03 Nov


Employees at Interlux® North America headquarters in New Jersey recently applied the company’s antifouling, topcoat and deck paint systems to better understand what Interlux customers experience during the bottom painting process and to familiarize themselves with the products the company manufactures. Products applied included InterProtect 2000E epoxy barrier coat, Trilux 33 antifouling, 404 Epoxy primer, Perfection topcoat and Interdeck.

The company acquired a Catalina 22 in need of serious restoration and employees from the factory, warehouse, customer service, accounting and purchasing departments got the opportunity to see first hand how to restore the exterior of a boat to make it look like new.

However, only half the boat was painted from bow to stern. “We decided to use the opportunity to educate and inform boat owners what they can truly achieve, without much knowledge or training in paint. There is nothing like showing the ‘before and after’. It’s really striking what you can do. This boat was in very poor condition, so if you have a boat in reasonable condition, the job will be even easier. If you can paint your kitchen cabinets, you can paint your boat,” said Interlux North America Marketing Manager Elenor Ekman.
Interlux documented the painting project, now available in a booklet at
The Catalina 22 is now a display unit, used for training & events in the northeast US.
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