04 Nov

Autotether™ Wins Connecticut Tech Council
Innovation Award
For Wireless Lanyard System

In a ceremony in New Haven, Connecticut on October 27, the wireless lanyard system manufactured by Autotether™ received the Connecticut Technology Council 2011 Innovation Pipeline Award as the most promising new technology product of the year.

“We’re honored to be recognized by our home state Technology Council. With the U.S. Coast Guard currently developing a regulation to require the installation and use of engine cut-off switches, this award couldn’t come at a better time for our company,” said Autotether CEO Anthony Viggiano.

The new Coast Guard regulation would require the installation and use of engine cut-off switches (lanyards) for boats less than 26 feet. Lanyards turn off a boat’s engine if the operator is ejected from the boat, preventing boating injuries and casualties caused when people are struck by the boat or its propeller.

While cut-off switches are already standard equipment on many small powerboats, the factory-installed systems require the operator to be tethered to the boat. As a result, these systems limit mobility on board and boaters generally don’t use them.

The patented Autotether Wireless Lanyard System (shown  above) is an easy-to-install, unobtrusive wireless unit. No wiring or tools are required – the system clips to the existing kill switch and is self-powered with AAA batteries.

A small personal sensor sends radio waves to a receiver connected to a boat’s engine and Autotether shuts off the engine if the boat operator falls into the water. It also sets off an alarm if passengers on the boat wearing the Autotether sensors (including children and pets) fall into the water. The passenger sensors can also shut off the boat’s engine when the red alert button is pushed in the event that you have a runaway boat. Some insurance companies offer a discount on boat insurance for boats equipped with an Autotether Wireless Lanyard System.

For more information about the Autotether Wireless Lanyard System, visit, Andrea Frickman | | 1+860.526.1700
or watch the videos at:
Autotether- 3 Inspiration Lane – Chester, CT 06412 USA

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