28 Nov

If you’re like me, and besides the benefits of being able to examine the hull and running gear without having to jump in the water, the fascination with wanting to have a look at what is going on underneath your boat is akin to trying to ignore the Song of the Sirens. Well, something like that but you get my drift here. Now, Aquabotix, a new company located in Fall River, Massachusetts, has a couple of neat gadgets that just may satisfy both those needs and then some and get you behaving much as kids in the proverbial underwater candy store would.

First up is the Aquabotix HydroView, an affordable and easy-to-use remote-operated underwater vehicle that beams a live high def view back to the surface. Controlled using an iPad, smartphone or laptop, the HydroView shoots full 1080p HD video or stills which can quickly and easily be easily downloaded and shared. As users guide the HydroView through the water simply by turning their wireless device, the submersible simultaneously collects data on water conditions as it delivers video from the depths. For some, the HydroView will be an addictively fun way to enjoy the ocean and see what lies beneath, while for others it will offer a unique tool for hull, anchor or prop inspection, or just simply to find the favorite sunglasses lost overboard. Whichever the reason, the HydroView will become a must-have tool for charter guests or recreational boaters and their children to explore the sea and for commercial captains to sleep better on the hook. Where industrial ROVs often start in excess of $10,000, the HydroView will retail for a fraction of that price at $2,995. With this affordability and its intuitive tablet or smartphone controls, the HydroView will make undersea exploration accessible to an entirely new audience! Aquabotix expects availability for early 2012.

Another offering from Aquabotix, which will be available in coming weeks (planned for early December), Aquabotix AquaLens employs the same high definition video capabilities as the submersible, but puts this indispensible eye closer at hand. The AquaLens is designed to be mounted on the end of a standard boat hook or other guide pole, sending a live video feed back to a wrist-mounted LCD screen. Boat owners will inevitably find themselves diving into the deep to survey a concerning rudder, staring down their depth sounder when anchored amongst the shallows, or simply pondering what lies below the waterline. For yachters and many others, the AquaLens allows them to stay dry and safely aboard while providing the valuable view they need to evaluate the well-being of their vessel, put their mind at ease, or quickly get a fisheye view of the ocean. Available for purchase in the coming weeks, the AquaLens will retail for $795.

About Aquabotix
Founded in March of 2011, Aquabotix Technology Corporation, located  in southern New England, is a privately funded company that develops fun and exciting consumer and commercial products for underwater observation and exploration. We seek to change the way people interact with the underwater  world. Our team consists of engineers, software developers, marketers, and innovative leaders—all talented, focused, responsible, and passionate about our customers, while caring for our environment and giving back to the community.

Looking at recent trends, it is apparent that consumers are spending less on big ticket items and more on accessories and gadgets for their pre-existing boats. This trend opens up a vast opportunity for us to succeed in the marketplace.

Aquabotix’s products, the HydroView and AquaLens, let you experience ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans—without getting wet. Our remote operated, submersible vehicles and underwater viewing systems let you see beneath the waves, while cutting edge technology enables the user to comfortably explore from topside. Perform inspections, assess water depths, and have that sense of safety and security on the water. These exciting consumer products are affordable, easy to use, and friendly to underwater environments.

What will you view?

Aquabotix Technology Corporation
1082 Davol Street (L102)
Fall River, MA  02720
(617) 419-5883 (617) 419-5883

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