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The average US boat owner spends fewer than 12 days per year enjoying time on his or her vessel, but pays expenses for all 365. Maintenance, dockage, fuel and storage add up quickly.

Thousands have discovered a safe and seamless way to offset the costs of boat, the online community where they can safely share their vessels with others. It creates not only an income opportunity, but also a way to enhance the overall ownership experience.

Akin to AirBnb and Uber, boat sharing created a marketplace for both owners and boaters. While relatively new, it’s taking the boating world by storm and quickly gaining traction among those whose vessels often sit for months unused.

Before Boatsetter, if someone without a boat wanted to get out on the water, they turned to a commercial charter company. It was a lucrative time for these businesses, even those with less than pristine fleets. Now, private owners have a safe and easy way to earn income by sharing their well-cared-for vessels with renters seeking a better rental experience. It creates a win-win for both groups.

cru22453h.jpgBoatsetter, the leader in the boat sharing space, touts that it offers people a way to own a better vessel. The company was founded by boaters and marine industry insiders who truly understand that a vessel is more than just an asset to its owner.

The Boatsetter model provides peace-of-mind to its owners in the form of world-class insurance from the beginning to end of every rental. It also offers the largest available network of US Coast Guard-licensed captains, something that can be required if the owner prefers. In fact, all the details from rental price and availability to final approval of the rental request remain in the owners’ control at all times.

Boat sharing is not just about the rental income that owners generate. The program also allows them to keep their vessels active and in good working order for when they’re ready to go boating themselves.

Listing a boat is similar to creating a profile on social media. Posting a few pictures, the vessel details, and setting the calendar and price is quick and easy—as well as free.

“At Boatsetter, we’ve built our reputation on creating a platform that allows people to get more out of boat ownership in a worry-free way,” said Jaclyn Baumgarten, Boatsetter founder and CEO. “They can trust that we’ve taken care of all the details.”, the leading boat sharing company, is dedicated to creating better boat ownership experiences. The South Florida-based company has career opportunities for licensed captains who want to drive their own schedules, and boaters, with or without boating know-how, who want to spend time on the water.

Contact Boatsetter, 2890 NE 187th St., Aventura, FL 33180. 844-262-8738;;

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Dock Buzz

Dock Buzz


Two powerhouse entrepreneurs join forces to create one formidable company on the leading edge of the next big thing in the boat-sharing market.

53 Azimut

With boats like this 53′ Azimut, Boatsetter covers the offerings with a host of vessels in just about every size category and, if necessary, supplies captains as well. Photo Credit:

Looking to transform the $121B marine industry, Boatsetter and Cruzin, both recognized leaders in the peer-to-peer (P2P) boat-sharing market, announced that they have merged their companies. The combined venture carries the Boatsetter name with a unified brand that incorporates the Cruzin look and feel.

Jaclyn Baumgarten is the new CEO of Boatsetter and Andrew Sturner the executive chairman. The company has headquarters in both the boating capital of the world, South Florida, and the global technology epicenter, Silicon Valley.

It's all business and pleasure for Jaclyn Baumgarten.

Careful planning and a solid business plan typifies Jaclyn Baumgarten’s strategy for the future. Photo Credit: Lisa Gershman

“The merger with Cruzin accelerates our business and boosts our appeal to our boat owners, captains and marina partners, and provides a superior experience for our customers,” said Sturner. “Together, we’re positioned to be the market leader, offering the only complete boat-sharing solution.”

The new Boatsetter offers increased capacity, capital and presence. It has the largest network of marina partnerships in the industry.

Andy Sturner has big things popping up on his radar screen. Photo Credit: Southern Boating Magazine

Andy Sturner has big things popping up on his radar screen. Photo Credit: Southern Boating Magazine

Boatsetter offers thousands of boats across the US and abroad and is the most comprehensive solution in the market. The company maintains trust and credibility by vetting all boats, owners, captains and renters. With best-in-class insurance in both US and abroad, it offers trusted, reliable and safe rentals with 24/7 on-the-water assistance. Its Captains Affiliate Network is the largest network of US Coast Guard licensed captains in the industry.

The new company combines the rental mechanics of Airbnb with the on-demand labor dynamics of Uber. It delivers a premier boating experience in which everyone wins: captains get more work, owners offset their cost of ownership and renters get luxury experiences on private and pristine boats at competitive prices.

“We’re elated about the merger with Boatsetter,” said Baumgarten. “We have remarkably complementary assets and look forward to accelerating the speed of innovation in the multi-billion dollar marine industry. We’re jumping on the burgeoning collaborative consumption movement by bringing great on-the-water experiences to the more than 80 million Millennials of the share generation who are looking to participate in something new and exciting.”

Boatsetter is led by a team of savvy entrepreneurs with strong business backgrounds in the marine and technology industries. It has created a community that connects all of the players in the boating industry. Its website is

Contact Boatsetter, 2890 NE 187th St., Aventura, FL 33180. 844-262-8738;;

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