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mma_shell_headerAs with everywhere in our watery experience, the outboard sector of the boating industry is constantly testing itself and its products for both performance, safety, and environmental impact. Mercury Marine, long a pioneer in this area, as well as being a forward thinking company, has been working on its prop technology and presents its latest offering, the Enertia line; which, according to the company, will help to maximize fuel economy in high horsepower engines. -Capt. Ken

Mercury Enertia ECO Propeller 

Addressing the related topics of increasing fuel costs and environmental stewardship, Mercury Marine is pleased to announce the new Enertia ECO propeller has been released for sale today to the Mercury Marine dealer network.

The Mercury Enertia ECO was specifically designed for high-horsepower outboard-powered boats, offering boaters a 10 percent increase in fuel economy at cruising speeds while also living up to the performance and reliability standards inherent with all Mercury propellers.


Mercury’s Enertia props have been engineered for optimum performance and fuel economy.

To maximize the fuel economy improvement provided by the Enertia ECO, Mercury Marine engineers designed a new propeller with a broad 16-inch diameter, large blade area and a high progressive rake, a combination made possible only through using Mercury’s proprietary X7 stainless steel alloy. This design and material combination results in a propeller that increases hull lift, ultimately making the boat more efficient by reducing overall drag.  While increasing fuel economy, the reduced drag has also proven to help lower planing speeds, increase top-end speed and improve holeshot performance.

“As marina gasoline prices have risen, customers have added fuel economy to their definition of performance,” said Jared Reichenberger, brand manager for Mercury Propellers. “Mercury Marine already produces fuel-efficient engines, as well as driver aids such as the ECO Screen display, it is time to release a high-performing propeller that also assists in increasing fuel economy.”

While boaters continue to demand the best acceleration and top speed, there is also a growing requirement for efficiency and fuel economy at cruising speeds where a vast majority of their operating time is spent.

At cruising speeds, the Enertia ECO posts a minimum of 10 percent fuel economy gain compared to Mercury’s already-efficient line of 135+ hp propellers. This gain translates to dollars as many boaters average nearly 100 hours on the water each year.  At today’s gas prices, this propeller alone will save that boater more than $550 per year, which translates to more than $5,500 over 10 years.

In addition to saving money, the Enertia ECO provides additional range from each tank of fuel. Whether they are pursuing fish farther from shore, or simply cruising longer between fill-ups, boaters can now significantly extend their range with a simple propeller change.

These savings are now available to consumers in right- and left-hand rotation across three pitches: 19, 21 and 23 inches. All feature a 16-inch diameter.

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About Mercury Marine: Headquartered in Fond du Lac, Wis., Mercury Marine is the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational marine propulsion engines. A $2 billion division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), Mercury provides engines, boats, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine applications, empowering boaters with products that are easy to use, extremely reliable and backed by the most dedicated customer support in the world. Mercury’s industry-leading brand portfolio includes Mercury and Mariner outboard engines; Mercury MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard packages; MotorGuide trolling motors; Mercury propellers; Mercury inflatable boats; Mercury SmartCraft electronics; Attwood marine parts; Land ‘N Sea marine parts distribution; and Mercury and Quicksilver parts and oils.

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