20 Jun

From time to time, we come across a product that seems to make life aboard a boat just a bit easier. And that’s just what happened when Bruce Brand of Brand Marketing contacted us regarding a product called the NoMarr Strap®.

Let’s not get this confused with the traditional Bungee-type of fastening. NoMarr is constructed out of a formulated plastic that does not mark or scratch–hence the name NoMarr–and therefore, you do not have to worry about any metal surfaces, such as hooks scratching the surfaces of your boat. A UV resistant proprietary process is used to deter cracking and fraying. The NoMarr Strap® is highly adjustable and allows for the perfect length and tension which removes the danger of sudden recoil.

We sent out several of the products to various boat owners and got back a very favorable report. “They are very reliable and easy to use; in fact we found by using several of the four-foot, XL docking straps, even our young children could easily secure our boat to our dock,” one of our test boat owners said. “We also used the 15″ ones to hang our wash down hose in the engine compartment for easy access.” “We do a lot of touch and go pick ups and drop offs with the vessels in our launch service and our fast and often hectic running schedule was made that much easier by using the NoMarr XL straps,” said the mate on another test boat.

For more information on the NoMarr Strap®, contact Bruce Brand at the Brand Marketing Group, 1519 Union Avenue #208, Memphis, TN 38104. (901) 351-9204, or via e-mail at

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