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Boats and RVs laid up for the winter usually need sprucing up before returning to the public eye.  For spring cleaning and routine maintenance, Fiberglass Stain Remover (FSR) from Davis Instruments keeps small projects from becoming large, tedious ones.

Versatile FSR has long been a popular item on the cleaner aisle.  With no need to scrub, nonabrasive FSR gel absorbs oil, rust, exhaust and waterline stains, and road dirt.  In addition to fiberglass, it can be used on chrome, stainless steel, metal and painted surfaces.

On boats, it leaves cushions, galley surfaces, railings and steel stanchions looking like new.  The blue gel makes quick work of sinks and shower stalls.  It gently cleans clothing and sails, yet is tough enough to remove stubborn grime from grills and RV fenders.  Versatile FSR can also tackle household cleaning jobs from fabrics to bathtubs to patio furniture.

With no need to sand or compound, FSR is easily applied with a cloth, sponge or soft brush.  It remains on the surface to quickly absorb stains, then is simply wiped and rinsed clean.  Davis recommends cleaning a small test spot first on sensitive fabrics or finished surfaces.

Davis’ FSR has a suggested retail price of $10.99 for the 16 oz. jar, while the economical 2-liter Big Job jug costs $29.99.  The containers display multi-language labeling, including French for Canadian Provinces.

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