Photo Op

04 Mar
Photo Op

To be sure, there’s magic found in many places but none more than that discovered in nature. For all of my life, I have beheld wonderment, been amazed, stood in awe, and had my breath taken away by what I have seen and experienced. The first time I saw a shark come up from the depths and swim around my boat; being caught in a thunderstorm; been out at sea, and out of sight of land; explored coral reefs and sailed under the Southern Cross. I never tire of sunrises, sunsets, the phases of the moon, the change of seasons, and the endless procession of cloud formations that are in constant motion across the skies. I was visiting family when I took this picture. After a brief rainstorm, I stepped outside and saw this double rainbow in the distance. Yet another remarkable moment for my wonderful memories which, here, I am very pleased to be sharing with everyone.Kyle M., Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland 

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