Green Dock

02 Mar
Green Dock

Centek BilgeKleen™ Filter System
Prevents Overboard Discharge of Oil & Fuel

An easy to install filter will help keep pollutants from being transferred to the water.

Continuing in our endeavors to bring you information from those companies who focus on issues concerning products and systems than can and will impact the environment, Centek Industries has consistently been in the forefront of the movement towards helping the boating industry deal with these issues.

The Centek Industries BilgeKleen™ filter system automatically removes oil, gas, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard.


The patented system uses a filtering medium that binds to hydrocarbons and allows water to pass through freely. As a result, over 99.9% of the hydrocarbon pollutants are captured, with no increase in pressure to the bilge pump. Installs easily to the bilge pump discharge line and includes an absorbent pad for the bilge sump area to capture harmful contaminants where they form.

A variety of BilgeKleen system sizes are available from Centek’s worldwide dealer network to fit almost any bilge space or application, from runabouts to megayachts and commercial vessels.

More info: Centek Industries web site or call 1+229.228.7653.

Centek Industries – 116 Plantation Oak Drive – Thomasville, GA 31792 USA

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