Photo Op

20 Jan
Photo Op

Well now, my fellow observers of all things nautical, shortly after I posted our first submission on Photo Op, my inbox started to light up with inquiries from readers and followers of this site around the world concerning their travels, interests, and enthusiasm for Sami K on her bike at the bottom of the ocean waters off Grand Cayman Island in the British West Indies.

I have already started a file of pictures which I will post on a regular basis. With all the comments so far, we should be able to have a constant and entertaining slide show to share. Thanks! -Capt. Ken


“While traversing the remarkable rock formations at The Baths on Virgin Gorda during a recent family trip in the British Virgin Islands, I looked up and saw this ‘breaching humpback whale’, lifting itself out of the ‘water’. I was impressed with the photo of the diver on the bike you recently posted and remembered this particular one I snapped off. Thank you for this opportunity to share.” –Roberto B., Ancona, Italy.

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