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Seakeeper is opening up more comfortable worlds to boats in the 35′-42′ range with its new MX series gyro stabilizer.  Based on the same groundbreaking technology as its M8000 and M21000 gyros, the MX series will be tuned to an individual’s application, in an affordable package.

Quality Seakeeper features are standard, such as quiet operation, low power draw, and active electronic controls.  The MX series still spins a flywheel inside a vacuum-sealed sphere to create powerful righting force.

Seakeeper will optimize its control algorithms to the faster roll periods on smaller craft, working closely with clients to deliver the greatest possible angular momentum.  The MX series can deliver up to 80% roll reduction whether a boat is underway, idling or at anchor.  It is initially designed for boats up to 15 tons displacement.

“People with smaller boats have been begging us for gyro technology,” said John Kermet, Seakeeper VP of sales and marketing.  “The MX series is an extension of Seakeeper’s proven gyro platform, an affordable solution.  Fishermen can venture farther offshore.  Small cruisers have more overnight anchoring options.  Scuba divers can re-board their craft in safety.  Yacht owners can also stabilize their tenders,” Kermet said.

“We are leveling the horizon for a much larger range of boats now, and will continue to design and innovate.  Our MX series is an evolution, in advance of the gyro revolution.”

The Seakeeper MX Series is a perfect fit aboard this 39' Intrepid.

The catalyst for this evolution was a recent Seakeeper gyro installation on a 39′ Intrepid.  As tender to the 134′ SWATH Abeking & Rasmussen M/Y Silver Cloud, custom-designed for comfort on the roughest seas, the owners sought the same stability for their small boat.

Intrepid is known for its fast and fuel efficient custom sport yachts.  External stabilizing appendages would produce drag, affecting the Intrepid 390’s 50-knot top speed, and its small genset couldn’t be taxed.  So Intrepid, Seakeeper and Ocean5 Naval Architects created the gyro-enhanced Intrepid 390, the first gyro on a boat this small.

“Intrepid builds boats tailor-made to the customer’s needs and desires,” said Joe Brenna, Intrepid VP of customer service.  “The Seakeeper works like a dream, the performance just amazed me.  Our 390 is still fast and handles extremely well, but it’s steady as a rock.”

“Seakeeper’s rugged and durable design withstands the rigors of small, high-speed boat operation.  It’s the only viable stabilization system for such craft,” said Robert Kaidy, Ocean5 CEO.  “Sea trials are a validation of engineering, and this exceeded our expectations.  Intrepid makes a solid boat.  Even at high speed, the gyro had no impact on its dynamic characteristics, other than the very positive effect of reducing roll.

“It doesn’t take much on smaller boats to make it difficult to walk around.  When you’re uncomfortable, it really detracts from the boating experience,” said Kaidy.  “But the gyro changes that, returning the comfort, utility and functionality of the boat.  It’s really fundamental.  I predict we’ll see more new boats of this size designed for a Seakeeper gyro—soon.”

A comparison video of the gyro-enhanced Intrepid 390 and a non-stabilized model is at  To make an appointment, contact 301-717-6280 or for demo information.

Contact Seakeeper, 44425 Pecan Ct., Ste. 151, California, MD  20689.  410-326-1590;;

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