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DSC_1255In For The Long Haul

The new Endurance 720 Long Range Cruiser by Hampton Yachts delivers big time on safety, comfort, and construction.

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

Any builder worth their salt knows that the real story of its success lies in its boats’ design and construction techniques. And on both these critical points, Hampton Yachts hits the mark squarely in the center with the latest addition to its proven Endurance Series, the big-shouldered 720.


Built for long distance traveling, the Hampton 720 Endurance is sure to live up to her namesake…and then some.

Getting some insight and downright appreciation for the Endurance 720 starts way before the excellent set of tooling, one that is painstakingly faired, straight, and is so fastidiously clean as to accept the first gelcoat layer without compromise, is used. It even goes beyond the precise and exhausting attention to detail both in what you can’t see on the construction end and what you can, such as the sumptuous accommodations found throughout, and even in the machinery arrangement and critical and imperative redundant systems in an engine room that can only be described as being as good as it gets.

It all began when visionary boat builder Jeff Chen, himself the product of a generational marine industry family, and U.S. based Capt. Forest Roberts, a hands-on veteran of all things boats and the guiding force behind Ft. Lauderdale’s Anchor Yacht Sales, joined forces on the Endurance Series. “When my family started Formosa Yacht Building Company in 1964, we had the philosophy to build world-class luxury yachts that offered exceptional value within our product lines while maximizing comfort, safety, user-friendliness, technical sophistication, and quality,” he told me in a recent correspondence.

Chen, seeing the need for a yacht that could be highly efficient over a broad range of speeds while at the same time, being able to deliver both comfort and safety to all aboard, something Hampton stands behind not only on this particular vessel, but with all the boats in its offerings, chose renowned marine architect Howard Apollonio to design these boats. “The Endurance series arose from Hampton’s understanding of the reliably popular market for long-range cruising yachts,” Chen also remarked.

Apollonio, having already perfected the hull form over many years with his work on everything

The expansive foredeck area offers comfortable seating just under the Portuguese bridge.

The expansive foredeck area offers comfortable seating just under the Portuguese bridge.

from trawlers to superyachts, and with a particular expertise in hydrodynamics, brought his purpose-driven design to Hampton with extensive tank testing under both calm and rough water conditions.

The result is the split chine, semi-displacement Hampton Hybrid Hull design, and one whose function is to provide high-efficiency along with outstanding sea-kindliness. Covering such important factors as the precise proportioning of the basic hull form, a fine forward waterline, and a design that exceeds the U.S. Coast Guard’s strict adherence to open ocean service stability requirements among many others, the Endurance 720 is a long range cruiser that is ready to fulfill her mandate.

With a steady 20 knots of wind, and having to deal with three-to-four foot cresting waves of a very short duration, along with an occasional ‘big boy’ thrown our way just for fun, my test day saw conditions in the offshore waters of Ft. Lauderdale just right to evaluate her abilities with this kind of seaway.

Sure to be a favorite 'hang out' space aboard whether underway or at a favorite anchorage, the bridge deck's lounge area is like having yet another fully functional entertainment space.

Sure to be a favorite ‘hang out’ spot aboard whether underway or at a favorite anchorage, the bridge deck’s lounge area is like having yet another fully functional entertainment space.

She performed exceptionally well and I, as did my six other passengers, three of them perspective owners, noted little if any of the usual ‘bucking’ motion while the seas were head on, a total lack of any slamming in the errant big wave and subsequent trough, no squatting aft with a following sea, nor any significant roll while abeam and running with the seas on either port or starboard sides. Assisting in the comfort were the 12-square foot fins of the standard Wesmar Three Term Stabilizer System and a pair of 1,150-hp C-18 Cats. And our speed in all this sloppiness? A steady average fast cruise of 18 knots at 2000 rpm and a respectable 14.7-knot turn of speed at 1750 rpm.

She’s also a very quiet running boat. With Roberts at the wheel, I was able to stroll about, taking in every corner of the Endurance 720, from the sky lounge, to the main deck, to the accommodations below and aft, into the crew quarters.

Working closely with Soundown, the Hampton technicians installed some six inches of the noise-deadening material in the floors along with a lead liner and fiberglass insulation. That also goes for insulating the master stateroom and crew quarters, spaces that are fore and aft of the engine room. The product is also glassed on the top of the prop tunnels, this to cut down on noise from blade turbulence produced at low or high-speed operation. The results were sound levels that went from a mere 62 dB (A) at 1000 rpm to a gentle-on-the-ear 69 dB (A) while at WOT.

On the construction side, the big boat is as tough as they come. Get aboard and you

Elegant dining is as easy as sitting down.

Elegant dining is as easy as sitting down.

immediately notice the heavy-duty hardware, rails, and cleats as well as the complete lack or slightest hint of any deck flexing underfoot anywhere. But it’s what you can’t see that is most important.

Once the gelcoat is sprayed into the mold, the next step is to lay in the Coremat—this to prevent any chance of print through sometimes common with woven roving—after which comes the three layers of Kevlar, laid down from the boot stripe line all through the bottom and right up to the very stem; and from there, back some 12-14 feet. The next hand lay up consists of strong, tightly woven Syntex mat. And finally, from the rub rail, and all the way down, the rest of the lay up is solid fiberglass with only the deck and superstructure featuring M80 Divinycell coring.

The fully equipped galley is laid out for ease of service for anything from a light snack to an eight course dinner.

The fully equipped galley is laid out for ease of service for anything from a light snack to an eight course dinner.

But for all the qualities that go into her tough and robust build, the Endurance 720 is all wrapped up in the kind of amenities and accommodations spaces that has put Hampton Yachts up on the industry’s radar screen for comfort and luxury as well.

Her no-nonsense, low profile exterior features a Portuguese bridge design and wide-open spaces on the foredeck, including a very comfortable seating area. For ease with docking maneuvers, and besides the helm station, there are four standard exterior control stations, one to either side at the stern—oh, and by the way, there’s a convenient day head out here as well—and on the port and starboard wing stations, all featuring ZF electronic controls. Aft on the main deck is the alfresco dining table with convenient grill and sink area while topsides, accessed via the Skylounge, or from a staircase, also at the stern, is a rear deck large enough for one of the few options on this boat; that being a tender. The other is a water maker. But for that, she’s just about fully found with such standard items as full Garmin electronics package, Intellian HD 6 Sat TV and Dummy Dome, full décor as seen here, 1,800 HD Davit with power turn and lift, plus the ZF JMS joy stick maneuvering system.

The elegant, full beam master stateroom offers the kind of space found on larger vessels.

The elegant, full beam master stateroom offers the kind of space found on larger vessels.

Step inside and you are greeted by outstanding accommodations and obvious attention to detail and fit and finish. Accessed via a wide staircase forward and to starboard on the main deck’s interior, and off a stylish hallway and corridor, the Endurance 720 features a four stateroom, five head layout. Whether in the VIP forepeak with its island queen berth and cedar-lined closets, the Mid Guest offering side by side bed easily converted to a single berth courtesy on a convenient insert—both VIP and Mid Guest share a head—the full beam Master with its decorative overhead burl ceiling, walk-in cedar-lined closet, bureau and vanity cabinets, and ensuite head, or the crew quarters aft with upper and lower berths and separate shower and head compartments as well as a full galley, you are going to find exceptional woodwork, fine linens, and the kind of storage areas able to keep you comfortable during extended cruising.

The Skylounge helm is as good as it gets on both aesthetic and practical levels.

The Skylounge helm is as good as it gets on both aesthetic and practical levels.

Topsides, the Skylounge, which houses the impressive helm console along with a dining table, comfortable seating area, and head, is sure to be quite the popular gathering place for all aboard while underway or in the dock. A beautifully crafted staircase leads down to the main deck with galley forward, bar to starboard, a formal dining space to port, and aft, the sumptuous main salon.

In the aforementioned engine room, accessed via a large watertight door on the ample swim

As expected, there is ample room for all necessary maintenance as well as complete access to all redundant systems.

As expected, there is ample room for all necessary maintenance as well as complete access to all redundant systems.

platform, or by the convenient staircase in the salon’s aft starboard corner, I found the kind of forethought and common sense design that avoids any knuckle busting, knee slamming, or head knocking when doing any kind of maintenance work and makes getting to all critical machinery, pumps, valves, hoses, switches, and such a downright pleasure. And for safety, as in all Hampton Yachts, the Endurance 720 has plenty of redundant systems. These include a pair of dual Racor 1000FG fuel filters on each engine, a pair of 20-gallon water heaters with heat exchangers, two Kohler gensets at 28- and 15.5kW, two 72-foot Glendinning Cablemasters, a pair of Newmar 50 Amp battery chargers, back up raw water pumps for the A/C system, hydraulic power steering pumps on both engines, two water supplies on each shaft log, and a special selector switch that allows you to tie in all the batteries aboard for 1,900 Amps just in case you need the power for emergency starting.

She’s the kind of long-range cruising boat that definitely has your back. In fact, after my day aboard the Endurance 720, I was totally convinced she is well suited to take care of the rest of your body, and of any one else’s on board, as well. And that includes your all-important peace of mind while underway and away from home for any length of time.

LOA: 72’0”
BEAM: 18’8”
DRAFT: 5’2”
DISPL.: 122,500 lb. (dry)
FUEL: 2,031 gal.
WATER: 450 gal.
TEST POWER: 2/1,150-hp Caterpillar C-18 diesel inboards
PROPELLERS: Hung Shen D40XP39X5BXEAR1 five blade

RPM      KNOTS      GPH        dB(A)
1000      9.5             8.8            62
1250     11.2            20.2           66
1500     12.9            36.0           66
1750     14.7            64.0           67
2000     18.0            86.0           68
2300     21.9          116.0           69

Test Conditions: Air temperature: 83F; humidity 85%; seas: 3-4’; load: 800 gal. fuel, 112 gal. water, 7 persons. Speeds are two-way averages measured with Garmin GPS sensor. GPH estimates taken via Caterpillar display. Range is 90% of advertised fuel capacity. Sound levels measured at the helm. 65 dB(A) is the level of normal conversation. Actual performance will vary and be affected by water and weather conditions, load and conditions of boat, engines, and propellers. Speed will increase as fuel is consumed. All data is illustrative and not warranted.

20130513234340923For more information about the Hampton Endurance 720, or any of the other fine yachts in the entire Hampton line, please visit the company Website at


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Sea Trials

Hemingway at the wheelFunctional By Design

The Hampton 680 Endurance LRC is a well-balanced and efficient cruising boat.

By Ken Kreisler

With the Hampton 680LRC you can truly have your cake and eat it too...all in comfort, safety, and style.

With the Hampton 680LRC you can truly have your cake and eat it too…all in comfort, safety, and style.

Hold this thought by celebrated basketball coach John Wooden: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

I don’t think it was by coincidence that by the time I caught up with the new Hampton Endurance 680 LRC, for Long Range Cruiser, she was already on a tight schedule. I mean if you are considering a boat with this kind of profile, being designed and built to do some serious cruising, then it is completely understandable it is not the kind of boat meant to be sitting at the dock. And if her owner is like many of the other Hampton owners I’ve interviewed over the years, I suspect her home port time will be quite limited. It was already something I was experiencing in trying to shoe horn my way on board for whatever time I could manage.

Whether on an extended trip or a weekend getaway, the salon offers an intimate setting for the owners and their guests.

Whether on an extended trip or a weekend getaway, the salon offers an intimate setting for the owners and their guests.

The newest boat in the Endurance model line-up had already made an appearance at last year’s Ft. Lauderdale show—including move in and break down prep time, and the detailing and clean up from all the dock traffic; the pre-show aerial photo shoot, along with an interior shoot later that same day, was being coordinated along with the final sea trial for her pair of C18, 873-hp Caterpillar engines conducted by Caterpillar technicians; and oh yes, her owner was champing at the bit to get his hands on the wheel of his new boat.

Back to the coach’s thought. There I was, sitting at the large dining table located just to port of the starboard lower station and talking to Anchor Yachts’ Forest Roberts, who heads up the Lauderdale-based Hampton dealership and plays an instrumental part in company owner Jeff Chen’s boat building planning and layout as well.

Comfort abounds everywhere aboard as typified by the master suite.

Comfort abounds everywhere aboard as typified by the master suite.

The Endurance 680 LRC is designed by Howard Apollonio [See sidebar: Design Insight with Howard Apollonio.] and to that end, the hull’s resin infused laminate schedule; the first three utilizing vinylester resins and glass with the following two being chine-to-chine Kevlar, is built to, well, endure.

As Roberts and I discussed some other construction matters—the boat’s solid bottom rises some six inches above the water line; that the collision zone, from the anchor bow area to 12 feet aft under water and then out to both port and starboard another 12 feet, also has three Kevlar layers; and the engine beds are all stainless steel reinforced, glassed in, and then capped with another stainless steel mounting plate—I noticed a little something about the way the legs of the stools at the nearby port side island galley were being held in place. The two front ones fit neatly and securely into a cut out thus anchoring them to the island.

“They’ll never slide or tip over while she’s underway or in a sea. Simple solution,” said Roberts.

The fully found galley will be able to supply the kind of meals ranging from a simple snack to a sumptuous dining experience.

The fully found galley will be able to supply the kind of meals ranging from a simple snack to a sumptuous dining experience.

And that was just the first of the many minor details I found aboard. There was a unique latch on the door of the full size refrigerator, designed to keep the door closed in a pitching sea. There are screens on the easy-to-swing pantograph doors. I particularly took note of the electrically operated and custom fit designer blinds on the usual out-of-reach forward windows; making cutting any harsh sunlight effortless. I found drains on the bridge deck, seamlessly connected to overfills so as to prevent any water pooling topsides. And the engine room air intakes are located on the inboard sides of the exterior’s wide walkways, so designed to significantly cut down on salty mist incursion.

To my eye, all these simple solutions were indicative of a more than meaningful attention to detail and one signifying that if they were being addressed so practically, then the big items would most certainly stand out. And they do.

It’s easy to extol Hampton’s craftsmanship on the 680’s interior, what with the perfectly matching African Makore cherry with its flawless, high gloss finish. The accommodations layout includes a very comfortable and fully finished off crew quarters—one that could easily double as a private space for the kids or grandkids of owner/operators—a four stateroom, four head configuration, with all quarters having more than ample storage areas, perfect for those long trips out. The satellite tv, watermaker, and tender are the only options.

As found everywhere aboard the 680, creature comforts abound int the enclosed pilothouse.

As found everywhere aboard the 680, creature comforts abound in the enclosed pilothouse.

Topsides, the spacious enclosed bridge deck, with dining and seating area has almost 20 feet of open space from the back of the house, while the main deck cockpit has its own alfresco table and seating. In addition, there is a most useful and well-placed day head out here. Put that all together with her Portuguese bridge and a salty profile, and this boat says, let’s go.

But it was in her Sound Down insulated and air-conditioned engine room, that I could truly appreciate the builder’s attention not only to detail, but to safety as well.

“Redundancy and back up is one of the keys to our building philosophy,” said Roberts. “We want and need our owners to feel and be safe while underway.”

Easy to work in with plenty of room to get at all critical maintenance areas, this engine room is typical of Hampton's attention to every detail.

Easy to work in with plenty of working space to get at all critical maintenance areas, this engine room is typical of Hampton’s attention to every detail.

To that end, in addition to a working captain’s or hands-on owner’s dream space, what with all the room to work on any part of the mains, gensets, pumps, or any other critical maintenance or service area, I found the kind of back-up systems that would indeed, instill the safety factor.

There are two sea water air conditioning systems with two AC circulation pumps. I found a pair of fresh water Headhunter pumps, one ac and a back-up 24-volt dc unit. Two power steering pumps, and a pair of heavy-duty pumps from the PTO on the transmissions can drive the Wesmar 3-Term, nine square foot fins as well as both 33-hp, bow and stern thrusters. The automatic oil change system services the mains, the 23- and 15-kW Kohler gensets, and both transmissions. There are eight, 115 Amp AGM marine batteries in boxes for the house system, a pair of 200 Amp, boxed AGM starting batteries per engine, and a 100 Amp heavy-duty battery, also boxed, for each genset. Then there is a pair of shore power isolation transformers with ISO boost, two 75-foot Glendenning Cablemasters, and a 4-kW inverter as well. Couple that with that sturdy, no-nonsense construction and the 680 Endurance more than lives up to her name.

With new owner Ted Lange at the wheel, the 680 Endurance drew smiles and nods of approval from all those aboard during the sea trial.

“One important thing for me was to drive the boat head on into a sea of some size, just like those four footers out there, and avoid the pounding we experienced on many of our other boats,” he said.

To Lange’s delight, the boat was very responsive with no pounding. In addition, and with the stabilizers activated, she was quite comfortable when he put the boat sideways in the trough of the waves with no way on. He also steered her in following and quartering seas and in both situations, she responded very well. “The rudders are large enough to steer the boat without any difficulty,” he said. “I was quite pleased with the sea trial and at no time, experienced any negative attributes.”

Analyzing her numbers also proved on the positive side, especially with the ability to trawl along at 8.4 knots and a stingy total fuel burn of some 8gph. Doing the math based on her 2,000 gallons of fuel, and at 1000 rpm, one can expect a range of near 2,416sm/2,100nm with about 250 hours of running time. “On the performance side, the 680 is all there,” remarked Roberts. “You can get the kind of economy and range you want from her as well as being able to get up and go should the weather or conditions warrant it.”

If you put all the little things aboard Hampton’s 680 Endurance LRC together, the result is one well-built, well-designed vessel with the kind of layout, appropriate balance between power and efficiency, luxurious accommodations, and cruising abilities to make her light up your radar screen should your next boat fit her profile. Hampton Yachts, (949) 673-6300


Howard ALong respected as one of the industry’s most talented and capable marine architects, Howard Apollonio’s track record speaks for itself: Design engineer and naval architect for the marine division of Sikorsky Aircraft; project engineer for Jacuzzi Brothers; Chief Naval Architect for Teledyne; Naval Architect for Marine Construction & Design Company; U.S. Navy Engineering Manager for Uniflite; Owner & Principal Design Engineer for Apollonio & Associates; President, NA, PE, Apollonio Naval Architects.

KK: What criteria do you use when approaching a project?

HA: I try to identify what the key issues are for the buyer and/or the market in which the boat is to function and compete.

KK: When did you first consider designing for Hampton?

HA: Hampton Yachts’ Seattle dealer approached me in 2004 in regards to refining a 58-footer ready for production.

KK: How did you match the most efficient power requirements for use on the 680?

HA: It depends on understanding the mission or intent of the user. On the 680, weight and performance estimate cycles were done to identify power and speed combinations to suit the hull’s potential. The Cat C18’s, at commercial rating, were chosen for their efficiency when operated at or below 1800 rpm.

KK: Hampton is known for, among other notable attributes, taking maximum advantage of space both inside and out. Given the finite space aboard the 680, for example, how does your design achieve this?

HA: The Endurance Series are like two boats in one; a most seaworthy, efficient passagemaker combined with a no-compromised yacht possessing generous living spaces. The roominess is the result of designer, builder, and dealer teamwork with care taken to provide generous headroom, walking/visual space, step heights, diverse sightlines, and passageway widths and logical traffic patterns. In addition, colors, mirrors, lighting, both natural and artificial, all help to enhance the spaciousness. Finally, Anchor Yachts’ Sandy Roberts’ sophisticated décor provides a positive counterpoint to Hampton’s fine woodwork and detailing.

OWNER PROFILE: Mr. & Mrs. Lange Get What They Wanted…And Needed.

MM Lange3Ted Lange and his wife are veteran boaters and have put some 50 years in their many wakes. “We’ve had everything from 51-footers up to a 151,” Lange said, beaming that new owner smile as we met in the engine room of his new boat. “At this stage in our lives, being in our mid-70’s, we wanted a boat we could handle by ourselves. We liked all we had heard and read about the Hampton boats and decided to have a closer look. The size, interior arrangement, and equipment were just what we were looking for. We were very impressed.”

Lange also mentioned the input Roberts had with the factory. “Forest has had input on some suggested improvements with the factory in China and I think they have taken most of those as they certainly show up in the operation of the boat.”

The Lange’s will be spending the winter in the Bahamas aboard their new Endurance 680.


TEST CONDITIONS: Speeds were measured by GPS off of Ft. Lauderdale in 3-4 foot seas with 10-15 knots of wind, with full fuel and water, and six people on board. Fuel consumption was calculated by the electronic engine monitoring system.


800          4                   4
1000        8.4                     8
1200        10.6              14
1400        11.7              22
1600        12.3              38
1800        14.0              52
2000        16.0              64
2100        17.1              82
2200        19.2              90

LOA: 68’0”
LWL: 64’8”
BEAM: 18’8”
DRAFT: 5’2”
DISPL.: 110,000 lbs.
WATER: 400 gal.
FUEL: 2,000 gal.
DEADRISE: 9 degrees at transom
ENGINES TESTED: 2 x 873-hp Caterpillar C18 diesels


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