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Sea Trials

dsc_1255The Viking 92 EB is the present culmination of the family owned company’s 50-year history.

By Capt. Ken Kreisler

Viking's 92 EB cuts am eye-catching profile as she powers across the water. With her proportions in perfect balance, she is as beautiful as she is a formidable tournament fishing yacht.

Viking’s 92 EB cuts an eye-catching profile as she powers across the water. With her proportions in perfect balance, she is as beautiful as she is a formidable tournament fishing yacht.

Where do you start when you start out to design and build a 92-foot sportfishing boat? If you’re Patrick Healey, President and CEO of Viking Yachts, it goes something like this:

“Back about four+ years ago, we were in Ocean City, Maryland, aboard a customer’s 115-foot motoryacht,” said Healey. “He owned one of our sportfishing boats as well and I really enjoyed the spaciousness of being on the kind of yacht that allowed a large group to hang in the country kitchen, entertain others in the main salon, and allow the owners to sit outside with more guests on the aft deck area.”

The expansive helm offers the captain all the room necessary for monitoring critical engine functions as well as any electronic displays and controls.

The expansive helm offers the captain all the room necessary for monitoring critical engine functions as well as any electronic displays and controls.

The concept impressed Healey so much so that he and Viking’s Design Manager Dave Wilson and Capt. Ryan Higgins, the company’s South East Sales Manager and demo skipper, also along on the visit, had a shared moment. “We’ve got to figure out a way to make this kind of set up happen on a big sportfish boat,” Healey said.

Taking cues from the highly successful Viking 82C, design and engineering set out to make the next big thing a reality. With a $7+ million a year investment in R&D, countless meetings and analyzing input from customers as well as internal departments and an extensive tank-testing regimen, the two and a half-year project culminated in a nine month build schedule that was the dockside crown jewel in Viking’s recent 50th Anniversary celebration and dealer meeting held in Atlantic City this past September.

The  view from up on high.

The view from up on high.

The first thing I noticed as I watched the 92EB come to a stop outside the long row of slips at the far end of the Farley Marina before spinning around and backing down along the face dock, and while still quite a distance away, was how well proportioned she looked. “It was one of the primary directives; to make her look as good and well-balanced whether dockside or out at sea,” said Wilson.

Fantastic is a more apt description. As she approached, it became apparent that Healey’s team had achieved something really special. Under the expert hand of Capt. Higgins, she came to a gentle portside-to rest, her deep-throated pair of 2,600-hp M96 MTU diesel power plants shut down as the first group of 23 people standing there, eager to board, waited.

The main salon is ready to take care of large gatherings.

The main salon is ready to take care of large gatherings.

“With the 92EB, we can attract some folks from the larger yachts, who also owned a smaller sportfishing boat, and want to scale down to one,” said Higgins. “Therefore,” he noted, with a smile and a nod in the boat’s direction, “As you can readily seen, she’ll be more than able to take such an owner to the next level.

Incorporating both the large yacht features while keeping the successful fish amenities found on all Viking open convertibles and enclosed bridge models intact, the 92 offers an impressive full service galley, a free-standing dining table space, a full beam master with his and her heads, walk in closets, separate crew quarters aft with lounge and galley, a bridge deck that is a good as it gets, the kind of storage spaces throughout that can accommodate long trips away from home, and a six stateroom layout.

As far as the accommodations are concerned, an owner has some leeway, for

The master suite combines elegance, roominess, and the kind of storage space found on larger yachts.

The master suite combines elegance, roominess, and the kind of storage space found on larger yachts.

example, converting the pantry on the main deck’s starboard side into another stateroom should that be necessary. Indeed, on Hull #2, the owner is eliminating the free-standing dining table and reworking the salon layout along with the his and her heads by making one side a walk in closet with the other a special locker design. And with Hull #3, that owner asked for some changes including a dinette area inside.

To say the least, the interior fit and finish, along with the décor package, is as tastefully and well done as I’ve seen on any vessel of her class and then some.

Offering a three-level cockpit, the 92 EB's business end features a mezzanine and above that, another seating area with a dining table.

Offering a three-level cockpit, the 92 EB’s business end features a mezzanine and above that, another seating area with a dining table.

The team paid special attention to the aft deck, wanting to keep that as an outdoor dining area. The variation on the theme incorporated the mezzanine area and created two levels—a yacht aft deck and a separate fishing mezzanine with seating, livewell, and refrigeration for the massive business end of the 92EB, the lower cockpit. Any fishing crew will be more than able to be highly competitive in this space and to seriously compete in any tournament event.

Aiding that ability is her amazing performance capabilities. On my particular test day, Capt. Higgins had her up and running along at a cruise speed of 30 knots with a fast cruise of 32. Her WOT hit an impressive 37.2 knots at 2450 rpm all in troubling four-to-six foot seas and into the wind and current. During backing down maneuvers she pirouetted like a prima ballerina and while running up and down sea, I had to look out at the conditions to remind me we were in this kind of water. Of course the Seakeeper M35 Gyro was of great help in keeping us rock steady.

“We’re 200,000+ pounds with full fuel and water,” explained Higgins in the noticeable quiet of the enclosed bridge. “But that all goes to our design and engineering teams with our resin infused hull and deck house reinforced with carbon fiber, Nomex honeycomb in many of the interior panels for weight saving, and along with the hull bottom featuring flush and recessed engine pickups, and to help further eliminate drag reduction, we eliminated the keel resulting in a straight V.”

The engine room space allows total access to every piece of equipment, pump,

As engine rooms go, this is as good as it gets...and then some.

As engine rooms go, this is as good as it gets…and then some.

valve, connection, switch, filter, and any other critical area that needs attention and maintenance. A lot of the components normally found in an engine room and which sometimes makes for a rather tight space, have been allocated to a dedicated space. Aboard the 92EB, it’s known as the mechanical room. Here one finds, again with complete access and serviceability, the ice chipper, ac power converter system, refrigeration units, compressors, cable masters, centralized water system, and generators. And of course, getting to the mains is everything one could want in being able to perform total critical engine maintenance with complete ease and accessibility. Another big yacht feature is that aforementioned ac power converter system. It gives the 92EB complete and worldwide dockside abilities with single-phase, three-phase, 50hz, 60 hz plug-in abilities.

“We’re a big team and along with our design and engineering folks, we left nothing to chance with this boat,” commented Higgins when we got back, tied up, and waited for the next group to board. “I get to see a lot of reactions when we introduce a new model and the response to this one has been nothing but spectacular. Once you take the wheel and realize how maneuverable she is, I notice a feeling of complete confidence quickly settles in over whoever is at the helm whether around the dock or heading out to sea.”

With all the advances Viking has incorporated in its past designs, and all the developments integrated into the 92EB, she will be sure to influence the next yacht, assuredly already on the drawing board, at the New Gretna, NJ facility.

“It’s been that way for 50 years,” said Healey. “And there is no reason to change that at all. It’s something my father and my uncle, the founders of the company, always held true: We’ll build a better boat every day.”


LOA: 93′ 3″

Beam: 24′ 1″

Draft: 5′ 1″

Weight: 205,000 lbs. (standard fuel load)

Fuel/Water: 3,410/485 U.S. gals.

Power: 2x 2,600-hp MTU 16V-2000-M96 diesels

Cruise/Top Speed: 30/36 knots

Range: 612nm @ cruise w/opt. power

Contact: Viking Yachts, Route 9 “On the Bass River” P.O. Box 308 New Gretna, N J 08224 Phone: (609) 296-6000 Fax: (609) 296- 3956.

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Dock News

Dock News

GOST™ and Team Encore Support Children in Need
One Sailfish At A Time

Sponsorship Supports Fundraising Campaign For St. Jude Children’s Hospital

GOST and Team Encore’s Sea Vee 32 with Capt. Jamie Bunn at the wheel
have joined forces to help sick children.

Vessel security, tracking and monitoring systems supplier GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies – formerly Paradox Marine) has always been a stand up company, helmed by stand up professionals who know their business. Now, President and CEO Jay Keenan and Director of R&D Brian Kane, along with the rest of the GOST work force has really shown their mettle.  GOST  is sponsoring Team Encore for the current season of sailfish tournaments in southeast Florida. One of the most important aspects of the team’s effort this year is a ‘Sailfish for St. Jude’ fundraising campaign to help raise money for St. Jude’s Research Hospital, whose mission is to advance cures for pediatric disease.

The captain of Team Encore and the team’s Sea Vee 32 is Jamie Bunn of Bluewater Movements. “Team Encore is excited to have GOST as one of the sponsors for this season. The team is very passionate about the cause for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The combination of many small donations for each sailfish released can raise tens of thousands of dollars for this great charity,” Bunn said.

Team Encore started the season with an impressive 32 for 38 sailfish releases at the recent Silver Sailfish Derby in West Palm Beach.

In addition to financial support of the team, GOST has provided a NT-Evolution Security, Tracking and Video Surveillance system to watch over the vessel and capture some of the sport fishing action.

GOST NT EvolutionThe NT Evolution uses a fourth generation tracking website which incorporates advanced Google & Bing mapping interfaces and uses the Inmarsat network of satellites with 99.99% reliability mandated by the IMO. It is the ideal solution for boats with limited space who want to hide the unit and strictly rely off key fobs. An IP rated enclosure protects the GOST wireless technology at the core of the system. This allows the NT Evolution to use the extensive range of marine-rated wireless sensors for security and monitoring in combination with the GOST Nav-Tracker satellite tracking product line.

The system can accommodate up to 32 wireless sensors, a hardwired zone input,16 key fob remotes and up to 8 wireless relays which can control AC or DC functions onboard the vessel. The wireless relays can be used to flash the lights or sound a siren on alarm and can be controlled from the key fob remotes. For customers who keep their boat docked behind their house it is possible to tie one of the wireless relays into the house’s security system to go off when the boat is being tampered with or stolen from the house.

For more information on how to donate to the Team Encore ‘Sailfish for St. Jude’ fundraising campaign, visit Encore Fishing Team on Facebook. A simple post on the wall indicating the amount pledged per release will start the process – donations will not be collected until the end of the season. The current number of releases for the team so far is 42. Estimated number of releases by the end of the season is 75. To make a fixed amount donation, visit Donate now to the Sailfish for St. Judes camgaign.

For more information about GOST NT Evolution and other GOST marine security and tracking products, visit or call 1+954.565.9898.

Global Ocean Security Technologies – 1200 NE 7th Ave – Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 USA

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Boat Builder’s Profile

Jarrett Bay Named ABBRA Boatyard of the Year

Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, North Carolina, has been presented with the 2011 Award of Excellence “Boatyard of the Year” designation from the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA) at the association’s Annual Conference, held in New Bedford, Massachusetts, July 18–19, 2011.

Jarrett Bay 63: photo David Blythe

Jarrett Bay Boatworks was one of six to receive a prestigious ABBRA award presented on an annual basis and designed to recognize individuals and companies from the boatbuilding and repairing industry for their excellence throughout the year. ABBRA’s “Boatyard of the Year” award is given to the service or repair facility that demonstrates excellence in all facets of its company through commitment to customer relations, quality management, positive employee and vendor relationships, regard for the safety of its employees and customers, good stewardardship of the environment, and innovatively employing technology to enhance its marine business.

“Jarrett Bay Boatworks is a company built on a tradition of quality craftsmanship and integrity,” ABBRA President Pam Lendzion said as she presented the award. “When you walk into the facility you can’t help but feel the pride each craftsman has in his work. Randy Ramsey and his team are passionate about boatbuilding and repair; they consistently produce quality work, and are determined to exceed their customers’ expectations. This business model has made Jarrett Bay Boatworks a success.”

Jarrett Bay President Randy Ramsey

Jarrett Bay’s President Randy Ramsey commented, “This is a great honor. Everyone that is a part of our organization helped to earn this, and I am extremely grateful for their efforts to provide our customers with world-class craftsmanship and professionalism.”

Jarrett Bay Boatworks, 530 Sensation Weigh
Beaufort, NC 28516.  252.728.2690     
Fax: 252.728.2607

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Boat Builder’s Profile

The New Hatteras GT Series


When Willis Slane launched the first fiberglass sportfishing boat in 1960, he established a solid foundation for what has become the world’s leading builder of luxurious convertibles and motoryachts. During the 50 years since, the 41-foot Knit Wits hit the water, numerous Hatteras models have so proven their mettle offshore that they remain industry benchmarks.

Today, that never-ending quest for perfection has brought the fleet to new heights and given birth to the new Hatteras GT Series. Thanks to intelligent engineering, innovative layouts and advancements in construction technology and hull design, these models are sure to thrill anyone looking for speed, style, a soft ride, long-lasting quality,and a rock-solid hull.

The new Hatteras GT Series is comprised of three models, the new GT54, the redesigned GT60, and the new GT63. This exciting family of tournament-class convertibles is designed for serious anglers and comes to market with best-in-class performance, unforgettable styling, and a construction pedigree that has made Hatteras Yachts the gold standard.

We invite you to take a closer look at these legends in the making!

Tournament Speed


The Hatteras GT Series is about unsurpassed performance and seakeeping. Each model in the series has a minimum top-end speed of 41 knots at full load, a 36-knot cruise, and range exceeding 400 nm. This performance is made possible by utilizing resin infusion technology in our solid fiberglass bottom hulls. This provides increased strength while allowing the boat to be much lighter than a traditional hand-laid vessel. Achieving these speeds while preserving our legendary ride, these convertibles represent the next generation in hull design from Hatteras.

Classic Styling


Design began with a study of generations of Carolina-built classics to create a forward-thinking design. As a result, the Hatteras GT Series is a showcase of style that harkens back to the grand years of sportfishing and family cruising. Each model features a striking bow flare, a well proportioned foredeck and sleek deckhouse, as well as tumblehome aft. In essence, we’ve updated the look of the Carolina-style boat. The distinctive styling is so timeless, we believe convertible lovers will be admiring the lines for years.



Equipped to meet the standards of the most competitive anglers, these cockpits are designed for improved fishing as well as increased relaxation. Mezzanine seating is designed for comfort and cockpit features include a dedicated tackle center, in-deck fish boxes, and a recirculating live well at the transom. Stowage is excellent, with compartments for gaffs and boat hooks along with ample rod storage. Teak is available for the coaming boards and cockpit sole for those who want to play up the GT Series’ distinctive design.

Hatteras Pedigree
In keeping with Hatteras style, the comfortable accommodations found on these boats feature thoughtful layouts and luxurious amenities. Underneath these dashing good looks, the Hatteras commitment to quality construction continues with a no-compromise build philosophy. Each model in the GT Series is made in the Hatteras tradition, with robust electrical and mechanical systems, and incredibly durable hulls that are resin-infused for light-weight strength and performance.

For more information about the Hatteras GT Series or any of the other fine products from this great American builder, visit the company Website at

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