10 Nov


For those of you in all-year southerly climes, the time-honored chore of putting your boat up on the hard for winter storage is a non-event. But for those of us whose boating season is cut short by changing weather, this annual rite of winter is an important one. As those boat owners prepare to put their vessels away for the season, many make the smart choice of utilizing shrink wrap.  But, users must remember that in order to keep protected assets in top condition, ventilation is needed.

International premium shrink wrap supplier, Dr. Shrink, offers everything needed to ensure a covered boat gets adequate air flow.Dr. Shrink’s original DS-683 WeatherTight Self-Adhesive Vent allows more circulation under both shrink wrap and canvas covers and is water-resistant when installed on either horizontal or vertical surfaces.  For increasing air circulation on sunny days, its DS-683SP Vent with solar cell and high-speed fan moves up to 150 cu. ft. of air per hour.

Anemometer cups help spin blades on Dr. Shrink’s DS-683W Wind-Powered Vent.  It moves air under the shrink wrap cover with even the lightest breeze.  Also offered is the DS-STEALTH Self-Piercing Vent which makes its own hole and locks itself in place in the shrink wrap cover. As additional protection against any invading moisture, Dr. Shrink also offers Mildew Gas Bags.  These protect against mildew and eliminate musty odors under boat covers.  No formaldehyde is used in the bags and they are safe for the environment, humans and pets.  The bags also eliminate odors such as cigarette smells.  Each bag protects 400 cu. ft.
For owners who need to protect electrical and mechanical metal components against corrosion failures during storage, Dr. Shrink has Zerust Capsules.  The capsules create an invisible corrosion inhibiting vapor shield on the metal surface.  The molecules in the vapor prevent the electromechanical reactions that cause corrosion to form.  Various sizes are available depending on the size of the area in need of protection.  Installation is easy and only requires users to peel away the adhesive backing and affix to almost any interior surface.
Prices for Dr. Shrink’s Vents start at $1.90.  Mildew Gas Bags cost $4, while the Zerust Capsules are $5.50.

Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI  49660.  800-968-5147
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