and running gear without having to jump in the water, the fascination with wanting to have a look at what is going on underneath your boat is akin to trying to ignore the Song of the Sirens. Well, something like that but you get my drift here. Now, Aquabotix, a new company located in Fall River, Massachusetts, has a couple of neat gadgets that just may satisfy both those needs and then some and get you behaving much as kids in the proverbial underwater candy store would.

First up is the Aquabotix HydroView, an affordable and easy-to-use remote-operated underwater vehicle that beams a live high def view back to the surface. Controlled using an iPad, smartphone or laptop, the HydroView shoots full 1080p HD video or stills which can quickly and easily be easily downloaded and shared. As users guide the HydroView through the water simply by turning their wireless device, the submersible simultaneously collects data on water conditions as it delivers video from the depths. For some, the HydroView will be an addictively fun way to enjoy the ocean and see what lies beneath, while for others it will offer a unique tool for hull, anchor or prop inspection, or just simply to find the favorite sunglasses lost overboard. Whichever the reason, the HydroView will become a must-have tool for charter guests or recreational boaters and their children to explore the sea and for commercial captains to sleep better on the hook. Where industrial ROVs often start in excess of $10,000, the HydroView will retail for a fraction of that price at $2,995. With this affordability and its intuitive tablet or smartphone controls, the HydroView will make undersea exploration accessible to an entirely new audience! Aquabotix expects availability for early 2012.

Another offering from Aquabotix, which will be available in coming weeks (planned for early December), Aquabotix AquaLens employs the same high definition video capabilities as the submersible, but puts this indispensible eye closer at hand. The AquaLens is designed to be mounted on the end of a standard boat hook or other guide pole, sending a live video feed back to a wrist-mounted LCD screen. Boat owners will inevitably find themselves diving into the deep to survey a concerning rudder, staring down their depth sounder when anchored amongst the shallows, or simply pondering what lies below the waterline. For yachters and many others, the AquaLens allows them to stay dry and safely aboard while providing the valuable view they need to evaluate the well-being of their vessel, put their mind at ease, or quickly get a fisheye view of the ocean. Available for purchase in the coming weeks, the AquaLens will retail for $795.

About Aquabotix
Founded in March of 2011, Aquabotix Technology Corporation, located  in southern New England, is a privately funded company that develops fun and exciting consumer and commercial products for underwater observation and exploration. We seek to change the way people interact with the underwater  world. Our team consists of engineers, software developers, marketers, and innovative leaders—all talented, focused, responsible, and passionate about our customers, while caring for our environment and giving back to the community.

Looking at recent trends, it is apparent that consumers are spending less on big ticket items and more on accessories and gadgets for their pre-existing boats. This trend opens up a vast opportunity for us to succeed in the marketplace.

Aquabotix’s products, the HydroView and AquaLens, let you experience ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans—without getting wet. Our remote operated, submersible vehicles and underwater viewing systems let you see beneath the waves, while cutting edge technology enables the user to comfortably explore from topside. Perform inspections, assess water depths, and have that sense of safety and security on the water. These exciting consumer products are affordable, easy to use, and friendly to underwater environments.

What will you view?

Aquabotix Technology Corporation
1082 Davol Street (L102)
Fall River, MA  02720
(617) 419-5883 (617) 419-5883

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Enjoying a sunny day on the water is ideal, until it interferes with being able to properly view a marine display.  VEI’s 15″ Super Sunlight Marine Display is essential for locations that receive direct sunlight such as boat decks, aft decks, fly bridges or short hard tops.

Featuring patented anti-glare glass, this display can be wiped down with any solvent, unlike others which require a special cleaning agent.  This glass also can’t be damaged by any chemical, even rubbing salt water into the display’s glass during cleaning won’t cause damage.

With 1,800 Nit brightness, this display has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 for clear viewing.  It has nine inputs, including four composite, four VGA and one DVI.  The marine display is controlled by a helm-mounted remote.  The remote can control up to six displays.  Touchscreen is optional.  Measuring 16″W x 12″H x 3″D, it weighs 13 lbs.  The 15″ Super Sunlight Display requires a 12 or 24V DC power source.

VEI’s sealed monitors are manufactured from a block of marine-grade aluminum and include stainless steel hardware.  They’re built to resist shock, vibration, water and corrosion.  Black, white or gray finishes are available to match any interior, as well as an all-glass, no bezel at no additional cost option.

The 15″ Super-Sunlight Display has a price of $7,995.  It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

            Contact VEI Technologies, 1181 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL  33487.  954-727-5139;
Fax: 954-302-2476.

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An increasing number of marinas around the world are providing dockside 200 amp service.  Just as it pioneered marinized 100 amp service, Hubbell Marine is the only source for a UL-Listed 200 Amp Ship-To-Shore System.

Designed specifically for mega-yachts, the CSA-certified device features a NEMA 4X-rated watertight back box, fittings and accessories.  The rugged aluminum housing is finished with an electrostatically applied, non-conductive epoxy/polyester.  To stand up to corrosive marine conditions, pins and sleeves are made of heat-resistant, nickel-plated Tellurium copper.

Terminal screws feature swivel/pressure pads to eliminate breakage and distortion of the wire’s conductor strands.  For further protection, a cable clamp captures cable at four points. Easily installed, the 200 Amp Ship-to-Shore System from Hubbell Marine accepts a cord range of #1 AWG to 250 MCM.

For convenience, the 200 amp service is compatible with other UL1682 systems such as Crouse-Hinds and Appleton.  The 4-pole, 5-wire system is 600V AC/250V DC and 50-400 Hertz.

Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr.  Shelton, CT  06484. 475-882-4838;
Fax: 203-783-9195.

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Xantrex Launches Enhanced Second Generation Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers

As a result of strong customer demand, Xantrex Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has just launched the second generation Freedom SW inverter/charger models.

The original series redefined the inverter/charger category and enjoyed great reception in 2010 with an entry level 2000 watt and feature-rich 3000 watt models. The second generation 2000 watt model has been redesigned to include many of the same features found in its high power counterpart.  Both models now offer new parallel and series stacking features that were unavailable in the previous generation. Parallel and series stacking allows two units (either 2000 watt or 3000 watt) to work in synergy to provide up to twice the rated current and charging output, resulting in the ability to operate high power loads while charging large battery banks. Series stacking, for example, allows operation of 240 Vac applications, such as a dryer.  Another feature enhancement is Generator Support Mode which enables the Freedom SW to automatically supplement a generator when AC loads exceed the generator’s capacity.

“The new generation Freedom SW models maintain the DNA of Freedom SW products — premium sine wave performance with a great price tag, offering one of the best values for this category in the market,” said Xantrex Technology Vice President & General Manager Richard Gaudet. “This second generation product is the direct result of customer feedback and is designed to meet the needs and demands of both OEM and aftermarket applications in the domestic marine, RV and commercial markets.”

Some additional key features include an improved AC transfer/AC input detection time, providing the ability to transfer AC loads to batteries in less than 10 milliseconds when the incoming grid or generator power is lost. Connected loads are almost unable to feel the power transition due to this quick transfer time. Both models also offer full output in higher temperature range and feature efficient, power factor corrected charging. In addition, both are compatible with the optional system control panel and automatic generator start, and meet CSA, UL 458 with marine supplement, FCC Class B and ABYC requirements.

About Xantrex
Xantrex Technology Inc. (, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the renewable and mobile power markets. The company’s products convert and control raw electrical power from any central, distributed, renewable, or backup power source into high-quality power required by electronic equipment and the electricity grid. Xantrex is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with facilities in the United States, Germany, Spain, India, and a joint venture in China.

About Schneider Electric
As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, the company’s 114,000 employees achieved sales of more than 18.3 billion euros in 2008, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy™”.



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BoatUS Report

Three Things BoatUS Angler Prizewinner Rick Clark Learned While Fishing With Mark Zona

Largemouth bass angler Rick Clark of Crystal River, Florida, recently went on the fishing trip of a lifetime to Northern Michigan, guided by none other than BoatUS Angler member and outsized television fishing show personality Mark Zona. Clark’s girlfriend, Layne Lowrey, also of Crystal River, won the fishing trip in a contest for members of BoatUS Angler, and gifted the prize to Rick, proclaiming herself the “best girlfriend ever”. Of course Rick agreed (as would any wise angler), and while fishing with the “Awesome Fishing Show” host in the backwoods near Traverse City, Michigan, Clark said he learned three important things:

BoatUS Angler member Rick Clark (R) won the fishing trip of a lifetime with "Awesome Fishing Show" host Mark Zona (L), courtesy of BoatUS Angler. Another fishing trip contest is slated for 2012.

1. Unlike his own home waters of Florida, Clark was amazed at the beauty and clarity of the Northern Michigan waters, which Zona affectionately calls “smallmouth holy land.” Said Clark, “At home (in Florida), we cast anywhere you think they may be hiding. In Michigan, you put it right in front of them and hope they don’t spot you first. Mark popped the lure right in front of them every time.” This confirms that Zona, a former competitive bass angler, certainly hasn’t lost his touch while ascending to the television broadcast booth (Zona hosts his own “Awesome Fishing Show” and is also co-host of the highly popular, annually televised Bassmaster Elite Series).

2. Mark Zona has never eaten an egg in his life. Or, at least an egg he can see, says Clark. Just how did Clark find out this meaningless tidbit if information? “I noticed he didn’t have anything for breakfast,” said Clark. “When I asked him if he was going to eat, he looked at me and said with a straight face, “I’ve never eaten an egg in my life.” Clark said Zona later ate two bananas after catching a few giant smallmouth “fence pandas,” as Zona calls them.

3. What most impressed him was Zona’s ability to find the myriad lakes. “He knows all kinds of places,” said Clark. “You’re driving along through the woods thinking you’re lost, and then suddenly, he’s pulling up to a ramp at another beautiful lake. I have never been to Michigan and was greatly impressed. I want to go back soon.” When asked about Zona’s boat ramp technique with his new Nitro boat Clark said, “I give him an A- as he did forget to unhook the bow winch once or twice.”

To view a video of Zona with the newly-nicknamed “Florida Terminator” Clark, or to learn more about BoatUS Angler, a membership program that offers both on-the-water and on-the-road towing assistance, fishing boat insurance and other benefits for boat-owning anglers, go to

BoatUS Angler members will have another chance to win an Awesome Fishing Trip with Zona in 2012. Contest updates will be posted on

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For those of you in all-year southerly climes, the time-honored chore of putting your boat up on the hard for winter storage is a non-event. But for those of us whose boating season is cut short by changing weather, this annual rite of winter is an important one. As those boat owners prepare to put their vessels away for the season, many make the smart choice of utilizing shrink wrap.  But, users must remember that in order to keep protected assets in top condition, ventilation is needed.

International premium shrink wrap supplier, Dr. Shrink, offers everything needed to ensure a covered boat gets adequate air flow.Dr. Shrink’s original DS-683 WeatherTight Self-Adhesive Vent allows more circulation under both shrink wrap and canvas covers and is water-resistant when installed on either horizontal or vertical surfaces.  For increasing air circulation on sunny days, its DS-683SP Vent with solar cell and high-speed fan moves up to 150 cu. ft. of air per hour.

Anemometer cups help spin blades on Dr. Shrink’s DS-683W Wind-Powered Vent.  It moves air under the shrink wrap cover with even the lightest breeze.  Also offered is the DS-STEALTH Self-Piercing Vent which makes its own hole and locks itself in place in the shrink wrap cover. As additional protection against any invading moisture, Dr. Shrink also offers Mildew Gas Bags.  These protect against mildew and eliminate musty odors under boat covers.  No formaldehyde is used in the bags and they are safe for the environment, humans and pets.  The bags also eliminate odors such as cigarette smells.  Each bag protects 400 cu. ft.
For owners who need to protect electrical and mechanical metal components against corrosion failures during storage, Dr. Shrink has Zerust Capsules.  The capsules create an invisible corrosion inhibiting vapor shield on the metal surface.  The molecules in the vapor prevent the electromechanical reactions that cause corrosion to form.  Various sizes are available depending on the size of the area in need of protection.  Installation is easy and only requires users to peel away the adhesive backing and affix to almost any interior surface.
Prices for Dr. Shrink’s Vents start at $1.90.  Mildew Gas Bags cost $4, while the Zerust Capsules are $5.50.

Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI  49660.  800-968-5147
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Sea-Fire continues to be a leader in the development of highly effective and environmentally responsible extinguishing systems.  The most recent leap forward is its use of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.  The halon and CO2 replacement has virtually no Global Warming Potential (GWP), is non-toxic and won’t harm delicate electronics.

“GWP has moved to the forefront as a major environmental concern,” said Sea-Fire president Ernie Ellis.  “In the 1990s, Sea-Fire addressed ozone depletion with FM-200.  Novec 1230 also has zero ozone depletion potential, but a GWP of just one.  Compared to halon’s atmospheric life span of 300 years, Novec 1230’s is only 5 days.

“More and more countries, authorities and consumers require or opt for environmentally sound products,” Ellis continued.  “Sea-Fire is committed to supplying best-of-class solutions to our agents, distributors and dealers throughout the world.”

Novec 1230 interrupts fire at the molecular level by removing heat to the point where it is extinguished.  According to 3M, the fluid has the highest heat capacity of any commercially available halon alternative.  It can be used on combustible material, electrical and flammable liquid fires.

Completely safe, Novec 1230 is perfect for protecting staff-occupied areas such as engine or pump rooms, and
communication or control centers.  Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive, it vaporizes quickly.  Novec 1230 won’t damage computers or sensitive equipment such as radar and sonar.  Unlike foams and powders, the
extinguishing agent is clean, leaving behind no residue to clean up.

Sea-Fire offers Novec 1230 in pre-engineered systems protecting areas from 25-1,500 cu. ft., as well as custom applications for spaces up to 17,500 cu. ft.  Requiring smaller and lighter cylinders than CO2 systems, storage and handling is easy and efficient.

Complying with strict global standards, Novec 1230 certifications include RINA, DNV, USCG, ABS and all major
international approvals.  It will be available worldwide with no environmental restrictions.

Novec 1230 was designed to avoid being subject to phase-outs.  To this end, 3M backs its product with a unique 20-year Blue Sky Warranty.  If Novec 1230 is banned from or restricted in use as a fire protection agent due to ozone depletion potential or global warming potential, 3M will refund the purchase price of the fluid.

Contact Sea-Fire Marine, 9331-A Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD  21237.  800-445-7680 or 410-687-5500.

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Businessman/book Author Tags “Grander” Marlin and Comes Inches From Being Speared By 1100 lb. Crashing Billfish!

Fishing isn’t generally considered a dangerous sport, but businessman and book author Bob Rich, Jr., found out how risky a major fish fight with a black marlin can be as he came within inches of being speared by an 1,100 pound charging billfish.

Rich — an entrepreneur, frozen foods magnate and sports teams owner who has written four books on fishing, sports and motivation — was competing in the weeklong 25th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, an annual tag-and-release tournament off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. A self-proclaimed fishing fanatic of all fish species who is annually highlighted on Forbes Magazine’s U.S. and world lists of business leaders and featured for his angling, Bob has been in search of a grander for three decades even adding it to his “bucket list.”

A grander, in the fishing vernacular, is a 1,000 lb. marlin, a game fish very few anglers ever see. In a chapter from his newly released fourth and often humorous book The Right Angle, Tales from a Sporting Life, the 70-year old Rich detailed a trip off the African coast, of catching, tagging and releasing a blue marlin estimated at over 750 lbs. falling short of the grander. (The book is available on or and on Kindle eBook with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club.)

Months later in Australia Bob was able to check off his grander from his bucket list, but the marlin almost checked him off. A very close encounter “We only fish ‘tag-and-release'”, said Rich a conservationist. “All of our fish were leader released with invasive tags from the Game Fish Association of Australia.” He and teammate Craig Reagor of Ponte Vedra, Fla., were fishing with Aussie captain and friend, Tim Dean of Port Stephens, New South Wales, on Calypso, Dean’s 43-ft. O’Brien. “We hooked up my 1,100 lb fish on Oct 5th at 13:50 and tagged and released her 15 minutes later at 14:05,” said Rich, “but only after she had charged the boat, slamming and spearing a 2-inch hole through the transom door 2-feet above the waterline.

On a video of the fight, viewers can see and hear the heavy ‘thud’ sound of the marlin hitting and moving the boat. “That spear hole was just mere inches below the gunwale and dead-on to where Bob was sitting in the fighting chair,” exclaimed Reagor pointing to the amazing footage now posted on You Tube. ( ) “Bob and the deck crew were just inches from taking the full force spearing by that massive and powerful leaping billfish.”

On the video moments after the action, the spear hole is discovered and the affable Rich jokingly calls up to the captain and asks if he has to pay for the damage. “I don’t think we fully realized until later how close we came to having his billfish land in the boat with us,” said Reagor. “When Bob’s big girl took the larger bait, an 8 to 10 pound scaly mackerel, I’m not sure any of us knew just how big she was as she went deep. When she surfaced she leapt 10 feet high, about a hundred plus yards away. It was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen,” Reagor said. “Her massive body seemed to just hang in the sky.” In short order the captain and Bob went to work and the first mate was able to leader her for the tag after which the third deck crew member cut the line releasing the fish. “All performed their duties wonderfully,” said Rich.

The size and catch was verified by the anglers, captain and crew and accepted and approved by tournament chairman Bob Lowe, a longtime IGFA International Committee Representative of Australia after he thoroughly reviewed all of the stills and video footage. Bob dedicated the catch to his late friend, Don Tyson, a mentor and leader in the food industry and a founder of The Billfish Foundation a non-profit committed to billfish conservation across the Earth’s oceans.

A leader in world business and for billfish conservation Rich is the Chairman of Rich Products Corporation. Headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., Rich Products is a family-run frozen food business founded by his father in 1965. Rich’s is the founder of the non-dairy segment of the frozen food industry and a leading global supplier and solutions provider to the foodservice, in-store bakery, retail and industrial marketplaces. Over the past 66 years, the Rich Family has grown Rich Products into a global business that posts sales exceeding $2.9 billion, employing 8,000 people worldwide, and selling a variety of products in 100 countries.

Add to his list of accomplishments that of global philanthropist (especially children’s and health charities like The Cleveland Clinic, The Boys and Girls Club, and The Redbone for cystic fibrosis research), fishing adventurer, innovator and trustee on many non-profit boards and one of the worlds’ most personable and respected business leaders. Again add conservationist to the list. Some years back when he was writing his first book “Fish Fights” about the rigorous South Florida MET Hall of Fame competition which among ten species required bringing a sailfish to the weigh scales. “I vowed after that experience there in the Keys never to bring another billfish to be killed and weighed and began actively promoting tag & release efforts,” he said. And the next item on his bucket list? “To go bass or trout fishing with my grandchildren,” laughed Bob.

You Tube video link:

The Right Angle: Tales from a Sporting Life
By Bob Rich

 A fun read of a sportsman’s life with fishing, baseball, and Buffalo

Fishing and sports fans rejoice, Bob “Bubba” Rich delivers yet another wonderful and humorous book filled with highlights from his life as a sportsman. The Right Angle: Tales from a Sporting Life, chronicles three of Rich’sgreatest loves – Buffalo, baseball, and of course fishing.

The Right Angle gives glimpses of Rich’s life as an angler. The reader is taken along on hisadventures across the seas. He shares the solace of Islamorada in the Florida Keys, his dangers in Matanilla Reef, fly fishing for trout with the President of the United States, and his quest to catch the elusive grander.

Rich’s stories and excerpts about Buffalo and baseball allow for the reader to see other sides –or angles — of Bob. These intriguing stories and the characters entertain and provide insight into his life. When the fishing tales do come out, it feels as if Bob is right there telling them to you.

Bob Rich is chairman of family-owned Rich Products Corporation with worldwide headquarters in Buffalo and 100 locations worldwide.  He’s also been a very active participant, sponsor and host of numerous Redbone Celebrity Fishing Tournaments across the nation for cystic fibrosis (CF) research over the past two decades. From just his Greater Niagara Bass-Eye tournament alone, presented each July in Buffalo, well over $1 million dollars has been raised for a cure for CF.

Bob’s latest book has received excellent reviews from readers and book critics alike.  Monte Burke of Forbes Magazine wrote in part, “The Right Angle is a wise and often humorous look at what it means to live a fully engaged life.  This is a dynamite book.” Rich is the author of three other books: The Fishing Club: Brothers and Sisters of the Angle; Fish Fights: A Hall of Fame Quest; and (with Scott Friedman) Secrets From the Delphi Café: Unlocking the Code to Happiness.

Ever the philanthropist, all proceeds from sales of Bob Rich’s The Right Angle, priced at $27 for hardcover, $12.99 for e-book, benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs.  It’s available on or and on Kindle eBook.

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