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Yacht Spotting & New Launches

dsc_3982Rebel 47

Christian Grande, again in partnership with SACS for the REBEL 47 presents a revolution in the world of RIBs

Rebel begins. Rebel escapes from the conventions that have limited the world of RIBs for too long. Rebel stands out with delicately sculptured shapes, engraved in matter – clean aesthetics rich with sinuous curves that coexist with tenuous, barely noticeable corners and edges.
Rebel is balance and pure minimalism, as a whole and in every detail – fiercely pugnacious, worthy of its standing as the firstborn in the new gamma destined to stand out and excel. Everything on the Rebel 47 reveal its “leisure spirit” and show a new way of enjoying the cruising experience thanks to the unique trade-mark of Christian Grande, the designer that has distinguished the full Sacs Strider line in terms of innovation, look, materials’ selection and spaces’ arrangement. With the words of Christian Grande -designer of the Rebel, you can feel his absolute severance from the past and his projection into the future: “In designing the Rebel 47, I wanted to create a clear break, concrete rather than provocative, with the usual design framework. To do this I immediately thought of the concept of a rebel, a solitary predator or member of an elite tribe, a tribe that neither conforms to convention nor wishes to. When I think about the Rebel, and the larger and smaller brothers to come, it is the tribal rule, a closed circle, that first inspired me and will inspire the future models.”
The Rebel 47’s Innovative Tube Technology
Rebel 47 is created with a high level of technological innovation and maintains all the qualities of a RIB while allowing for increased and improved living space without compromising the performance and safety typical of a RIB. Rebel 47 is in a category of its own. Rebel is the first example of a family of innovative and unique boats.
The D-shaped solid tubes are not inflated but made of a state-of-the-art composition of moldable foams and hi-tech anti collision plastics material, sheathed in Neoprene Hypalon. Pandering the boat sculpted design, the tubes maintain their active role in the hydrodynamic project assuring all the positive attributes of conventional tubes–like. The result is an unbeatable durability along with a unique dry ride plus an improved stability during navigation or at the anchor.
Two Versions
Rebel 47 is extremely versatile and will be available in two different configurations. One as “protected version” and another one as“Mediterranean” with a classic all-in-line layout.
In the first version released – the Mediterranean – Rebel 47 with its high ship sides together with the wide “U shaped” windshield, allow the guests on board to stay in the living space as in a limousine. From the swimming platform, passed by the wide aft sunbed, guests have one unrestricted access into the cockpit.
The indispensable wet bar, countered by the welcoming upholstery and fitted with ice maker, fridges and even a cooktop (all options), is hidden in an elegant, functional and modern piece of furniture -promising to live unforgettable moments.


Extra Spaces and Extra Comfort

The additional useable beam created by the ‘D’ shaped tubes, allows the wide lateral passageways that extend all the way to the bow. The protective gunnels with the handrails reduce the sense of exposure and promote the confidence to move around the boat even when cruising at high speed. Once to the front, right after the massive sunbed, the reward
of one unique relaxing area, with two ergonomic chaise-lounges, is definitively the most comfortable and exhilarating position aboard.
The massive swimming platform can be offered also in the hydraulic version while, beneath the sun-pad, a voluminous storage area can accommodate a series of toys if not a roll-up inflatable tender.
The lower deck is characterized by a unique height in its category, and the harmony between the light Rovere wood and the dark Wengè creates a really refined environment. On the bow, a super queen size bed welcomes the guests in the elegant and well-designed owner dinette-room, which is very comfortable thanks to the chromatic variation and the extraordinary spaces volume.
A second double cabin on the stern, a modern bathroom with a rain-shower and a separate WC complete the internal spaces.
christian-grandeChristian Grande is one of the youngest Italian designers to become part of the palmares of yacht designers. He has designed innovative vessels since 1992, courageously creating innovative yachts that will later become corner stones in nautical design. Presently Cristian has completed over 100 yacht designs and been presented with more than 15 international awards.
For more information contact: Christian Grande DesignWorks,
Via Ghidiglia, 6/a 43122 Parma Tel +39 0521 508696 –
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Dock Buzz

Dock Buzz


Big things come in small packages and this tender can fill the bill.

The most prestigious yachts deserve an equally luxurious tender. Argos Nautic introduces its exclusive 305 model, created by renowned designer Patrizio Facheris. It sets the standard in quality, performance and status in rigid inflatable boats.

At 10′, the 305 Yachting Tender is designed to fit in tight spaces. Thanks to its unique hull design that elevates the tubes from the water, it planes in three seconds. This structure also reduces friction and improves navigation. Small but powerful, the 305 can accept up to a 40 hp outboard motor, reach speeds up to 36 mph and carry four passengers.

Exceeding owner expectations, Argos Nautic spares no expense when it comes to the details. The center console layout provides ample leg room, and features an Isotta steering wheel with premium leather option. UFlex Tilt Steering provides easy and smooth control. This is complemented by stainless steel push switches and teak flooring. Custom Italian cleats and fittings add even more elegance to this small vessel.

Yacht tender.jpg

Argos Nautic’s 305 Tender offers crisp styling and an ample list of high quality features.

A Fusion sound system means the entertainment never has to stop once leaving the yacht. Ample storage compartments enable users to bring their belongings without crowding the seating. In addition to a spacious bow locker, the 305 makes clever use of space beneath the console seat with a removable fiberglass bin.

The 305 is highly durable while still emphasizing an attractive appearance. Its hand-laid fiberglass and composite construction incorporates a textured Orca Hypalon inflatable collar. Argos Nautic utilizes the thickest Hypalon available on the market for its tubes. Dependable, long-lasting LED navigation and courtesy lights add safety. The dual layer, cross-linked polyethylene nylon fuel tank has a 10-gallon capacity for leisurely shoreside excursions.

Argos Nautic’s new 305 Yachting Tender holds USCG approval.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.

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Yacht Spotting And New Launches

Yacht Spotting And New Launches

Sacs Marine’s Strider 22 meter Mega-Rib by Christian Grande

Setting a new course for a very different type of vessel.

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

Years back now, when I first set out on my trials, travels, and adventures on my watery quest for all things nautical, I had a rubber boat. It was, in those days, a yellow affair, perhaps 10 feet long, if both my mind’s eye and memory serve me well, with a pair of plastic oars, a patch kit, and a foot-powered air pump. Not knowing too much about the local currents in the particular area where my friend and I set out, Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer-like one day, we, of course, drifted off into the channel and, regardless of our attempts to go the other way, were heading out to sea when a passing boat, seeing our dilemma, gave us a tow back to the dock. (Years later, finding the ‘ducky’ rolled up in my garage, I donated it to a local Sea Scout troop.)

Christian Grande's Strider 22 Meter design is sure to set new standards in this sector of boat building.

Christian Grande’s Strider 22 Meter design is sure to set new standards in this sector of boat building.

Anyway, the point of my momentary remembrance is that rubber boats, now called inflatable/RIBs, have come an awfully long way since then and one of them in particular, has definitely caught my eye.

Visionary designer Christian Grande brings his special talents to a new kind of  inflatable boat.

Visionary designer Christian Grande brings his special talents to a new kind of inflatable boat.

Christian Grande, an award-winning yacht designer with such prestigious brands such as Picchio Boat, Sessa, and Sanlorenzo, and the creative mind behind Italia Veloce Bikes, has teamed up with Sacs Marine to launch the Strider 22 meter (72+ feet) mega-rib concept yacht. The boat’s design is an indication of a growing trend in the boat building sector where tastes and the ‘next big thing’ are constantly changing.

The choices made by both designer and builder has resulted in a multi-purpose vessel that can fulfill the needs of many boaters around the world in a variety of applications. Aesthetic qualities as well as well thought out use of space are combined with selected materials, colors, and exciting interior offerings for a truly customizable experience for its owners.

The bow area, for example, is spacious and comfortable with generous cushions, a central seating area with retractable sofas and table that can be covered with an awning. Aft, the Strider 22 offers a swim platform and stairway, with the latter being able to be lifted up to gain access to the garage in which the tender can be hauled in via a specially designed servo platform.

Strider22_-_Inserimento_Laterale_-_02a (1)There’s a lot more to this exciting new concept in inflatable boats. If you would like more information, please contact

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