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27 Jan


With the Latest C-MAP Cartography and Compatible Chartplotters, Anglers Can Stay On the Fish & On the Right Side of the Law.

Southern California’s new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) went into effect January 1, 2012, closing or restricting a total of roughly 354 square miles (or about 15%) of coastal waters to both recreational and commercial fishing. Jeppesen’s newest Fall 2011 release of C-MAP 4D, MAX and NT+ cartography for Southern California helps saltwater anglers with one of the most important obstacles to obeying these new rules: knowing precisely where the closures are. The boundaries of both existing and new Southern California State Marine Reserves (SMRs) are marked clearly on C-MAP by Jeppesen charts as “Fishing Prohibition Areas” displaying “X-d out” fish symbol wallpaper inside the boundaries. New and existing State Marine Conservation Areas (SMCAs) — which allow limited recreational and commercial fishing — are encoded as Fishing Restriction Areas and are displayed as a red boundary on the chart.

In addition to graphically showing saltwater anglers where new MPA boundaries are, the chart’s “Info” icons let boaters pull up specific restrictions for a given area. This is important in following the law, as certain SMCAs allow for specific angling activities/take and not others.

Crystal Cove, CA

The complete list of South Coast MPAs includes 18 new or modified SMCAs that allow limited recreational and commercial take (plus two pre-existing SMCAs at Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands), 11 new “No-Take” SMCAs, eight new “No-Take” SMRs (plus 11 pre-existing SMRs around the Northern Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Island), and two pre-existing special closures at San Miguel and Anacapa Islands.

Having this complex information at your fingertips for display on today’s accurate GPS/chartplotters is a big advantage for anglers. In addition to important MPA boundaries, C-MAP by Jeppesen charts can provide boaters with important navigational data and unique features such as aerial images of harbors and inlets, Dynamic NavAids and Dynamic Tide/Current Predictions, ideal for pinpointing/timing water movement that often spurs West Coast fish species to bite.

Central and Northern California anglers can also benefit from having the latest MPAs in their regions — together with a range of exclusive fishing Value Added Data — in a special Coastside Fishing Club offered by Jeppesen for C-MAP MAX and NT+ compatible chartplotters. Developed in cooperation with the popular Coastside Fishing Club, this chart covers waters from Point Conception, California to Coos Bay, Oregon, including the San Francisco Bay, California Delta and Sacramento River.

Point Dume, CA

C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography is compatible with a wide range of existing and new chartplotters from leading OEM partners, including Furuno, Standard Horizon, SI-TEX, Geonav, Interphase and others, as well as leading PC navigation software systems. In addition, the latest changes to Southern California’s network of protected areas will soon be added to C-MAP by Jeppesen MapMedia charts for the popular Furuno NavNet 3D navigation system.

“Saltwater anglers need the most up-to-date cartography to make sure they don’t run afoul of any of these marine protected areas,” said Roger Brudenell, North American Channel Manager, Light Marine. “Considering the stiff penalties for non-compliance, upgrading to a new C-MAP compatible chartplotter or updating existing C-MAP compatible chartplotter is an easy way to let Jeppesen sort through the closures for anglers so they can focus on fishing,” added Brudenell.

To learn more about compatible navigation systems and upgrading to the latest C-MAP by Jeppesen electronic chart offerings for Southern California anglers, visit

About Jeppesen: Jeppesen is a market-leading provider of vessel operations services and digital navigation solutions, based on worldwide vector chart data type approved to ISO19879, meteorological information and transmission technologies. Jeppesen offers a wide range of navigation and operations products and services to both recreational and commercial marine markets. Safety-conscious boaters and operators of vessels ranging from coastal to SOLAS class, rely on Jeppesen for innovative navigation solutions that improve safety and efficiency.

Jeppesen is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Jeppesen corporate information is available online at

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