10 Feb

Awlgrip Introduces 321 HS Undercoat

After years in development, Awlgrip is launching a brand new high solids finish primer, 321 HS Undercoat. The product has reduced solvent emissions, which makes it a sustainable choice for builders, boatyards and applicators, even in VOC-restricted areas.

Utilizing the very latest in resin technology and optimized pigment package, 321 HS Undercoat is likely to help with efficiencies in the yard. It can be applied in a single coat, yielding excellent flow and leveling properties previously unseen in most high solids, finishing primers. With excellent film build, it provides the ideal surface for subsequent Awlgrip topcoat applications. Great hold-up makes it user-friendly to any applicator.

321 HS Undercoat is a great alternative to Awlgrip 545 Primer, or any other conventional finish primers. “Many high solids technologies on the market don’t yield as smooth of a finish, requiring more effort and time to sand smooth. The surface may also cure too hard and be tough to sand after 3 days. With 321 HS Undercoat, you won’t have those same concerns,” said Elenor Ekman of Awlgrip. An extra bonus is the slight gloss or sheen of the dry paint film, which makes it easier to see and address any surface imperfections prior to topcoating.

321 HS Undercoat is the ideal finish primer for all Awlgrip topcoats with an easy to sand, long overcoat window.

Awlgrip – 2270 Morris Avenue – Union, NJ 07083 USA
+1 908 964-2203; Fax: +1 908 686-8545


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