The Boat and Yacht Report

SITE PROJECT TITLE: Ken Kreisler’s Boat and Yacht Report
TAG/LOG LINE: Covering the marine industry from resin to rudder.

“Anyone can row with the current.”

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a content-rich, interactive, relevant and viable internet-based alternative to print media.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Ken Kreisler conceived of the idea for the Boat and Yacht Report. Its creative content model is based on the editorial reporting and style of the CBS network’s iconic 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning programming.

Capt. Ken Kreisler began his nautical career in high school, cleaning hulls, caulking seams, and painting topsides. During school vacations, he traveled from New England to the Bahamas aboard commercial and deep-sea fishing vessels. He became a boat owner and, with his 42-foot Maine-built lobster boat, worked his way through undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree work as a commercial and charter yacht fisherman.

He also earned a 100-ton Master’s License and instructed others who were hoping to do the same. Also active in the charter industry, he worked aboard private yachts along the East Coast and in the Bahamas and oversaw the restoration of a 1926 Trumpy-built yacht and was also the captain of the Honey Fitz, previously JFK’s yacht. He was also involved in the 1976 and 1986 OpSail events in New York Harbor as well as Fleet Week 1988. In addition, Ken is the author of several children’s books and the recipient of the John Burroughs Award for Nature Spy, published by Simon & Schuster. On the marine side, he has won a number of Boating Writers International as well as Reader Survey awards for technical, boat test, and travel writing. He is currently at work on TRAWLERS: History & Design, penning his first novel for teens, and is the writer/host of the forthcoming UNCHARTED COURSES.

Capt. Ken is one of the most well-recognized and respected boating experts and has over 25 years of boating industry experience. Since 1994, he had been a leading member of Power & Motoryacht Magazine’s highly valued boat test team.

As the magazine’s senior editor, he wrote the award-winning monthly “Maintenance Q & A” and “Cruising” columns as well as various feature stories, technical articles, and boat tests. Ken was also the coordinator of Power & Motoryacht’s Boat Test program, considered the standard in the marine magazine industry. He was a major contributor to the yearly BIG GAME TOURNAMENT GUIDE and other high-value custom publishing projects and came up with the idea for, and was the editor-in-chief, of the first four editions of VOYAGING magazine. His work can also be read in the monthly Stateside News column in Trade-A-Boat Magazine, Australia, and is one that he has been writing since 1999.

Ken went on to helm the PMY TV & Video program, responsible for adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the magazine’s bottom line, and was the on-camera host and producer/writer of PMY TV, available on the magazine’s popular Website as well as being broadcast on Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, as part of its Website services. At the time, PMY TV also had prime time allotment on The Water Channel, broadcasting over satellite providers DISH as well as Time Warner and Cox cable systems to more than 12 million households. And with the addition of European distribution through a strategic alliance with The Sailing Channel, PMY TV was also available to an additional six million viewers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean with translated shows in French, Italian, and Germany.

In 2008, Ken joined the masthead of YACHTING magazine as the publication’s Deputy Editor, going on to become the magazine’s Senior Video Director in order to develop relevant content and interactive video for the company’s Web site.

Ken is presently the Editorial Director of newly launched Boat & Yacht Report, an on-line project that will be a viable alternative to print media. The form will be a unique, cutting edge boating magazine featuring relevant up to the minute editorial content covering the gamut of meaningful and vital marine topics, interactive video, blog sites, photo galleries, upscale travel and food including boat and yacht destinations, fishing segments, and many other distinctive features covering the marine industry with a hands on the wheel, resin to rudder attitude.

Capt. Ken Kreisler’s Boat and Yacht Report

“Covering the marine industry from resin to rudder.”

(917) 526-3676

Hi. I’m Capt. Ken Kreisler and I’d like to welcome you to my Boat & Yacht Report.

The theme of this presentation is What Are The Possibilities? And to kick off the discussion, I’d like to use a quote from the poet laureate of a generation, Bob Dylan:  “The times they are a changing.”

Most of you know me from my past work with such outstanding publications as Power & Motoryacht and Yachting magazines and if not, well I hope we get to know each other through the interactive Boat & Yacht Report experience.

The format and presentation are simple: a content-rich/online boating magazine featuring interactive video  created and written by a team of people who really know what they are doing.  For me, it’s an ongoing journey of more than 35 years of personal on water and below decks experiences that began as a summer job in high school. The result for you will be a hands-on-the-wheel, nuts and bolts, approach to editorial content that will cover the marine industry and boating lifestyle from resin to rudder. And you won’t see it anywhere else but here, on my Boat & Yacht Report.

Powering the website will be the awesome creative talents of Two River Pictures, helmed by long-time friend, colleague, and film and television veteran Garrett Bess. His full production and post-production studio is outfitted with the latest state-of-the-art HD capabilities in film, video, and website management. With their combined expert and imaginative vision, and using the latest editing software and programs of Two Rivers’ powerful bank of computers, the team will be able to do the kind of professional and creative editing, and add the kind of effects to make any presentation stand heads above the others. And in charge of our extensive photographic vision and reach is veteran industry and award-winning photojournalist Jim Raycroft. Given his worldwide travel experience, Jim will be penning his travel experiences for us in addition to taking on the responsibilities of the project’s Operations Manager.

Unencumbered by word or page counts, or the ability to load extensive photography in both editorial and ‘library/archive’ formats, we’ve got something for everyone; from boaters to buyer to broker to dealer; from OEM to after-market distributor. From expert, veteran boaters, to horizon chasing sportfishermen, to cruisers suffering from terminal wanderlust and to those just getting into the wonderful lifestyle that defines our passion for what we do. From Down East to Down Home to Down Under, if it’s of interest to us, it most certainly is going to be of importance to you.

We’re currently in the process of shooting an introductory video for the site. This video will remain up for only a short time because in the very near future, we’ll be putting up our content-rich and interactive site. In the meantime, check out what we have on; once logged on, type in CAPKEN100. We’ll be adding more videos shortly.

Look for the launch of our comprehensive, full throttle BOAT & YACHT REVIEWS, ones that deal with the vessel from the inside out and includes interviews with designers, marine architects, project managers, those responsible for the intricate and sometimes complicated systems aboard, as well as our unique interactive videos that will often accompany our editorial coverage. Our boat tests will have a three-pronged approach: technical/building background, meaningful walk through, and comprehensive sea trial and follow-up discussion on just what those numbers actually mean.

We have special departments for you including UNCHARTED COURSES, our part travel part food part adventure and all fun segments. THE SALTY LIFE is a funny and often irreverent look at the boating lifestyle. BONEYARD DREAMS is our take on all things maintenance as well as getting deeply involved into repair and refit projects, and even save some classic boats from the chainsaw. We will be traveling to many locations and visiting and working with outstanding full service repair and refit facilities around the country. Using this vast well of veteran and expert crew of technicians, carpenters, electricians, fabricators, painters, mechanics, and finishers, we’ll be able to get all your maintenance needs taken care of and then some. And be sure to check out our PARTS DEPARTMENT where we’ll do our best to help you find that missing thingamabob, gizmo, whatchamacallit, or doodad you’ve been looking for.

Our TECHNOLOGY segment will feature coverage of the latest new developments and emerging products that will have a direct impact on your boating experience. Some examples include field-tested fuel additives such as Technol and the remarkable yet simple SmartCap, a foolproof way to prevent damaging and costly fuel spills.

We’ll have a look at revolutionary products such as those from FLIR’s thermal imaging technology; preview how the latest electronics work, as well as following all the new engines from the major manufacturers including alternative propulsion and energy systems. We’ll also be getting an inside look at all the new techniques in boat building, design, and construction as well.

With GREEN DOCK, and because being environmentally conscious is not something to be trifled with, we are dedicating ourselves to seeking out and sharing with you, all that we can to make sure that collectively we can take better care of the vital resources we use. Products, people, solutions, in fact anything that impacts the environment will be up on our radar screen so that you can get the right information.

Visit INSIDE/OUT and you’ll get a chance to interact with industry insiders, CEO’s, and other decision makers as they discuss what, how, and why they run their businesses and most importantly, if it affects your boating experience. We’ll ask the kind of tough questions that need to be answered.

Of course we’ll have a BLOG site, an editorial page, book reviews and excerpts, and something completely different from anything else you’ve ever seen online, our exclusive WEBISODE presentations. Negotiations are also underway at this time with CNN/HLN to produce a regularly programmed Web-based boating show featuring a well-established celebrity host.

We also have a special section entitled LITERARY CORNER where writers from all over can send in excerpts of a work in progress or a finished creative endeavor as long as it has a relevant theme. And don’t forget to check out PHOTO OP; a posting site for you to share your personal photographic memories, travels, adventures, and anything else along the nautical scene with all our readers from around the world.

All this and so much more will be yours at the stroke of a key. And you won’t have to wait for an editorial calendar to come around or your next magazine to arrive. Our content and coverage will be put up as soon as we cover the story, often right from the deck of a boat or manufacturing facility, or even from an off the shipping lane location. And without the constraints, as in print magazines, of having to fit into unyielding word, page, and photographic space, our coverage will be freed up to be uniquely thorough, complete, and engaging. Of course, with our OPEN FORUM, there will always be the opportunity for a back and forth dialogue between you and us. And don’t worry about missing any of the major boating events, as our editorial staff around the world will be posting the latest from ports near and far.

Well that’s it for now. If you would like complete information about who we are, just wait for the new home page to debut and double-click on the ABOUT US tab and you’ll get the entire set of bios of whom we have on staff now.  This will also be the site where we’ll be listing the future correspondents, writers, contributors, and photographers who will be joining us. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at the supplied phone number or e-mail address at the end of this presentation.

What are the possibilities? Well, the possibilities are endless.

For the Boat and Yacht Report, I’m Capt. Ken Kreisler and thanks for listening. And since we’ll be posting our whereabouts right here on the site, should you see our crew on location, please make sure you stop by, say hello, and take the time to share your boating experiences with us. You just might wind up as part of a segment. Oh, and sorry about the graphics. I’m doing this on my laptop, as my home page is being designed and outfitted. Trust me on this one; it’ll be worth waiting for.

I’ll see you around the docks and hopefully, out on the water.

      Photo credit: Jim Raycroft

Our blog site is up and running at Check it out and let us know what you think. And if you see anything here that interests you, and you choose to get in touch with the manufacturer, please tell them you saw it on the site. We work very closely with the industry and do everything we can to make sure you get the information you are looking for. Our video presentations are being hosted on  Once there, type in CAPKEN100 and let us know what you think and, what you would like to see in future projects.

Many advertising opportunities and prospects are ready to negotiate for header, footer, banner, skyscraper, button and other home page based opportunities as well as adverts on secondary and specialty pages. In addition, non-endemic advertisers, such as Rolex, Skye Vodka, luxury car manufacturers and others which mirror and define the finer borders of the boating lifestyle are being sought out as well.

A highly interactive site sample is being developed by award-winning Two River Pictures (TRP), the exclusive pre- and post-production boutique studio that is responsible for not only designing and maintaining the Boat and Yacht Report but for all video and other specialty items that will be available now as well as going forward. TRP is on the cutting edge of film, television, and video production and is constantly updating its software and equipment in order to keep up with the rapid changes in technology, ensuring the site visitors will always be up to date with the easiest and most vital management and navigating system available. Those wishing to view some of TRP’s projects should visit its site at Make sure you sample the Beyond Boating offering, a pilot for a Travel/Discovery series that I produced with Garrett and TRP, as this is a top-level indication of what is possible in video production and presentation from the studio and its vision for the Boat and Yacht Report.

Several launch ‘anchor’ sponsorships are available at a discounted rate with special high-value and high-profile offerings attached. Limited to two, possibly three opportunities, should any companies be interested in coming aboard with this kind of exposure, its representatives are encouraged to get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to discuss involvement costs, perks, and premier placements.

All the major social networking devices will be utilized including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler, together with industry portals and others. As well, a major e-mail blast will be sent out prior to the launch date using supplied lists of qualified boat owners and buyers as well as those interested in the lifestyle. Entry to the site will be via a free membership invitation with a short but focused supplied questionnaire. This active and vital list can be of extreme importance in reaching, growing, and nurturing the right kind of viewership. In addition, we are doing research on the possibility of offering a premier, subscribed-based channel in the future to further hone down and sharpen the focus of qualified viewers.

It is not out of the question that by the time the 2015 Miami International Boat Show rolls around, that the Boat & Yacht Report can become a vital part of the industry and a primary source of information for both consumer and manufacturer. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Ken Kreisler, Editorial Director, The Boat and Yacht Report. (917) 526-3676.

Jim Raycroft, Creative Consultant, (617) 792-6475.

Garrett Bess, President, Two River Pictures, (917) 361-1436.




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