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Electronics Update

chapter-6-open-helm-at-nightLowrance® Announces New Widescreen
Elite-Ti Displays

Lowrance®, a world-leading brand in fishing electronics since 1957, announces the addition of a pair of widescreen displays to the Elite Ti standalone series of fishfinder/chartplotters.

The new Lowrance Elite-12 Ti and Elite-9 Ti touchscreen fishfinder/chartplotters include the same features that have generated so much excitement about the Elite-Ti series — but on bigger 12- and 9-inch high-resolution, widescreen displays.


Lowrance Elite Ti9

Including premium features like an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, Bluetooth® and wireless connectivity, proven Lowrance navigation technology and high-performance sonar – including CHIRP, Broadband Sounder™ and StructureScan® HD with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ – the new displays are still available at an affordable price. CHIRP sonar offers improved fish-target separation and screen clarity, while the StructureScan HD sonar imaging system with exclusive Lowrance® DownScan Imaging delivers photo-like images of fish-holding structure on both sides and directly beneath the boat.

For the ultimate in on-the-water navigation, Elite-12 Ti and Elite-9 Ti displays feature a highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna that displays position on a detailed C-MAP Insight map, with more than 3,000 lakes and rivers and detailed coastal contours to 1,000 feet. Optional chart upgrades include Lake Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics HotMaps® Premium, Navionics+ and Fishing Hotspots® PRO.

With integrated wireless connectivity, the Elite-12 Ti and Elite-9 Ti operate directly through the GoFree® Shop for downloads of mapping and software updates. Elite Ti also works seamlessly with the Insight Genesis™ map-creation service, which allows users to make custom, high-resolution contour maps from recorded sonar logs, with bottom-hardness and vegetation overlays, as well as Insight Genesis Social Map community chart sharing.

Lowrance Elite Ti12.jpg

Lowrance Elite Ti12

Bluetooth and wireless connectivity also provide control of single or dual Power-Pole® shallow water anchor installations, as well as access to the GoFree Link App, which allows anglers to view and control the display from an iPad® or Android® tablet.

“With the addition of our new 12- and 9-inch fishfinder/chartplotters, we are adding even more value to the Elite-Ti family,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “We are confident our customers will be excited about the premium features and affordability of these new widescreen displays.”

Protected by the Lowrance Service and Support program, the Elite-12 and Elite-9 Ti can be purchased from authorized Lowrance dealers and distributors.

Both the Elite-12 Ti and Elite-9 Ti will be available in March 2017. For more information on the Lowrance Elite-12 and Elite-9 Ti, the Elite Ti product family or the entire Lowrance line of marine electronics, visit

To learn more about the Elite-12 Ti and Elite-9 Ti, please watch this video: https://youtube/NrAYd6uLzB4

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Electronics Update

chapter-6-open-helm-at-nightHand Held Future…Now!

Marine electronics leader Raymarine offers a next-gen addition to its line up of nav instruments

Raymarine is pleased to announce an all-new version of its popular Wi-Fish mobile app for use with Dragonfly-PRO and Wi-Fish CHIRP Sonar systems. The app has been expanded and now includes Augmented Reality Viewing of your saved waypoints and fishing hot-spots.

The app works with the GPS, compass and camera in your smartphone or tablet to show precisely where you are in relation to your saved waypoints. The name, symbol, bearing and range to each waypoint is displayed as a dynamic overlay on a real-time view of the waterway in front of you.

Simply pan your smartphone or tablet 360° across the horizon, the precise positions of your waypoints are shown on the live camera feed. This makes it easier than ever to locate your favorite fishing spots and navigate right to them!


Raymarine has also added a mobile-friendly mapping view to the app. You can now see a bird’s-eye view of your location with all of your waypoints plotted, right on your smartphone. You can easily select your destination and view it on the map or in Augmented Reality mode. The app also now synchronizes your stored waypoints using the Dragonfly-PRO’s Wi-Fi connection so your waypoints are always available – even when you are away from the boat.

Finally, the improved Wi-Fish app contain a new View-Switcher menu with an expanded selection of ways to look at your CHIRP DownVision™, fish targeting sonar, augmented reality view, map view, and combination views. Like always, you still have the ability to pause and rewind the sonar as well as capture and share screen shots right from your mobile device.

To use the Augmented Reality mode, you must be running the new Wi-Fish app on a GPS enabled smartphone or tablet. Tablets without built-in GPS will still be able to access all of the sonar features of the app, but won’t be able to switch into Augmented reality mode.


The updated Wi-Fish mobile app is available now in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. Android versions of the app will be available in their respective stores shortly. The Wi-Fish App is free and works with Dragonfly 4-PRO, 5-PRO, 7-PRO, and theWi-Fish Wi-Fi sonar system.

In addition to downloading the new app for your mobile device, Dragonfly-PRO owners will also need to update their sonar’s software to version 12.10, which is available at


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Electronics Update

chapter-6-open-helm-at-nightNew Simrad Autopilot Range Launched

Easy to use, reliable and accurate autopilot system for powerboats

Designed for powerboats and sport-fishing vessels, the new Simrad autopilot range features increased accuracy, easier commissioning, simple integration via NMEA 2000® networking, as well as adding Continuum Steering to the entire line of Simrad autopilots — a new technology that delivers even more responsive and reliable steering.

Powered by the NAC-2 (up to 35-foot vessels) or NAC-3 (over 35-foot vessels) autopilot computer, which can drive inboard and outboard engines, this new range of autopilot products is a major development for Simrad – world leader in accurate and reliable autopilot technology.

The AP44 Autopilot Controller is a 4.1-inch color display with rotary dial and button controls, and modern glass-helm styling. The controller offers easy access to Automated Turn Patterns, No Drift Steering, Depth Contour Tracking and other advanced pilot features. A perfect replacement for legacy systems, the AP44 can be connected with a chartplotter to enable waypoint and route navigation – in addition to full autopilot control from compatible multifunction displays.


The IS42 Color Instrument Display easily integrates with NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction displays and glass helm systems. The IS42 can function as an instrument display or as a standalone autopilot controller — when paired with the OP12 — aboard smaller vessels. View wind, speed, depth, engine data, autopilot status and more at a glance, or add the optional OP12 wired remote to take full control of the autopilot system.

“Simrad has an unparalleled legacy in autopilot technology,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “These new system components build on that legacy and further demonstrate our commitment to provide boaters with the easiest to use, most reliable and accurate autopilot systems on the market.”

For more information on the new AP44, IS42, OP12, NAC-2 and NAC-3 – or the entire line of Simrad marine electronics – please contact 800-324-1356 (toll-free) in the USA or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada or visit

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Electronics Update

KVH Presents IP-MobileCast

Breakthrough Service for Bringing Premium Content to Every Boat

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

I’m an old school boater. While I use all the latest electronic equipment at my disposal, I still know how to navigate with paper chart, compass, dividers, parallel rules, and watch. And you know something? I take great pride in my ability to master those noble maritime skills.

But I also appreciate technology and how certain aspects of these wondrous tools have made our 250px-Modern_nautical_compass_rose.svglives a bit easier in finding the way from here to there and back, both in the figurative as well as the literal sense.

When I started my boating life, it would have been unheard of; not even imagined, no matter ‘how many sheets to the wind’ the conversation happened to go in any direction, to envision what we have at our disposal today in the realm of onboard electronics.

Now, electronics leader KVH presents it new IP-MobileCast, a content delivery service that, according to the company, is a marine industry first: A fast and affordable way for boaters to receive such subject matter as new release Hollywood movies, news and sports, television programs, and electronic charts/updates through satellite links on their boats or yachts.

With the KVH IP-MobileCast delivery system, you can view your favorite programming on any device.

With the KVH IP-MobileCast delivery system, you can view your favorite programming on any device.

The automatic, over-the-air content is provided by KVH Media Group and can be viewed onboard any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet, or television.

Innovative Multicasting Technology

The IP-MobileCast content delivery service utilizes multicasting technology – a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. Shoreside servers encode files for transmission and queue them for multicast delivery. The content is delivered over the top (OTT) of the mini-VSAT Broadband network and does not use the boat’s data plan and does not affect onboard data speeds.

End-to-end Solution Only from KVH

KVH’s IP-MobileCast is the only true end-to-end solution for content delivery in the marine industry, utilizing KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network, KVH’s TracPhone® V-IP series hardware, and KVH Media Group’s licenses to distribute premium content. Now, everyone onboard the boat can have the entertainment content they want and the operations content they need, delivered economically anywhere in the world.prod_ipmc_screen

For more information about the KVH IP-MobileCast content delivery system, or any of the other quality products from KVH, please visit the company Website at

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Electronics Update

Here’s Looking At You

 SIMRAD’s forward-looking sonar technology delivers a clear view of what lies ahead of your boat.

Simrad, world-leader in the design and manufacture of marine electronics, announced today its new ForwardScan® forward-looking echo sounder transducer. Unlike traditional sonar that will only show boaters where they have been, the new technology provides a clear image on a Simrad multifunction display of the water column and ocean floor in front of the boat. ForwardScan® alerts boaters to potential dangers — offering complete navigation confidence and added peace of mind in unfamiliar waters.

forwardscan_mdDesigned for boats of every size, the ForwardScan transducer can be fitted on almost any kind of vessel allowing boaters to see what obstruction may be approaching. With an effective range of eight times the actual depth and a built-in user configurable shallow depth alarm, Simrad ForwardScan integrates seamlessly with other collision avoiding technologies including Broadband Radar and ensures cruisers avoid costly navigation mistakes. The advanced sounder technology is compatible with the SonarHub™ sounder module, and Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 series navigation systems. ForwardScan images can also be viewed on a smart phone and viewed and operated from a tablet on vessels equipped with the Simrad GoFree™ WiFi solution.

The possibilities are endless for safe navigating in all waters but especially when traveling somewhere for the first time.

The possibilities are endless for safe navigating in all waters but especially when traveling somewhere for the first time.

“Our new, affordable forward-looking technology will help boaters eliminate the worry of potential groundings in unfamiliar waters, that can be much more than just embarrassing—they can cause extensive damage to running gear, keels and rudders,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico. “Cruisers will love clear images of what lies ahead, and the confident edge and peace of mind that ForwardScan provides by showing the perfect spot to drop anchor.”

The Simrad ForwardScan sonar has a two-year limited parts and labor warranty and is protected by the Simrad Advantage Service Program. For more information on Simrad ForwardScan, compatible technologies or the entire line of Simrad Yachting performance marine electronics, please contact 800-324-1356 (toll-free) in the USA or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada or visit

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Electronics Update


The latest device from FLIR now puts thermal imaging right in the palm of your hand.

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

I remember the first time I ever had the opportunity to use a thermal imaging camera. It’s one of those boating moments that becomes a, ‘hey, I could get used to this!’ experience. Kind of like way back when I checked out a Loran unit—yes, shipmates, unlike some of you, I remember that technology—or switched on a GPS chartplotter.

The boat I was delivering, decked out to the electronic nines, had a FLIR night vision camera display at the helm and, while coming into a harbor I had never visited, dead of night, no moon, I decided to have a look. Eureka! There they were; boats at anchor, buoys, channel markers, all clearly visible and giving me a safe, slow bell path to the town dock.

With a complete line of sophisticated thermal imaging systems including the hand-held personal First Mate II and BHM Series, the MD, M, Voyager, and the top-of-the-line MU Series, FLIR now has something for those of you with iPhone5 and 5S smartphones: FLIR ONE™

FLIRONE_ViewEUsing special sensor technology that was originally developed for military night vision, FLIR ONE converts heat, which is emitted from every object on earth, into color images. These color images allow users to not only see in the dark, but to also observe differences in temperature of fractions of a degree. FLIR ONE’s powerful capacity to augment human vision opens up a new world of possibilities for consumers.

FLIRONE_ViewB-1The device fits on the phone case and displays live thermal imaging in both stills and video right on the phone’s screen. FLIR ONE comes with the MX APP™, free from the Apple APP Store, and provides a variety of functions that, according to the company, make it easy to collect and share compelling and useful thermal images. It can load captured images directly to the camera roll and allows users to easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels, among many other features. FLIR ONE also houses its own battery source that can power the device for more than two hours of continuous use. It can also be configured to boost iPhone5 and 5s battery life by up to 50 percent. FLIR ONE will be available for selected Android models later this year.

For more information about this exciting new FLIR product, or any of the other fine electronics in the thermal imaging line up, visit the company Website at

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Electronics Update

New “Navionics Boating“ App

The latest addition to the company’s stellar lineup of products has the ability to further enhance your boating experience.

Besides the absolute joy of being involved in whatever boating experience you may have, one of the most exciting areas that can often have a profound impact on our time out on the water is the electronics sector.

Our friends at Navionics have a user-friendly, free app that is designed to provide you with enhanced mobile coverage no matter which device you choose to use.


Navionics Boating is a simple to use app with versatile features including track recording, up-to-date tide and current data, wind forecasts, access to shared Community Edits, the largest searchable database of marine POI’s available, social media sharing, backup of valuable markers, routes, tracks, photos and videos, optional map overlays, syncing of data across multiple devices, geo-referenced articles, and value-added upgrades!

Navionics Boating is easily found on iTunes and Google Play for iPhone, iPad, Android Handset, and Tablet.  Advanced feature upgrades of Nav Module, Autorouting, Advanced Map Options and Navionics+ are currently available on iOS, but coming soon to Android.

route_ipaSimply download the app for free, and then shop In-App for the chart coverage you want anywhere in the world.  Enjoy the same marine and lakes great detail found on your GPS chartplotter. A significant advantage of this app is the ability to purchase, at a reasonable price, additional coverage as needed where charts will merge seamlessly and be accessible from one app. Advanced feature upgrades such as Nav Module, Autorouting and Advanced Map Options are available on all regions purchased for more savings and convenience.

Chart coverage areas for purchase include: US & Canada/USA/Caribbean & South America/Greenland & Iceland/Norway/Baltic Sea/Skagerrak & Kattegat/UK, Ireland & Holland/Central & West Europe/ Mediterranean & Black Sea/Upper Volga River/Moscow Area/Lower Volga River/Central Volga River/Canaries, Azores & Madeira/Africa & Middle East/Indian Ocean & South China Sea/China Sea/Australia & New Zealand and Pacific Islands. To download from within the app go to Menu>Upgrades & Apps.

Individual regions can be further enhanced by Navionics+, the unique mobile solution that includes the award-winning SonarCharts™ and allows 12 months of continuous updates, meaning more than 2,000 edits every day and improvements supplied by Navionics and the entire community of more than one million users.

For more information on Navionics Boating or to learn more about Navionics and its entire product line, please visit

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