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Electronics Update

KVH Presents IP-MobileCast

Breakthrough Service for Bringing Premium Content to Every Boat

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

I’m an old school boater. While I use all the latest electronic equipment at my disposal, I still know how to navigate with paper chart, compass, dividers, parallel rules, and watch. And you know something? I take great pride in my ability to master those noble maritime skills.

But I also appreciate technology and how certain aspects of these wondrous tools have made our 250px-Modern_nautical_compass_rose.svglives a bit easier in finding the way from here to there and back, both in the figurative as well as the literal sense.

When I started my boating life, it would have been unheard of; not even imagined, no matter ‘how many sheets to the wind’ the conversation happened to go in any direction, to envision what we have at our disposal today in the realm of onboard electronics.

Now, electronics leader KVH presents it new IP-MobileCast, a content delivery service that, according to the company, is a marine industry first: A fast and affordable way for boaters to receive such subject matter as new release Hollywood movies, news and sports, television programs, and electronic charts/updates through satellite links on their boats or yachts.

With the KVH IP-MobileCast delivery system, you can view your favorite programming on any device.

With the KVH IP-MobileCast delivery system, you can view your favorite programming on any device.

The automatic, over-the-air content is provided by KVH Media Group and can be viewed onboard any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet, or television.

Innovative Multicasting Technology

The IP-MobileCast content delivery service utilizes multicasting technology – a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. Shoreside servers encode files for transmission and queue them for multicast delivery. The content is delivered over the top (OTT) of the mini-VSAT Broadband network and does not use the boat’s data plan and does not affect onboard data speeds.

End-to-end Solution Only from KVH

KVH’s IP-MobileCast is the only true end-to-end solution for content delivery in the marine industry, utilizing KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network, KVH’s TracPhone® V-IP series hardware, and KVH Media Group’s licenses to distribute premium content. Now, everyone onboard the boat can have the entertainment content they want and the operations content they need, delivered economically anywhere in the world.prod_ipmc_screen

For more information about the KVH IP-MobileCast content delivery system, or any of the other quality products from KVH, please visit the company Website at

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