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Boating World Magazine Features DIY Install Of A
Mist-er-Comfort Misting System

Boating World magazine writer Nick Felix recently completed a do-it-yourself installation of a marine misting system manufactured by Mist-er-Comfort, Inc. aboard his 2004 Wellcraft Coastal 270.

The step-by-step installation process has been posted on the Boating World web site and can be followed by clicking here or by visiting

Mist-er-Comfort misting systems can lower cockpit temperatures as much as 25 degrees F on the hottest days and can be installed easily on biminis, T-Tops or hardtops on any size boat.

All Mist-er-Comfort components are specially-designed and UV-rated for the harsh marine environment. For esthetic purposes, the misting tube can be concealed within the structure of a boat. Multiple misting zones can be operated from a switch on the console. Misting systems can also easily be added even if there is no water tank on board – tank kits are available.

For more information about Mist-er-Comfort marine misting systems, visit or call 1+407.695.0958. Mist-er-Comfort – 5703 Red Bug Lake Road Suite 103 – Winter Springs, FL 32708 USA


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