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Traditional electric fishing reel systems are powered by a variety of conventional and not-so-conventional devices, many of which are AC-rated.  But, there’s a safer, more effective and readily available alternative. Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Device is a DC-rated system designed specifically for larger reel systems.  Its unique configuration ensures the DC-rated fishing reel system cannot accidentally be plugged into the AC-rated shore power supply, which can be harmful.

The system includes a locking plug, female connector and weatherproof plate to keep water out and electricity safely flowing.  All pieces are rated at 28V and are compatible with all 12, 24 and 32V DC fishing reel systems.

UL listed and CSA certified, Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Devices incorporate anti-corrosive nickel-plated contacts and stainless steel hardware for long-term use.  All parts are constructed from UV-stabilized nylon for a longer life in the harsh marine environment.

Offered in high-visibility yellow, the system is easily detected, even in adverse conditions.  The system features
Hubbell’s compact Twist-Lock® design to minimize accidental disengagement or loss of power from stress on the cord, typical vessel vibration or from being bumped.

Hubbell’s Electric Fishing Reel Devices have a starting price of $35.

Contact: Hubbell Marine Electrical
Products, 40 Waterview Dr.
Shelton, CT  06484.
475-882-4838; Fax: 203-783-9195.

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Engines and Power


The powerful new Yanmar 8LV series diesel continues to gain favor with boatbuilders.  Adding to its long history of offering Yanmar power, Back Cove Yachts has now chosen theYanmar 8LV-370 as an option on its popular Back Cove 30.

“Yanmar is a great fit because the 8LV engine is lightweight, compact and has a great power-to-weight ratio,” said Bentley Collins, Back Cove VP of marketing and sales.  “Yanmar also has an extensive international network of service dealers who support our export activities in markets such as Australia.”

The 8LV is supplied by Yanmar distributor Mack Boring and Parts Company of Union, New Jersey.
Collins said Mack Boring provides “excellent support and service, and is never late on deliveries.  They’re a great partner to have.”

“We’re excited about the Yanmar 8LV series,” said Scott DuBrow, Mack Boring marine sales manager.  “This engine is representative of Yanmar’s reputation for excellence.  It’s a best-in-class product, very light for its power with superior reliability.  The 8LV is also quieter than anything else out there.  It’s an excellent option for Back Cove Yachts.”

Available in 320 hp and 370 hp models, the 8LV series has a dry weight of 992 lbs., hundreds of pounds lighter than comparable engines. Without sacrificing Yanmar’s excellent diesel fuel economy and durability, high-end performance is similar to a V-8 gas engine. The 8LV series is also EPA Tier 3 compliant. Optimum acceleration is achieved by Yanmar’s twin turbochargers and common rail fuel injection.  Power ranges from 550 rpm at idle to 3,800 rpm at top speed.  A choice of drive systems includes the KMH50 series down-angle or V-drive, new ZT370 dual propeller sterndrive or ZF series 2800 pod drive.  It can also be equipped with ZF gears.

The 8LV is the first engine to utilize Yanmar’s own CAN-bus vessel control system (VCS) to simplify all controls, full-color digital displays with NMEA2000 or J1939 gauge output, cabling and wiring.

Back Cove builds yachts reminiscent of Maine’s classic Down East fishing boats.  Rather than chugging between lobster pots, the resin infused vee-hulls and Yanmar propulsion allow the stylish boat to jump on plane easily or quietly cruise at a leisurely pace. The elegant yachts are built for comfort, with wide side decks and oversized hand rails, ample seating and a full galley.  They’re constructed by Maine’s finest boatbuilders in a modern 240,000 sq. ft. facility.  More information is available at

Contact Yanmar America, Marine Engine Division, 101 International Parkway, Adairsville, GA 30103.  770-877-9894.


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GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies – formerly Paradox Marine) introduces the GOST Watch HD System which can remotely monitor and record all activities on board a yacht from any computer or Smartphone, anywhere in the world. Watch live video of your yacht as it leaves the harbor or view activities in the salon, staterooms, or engine room from any PC or mobile phone with internet access. Cameras can be set to record clips to the website based on motion detection and sent via email or text message to your computer or mobile phone.

The new GOST Watch HD’s IVR (Internet Video Recorder) is similar to a traditional DVR with the added advantage of being accessible either locally or remotely via the internet. The 250GB version features looped recording of up to 6 cameras for up to 30 days (24/7/30). The 1 Terabyte version features looped recording of up to 6 cameras for up to 3 months (24/7/90). Both versions feature simultaneous viewing, either locally or remotely over the internet, of full motion live or recorded video from up to 6 cameras. Archived clips can be downloaded to a PC and burned onto DVD’s.Both IVR’s utilize an advanced MPEG4 compression whereby the more activity you have in front of the camera being recorded, the more storage space it utilizes. When landscapes in view of the camera have little activity, the IVR may have storage capacity for more then 30 days or 3 months respectively. In very high activity applications, such as cameras looking out at a busy marina with constant shimmering water, dock activity and moving boats in view, the recording time may be diminished.GOST Watch HD can be used as a stand alone surveillance system or as part of the GOST Insight HD System. A variety of cameras are available from GOST or the system can be an easy add-on to existing analog or thermal cameras on board.

For more information about GOST Watch HD and other GOST marine security, monitoring and tracking products, visit or call 1+954.565.9898.
Global Ocean Security Technologies
1200 NE 7th Avenue – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304 USA 

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Electronics Review

e7 Wins the Best New Boating Product Award at Newport!

Raymarine’s new e7 Multifunction Display is judged the best in a competitive field of 32 boating products.

Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics, announced that its all new e7 multifunction display was selected as the “Best New Boating Product” at the 2011 Newport International Boat Show.

“Raymarine is honored to win this prestigious award,” said Jim Hands, Director of Marketing for Raymarine.  “The entire global Raymarine and FLIR development teams have worked tirelessly to deliver innovative technologies that make boating fun and safe, and the e7 is proof these efforts have paid off.   The e7’s built in Wi-Fi expands charts, sonar, radar, and thermal night vision beyond the helm   all without wires. It’s truly amazing technology. “

Acting as a Wi-Fi server, the e7, allows boaters to stream live video from the e7 to their iPad or iPhone. This allows anyone on board to see whatever is on the e7’s display – thermal video, navigation charts, radar, sonar, or anything that the e7 can display – all on their mobile iOS device anywhere on board. Bluetooth connectivity lets boaters control and reconfigure the e7 with the optional RCU-3 wheel-mounted or handheld remote control unit. The RCU-3 remote can also be used to control the audio playback from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod remotely so that these devices can be stowed safely out of the elements.

The e7 is remarkably easy to use, with Raymarine’s HybridTouch™ technology allowing boaters to choose touchscreen or keypad control, and the new LightHouse user interface, which makes customizing the MFD layout and display as easy as dragging and dropping on-screen elements where the user wants them.

The Newport International Boat Show marks the unofficial start of the fall boat show season and is a premier event for showcasing new products.  In addition to the e7, Raymarine introduced the new i70 instrument, p70 autopilot, and the new TH Series handheld thermal cameras at the Newport show.

For additional product information please visit

About Raymarine: Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics, develops and manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic equipment for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. Designed for high performance and ease of use, the award-winning products are available through a global network of dealers and distributors. The Raymarine product lines include radar, autopilots, thermal night vision, GPS, instruments, fishfinders, communications, and integrated systems. Raymarine is a division of FLIR Systems, a world leader in thermal imaging. For more information about Raymarine in the USA call 1-603-881-5200 or visit

About FLIR Systems: Pioneers in all aspects of infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications. With a nearly 50-year history of infrared innovation, hundreds of thousands of systems in use worldwide, and development centers and sales offices in over 60 countries, FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology. Visit the company’s website at

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Fall Boat Inspection-Get Ready for Next Season–Winter or Spring

 Latham Marine
Has Been Steering Customers Straight for Over 38 Years!

Best known for its high performance hydraulic steering and tie-bar systems, Latham Marine has out-paced any competition and is internationally used by top racing teams, performance boat enthusiasts and people who take “pleasure” boating seriously. With over 10,000 parts and 7,000 components, including drive accessories, trim tabs, controls, lifts and hoses and fittings, all engineered in-house and built in the USA, Latham Marine products are hard-tested in the most brutal environments, resulting in robust, ultra-reliable marine hardware. Latham Marine also expanded from performance boats to fishing boats and sport yachts where stronger, better-engineered systems were needed to accommodate the extra power, weight and speeds of today’s technology.

With fall boating here, it’s time to either start plans to put the boat away or if you’re lucky, move it to a warmer location! Whether prepping your vessels for the last outings of the season or getting ready for the next chapter, Latham Marine suggests now is the perfect time to inspect your boat’s external steering system. When a marine system is as trouble-free as Latham’s steering, it might be easy to take for granted, but with age, hard use and harsh conditions, even a product as reliable as Latham Marine eventually requires maintenance, rebuild or replacement.

According to Tom Gongola, technical sales specialist at Latham Marine, there are easy steps that even the least technical boater can take to assure their steering system is in top form and save a great deal of time and aggravation while out on the water for a fun day of boating!

First, if your steering rams are 10 to 15 years old, it could be time for a rebuild. All Latham steering rams receive a serial number that shows when they were built, purchase date and any service history performed by Latham Marine. So if you purchased a pre-owned boat with Latham Steering, the information is still available.

For the do-it-yourselfers, a PDF of the build is available to show exactly what goes where, but Latham Marine highly suggests that you allow their professionals to do the factory re-builds. Latham representatives are also available toll-free at, 800-422-RAMS (7267) if there are glitches or you need advice.

Gongola also advises boaters who remove their drives for inspection and maintenance to take advantage of the down-time by having the steering system inspected as well. There are additional ways for a boater to provide basic steering system checks and Gongola recommends making them part of your regular boating ritual. First,
he says, start the system check on the outside of the boat.

Check the condition of external hoses–they should be pliable and free from signs of wear. In addition to leaking, worn hoses can allow seawater to enter the system, causing additional, more costly damage. “Check hoses at least once a year, especially if the boat has been in storage,” Gongola adds. Then check the condition of all of the steering system hardware; drive mounts, nuts, bolts, tie-bar assembly – nothing is too minor. Check the steering rams as well.

Check for potential steering cylinder trouble while the boat is on the trailer (the engine off and propeller removed). Check for air in the system by shaking the drive unit; there should be no movement in the cylinder rods. If there is, air must be bled from the system. If there is fluid leaking, a cylinder rebuild is necessary. Eventually, time and the elements take their toll on O-rings and other seals, which are replaced in every rebuild.

Cylinder rams should not be pitted, deformed or damaged in any way. Gongola says that only parts showing significant wear will be replaced in a rebuild, but he strongly recommends having both cylinders rebuilt or replaced at the same time if a problem is detected with one. Latham Marine can even restore the cylinder’s chrome plating, which Gongola says is more than just aesthetics. “The plating helps protect against corrosion from saltwater, especially in older, brass-under-chrome steering rams,” he adds, although all Latham steering systems have been made from stainless steel since the early 90s.

Now, Gongola says, it’s time to check the insideCheck the steering fluid level. The fluid level in the power steering reservoir should remain constant from a cold engine start to shut down after the engine is well warmed. “If the fluid level drops at cold start,” Gongola warns, “it indicates air in the system which should be bled off.” If you want to do the work yourself, a call to Latham can help you walk through the process-if not, see a service

Latham steering, even full hydraulic systems use standard automatic transmission fluid. The reasons are simple: it’s inexpensive, widely available and different brands can be mixed without concern–something that can’t be done with hydraulic fluid, according to Gongola who further advises that the fluid should be a “healthy red color, not discolored in any way.” If it is dark, thick or sludgy, call Tom and he can provide some advice on fluid draining and replacement. Check the power steering pump belts for wear and proper tension. Most filters should be replaced after about 100 hours, depending on the type or use of the boat. Any time the system is serviced, it’s a good idea to replace the filter.

Finally it is time to start the boat. “It is always better to avoid having problems in the water by doing your
preliminary checks out of the water,” Gongola emphasizes.  As you start out slowly and evaluate the steering, make sure the steering is operating “as usual.” Under engine power, turn the wheel fully left-to-right. Does it feel
“normal?” are there any strange noises, or does anything feel differently than it did?

Latham Marine can rebuild a steering cylinder starting at around $250-350 and up, depending on the condition and if any part replacement is necessary. Gongola notes this is “an inexpensive way to maintain or even improve the performance of your boat,” reminding that a “steering failure while underway can lead to a very bad day on the water.”

As part of its regular inspection routine, Latham will completely disassemble and totally refit the entire steering ram. Latham will perform a complete pressure test for proper operation and return the ram to the customer, ready to re-install.

For more information, call 800-422-RAMS (7267) or visit Latham Marine has been steering customers straight for over 38 years, so insist on genuine Latham Marine parts.

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BoatUS Report

Top Women Sailors Gather for BoatUS “Meet the Champions”
2011 Santa Maria Cup Reception in Annapolis, MD

J-22 pairs will be pushed to their limit at the 2011 Santa Maria Cup hosted by Eastport Yacht Club, Annapolis, MD. Photo Credit: Fried Elliott/

With a change in dates for the 21st Santa Maria Cup International Women’s Match Racing Championship, an evolving roster of top women sailing athletes will race on Annapolis’ Severn River course September 28 through October 1. The public is encouraged to meet skippers and crew, past Santa Maria Cup racers, as well as leading sailors from the sport of sailboat racing at the “Celebrate Women in Sailing Week” in Annapolis at the BoatUS “Meet the Champions” Public Reception at the William Paca House and Garden, September 30, 6:30pm – 9:00pm in Annapolis. Newly released footage of the 1995 America3 Team – the first
all-women America’s Cup with Team Captain Dawn Riley, the 1992 Santa Maria Cup winner, will be previewed.

The public is also invited to opening ceremonies on September 27 at 6:00pm at the Susan C. Campbell Park
City Dock, Annapolis to welcome the sailors from who hail from five countries. Hosted by the Eastport Yacht Club, racing can be watched from the water each day and through live commentary on The Santa Maria Cup is an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) grade one event.

Eight teams of four sailors in J-22 sailboats will compete in heated head-to-head duels much like the famed America’s Cup. However, unlike the America’s Cup, each Santa Maria Cup boat is identical, testing the sailing ability of each team, with boat design and materials not being factors.

Team skippers will be Anna Tunnicliffe (USA), Silja Lehtinen (FIN), Julie Bossard (FRA), Maegan Ruhlman (USA), Martina Silva (ARG), Becca Dellenbaugh (USA), returning champion Liz Baylis (USA) and Sharon Ferris-Choat (CAN). Olympic hopefuls can use this event to increase their world rankings for the first Olympic Women’s Match Racing at the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.

See a full schedule of events and ticket information at and in Spinsheet Magazine at  Photos from
past cups and other women sailing events are available at

About BoatUS: BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States – is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing over half a million members with government representation, programs and money-saving services.  For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

About Eastport Yacht Club: Located on the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland, this club of 600 members is recognized around the yacht-racing world as a leader in race management. Additional information about the club is available at

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Organized and easily accessible lures can make the difference between catching fish or spending valuable time on the water searching for the right bait. A perfect addition for every boat, the newly patented Gear Grabbar from Magnetic Marine Products offers anglers the ultimate lure organization station. It helps anglers keep their baits safely and neatly in place.

This magnetic fishing tool holder suspends lures with the use of powerful magnets.  With automatic and effortless holding power, users don’t need to touch the lure’s hook, just the body.  By simply holding it near the magnet, the bait gets pulled in.  If something gets snagged on a lure, such as a sleeve or pant leg, it’s easily released without tear or damage.

Powerful, dual-sided magnets make the Gear Grabbar a versatile 3-in-1 device.  Baits and tools can be secured on either side of the organizer, while other items can be placed on the holder’s magnetic top shelf. Constructed from durable ABS plastic and utilizing super-strong glue to secure the magnets to the base, the Gear Grabbar is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.  The unit features a nice sandblasted finish and is available in black or white.

With the standard magnetic mount, it can be removed for quick storage, enabling owners to stash away expensive lures when docked.  It can also be mounted with double-sided stick tape or permanently mounted.  Recessed screw holes enable the Gear Grabbar to stay flush to the surface.

To see the Gear Grabbar in action, a short video can be viewed at the link  A nice holiday gift item, the Gear Grabbar from Magnetic Marine Products retails for $21.95
online and is also available at Bass Pro Shops nationwide.  The company is currently developing other problem-solving products.

Contact Magnetic Marine Products, PO Box 959, Ada, MI  49301.  616-719-7667;
Fax: 616-940-0425.;

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Electronics Review


Innovative Designer and Manufacturer of
Industry-Leading Sunlight Readable Displays Introduces Elegant and
Simple-to-Install Solution for Flush Mounting Monitors into a Streamlined

Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) Marine, the manufacturer of industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, and high-quality marine hardware and software products, presents its innovative Glass Pod helm package. Easy to install, KEP’s Glass Pod custom mounting solution adds a sleek and sophisticated appearance to any console or bridge. Ideal for multiple sunlight readable displays, the Pods can be tailored to meet all helm dimensions. Available in 15-, 17- 19-, 21 and 22-inch wide screen models, the Glass Pods integrate with all brand name blackbox navigation systems for complete customization. The new Glass Pods from KEP Marine deliver a stunning, modern aesthetic look and streamline electronics into a workable station for the most discerning boat captains and owners.

KEP Marine’s new Glass Pods feature a revolutionary design with uniquely bonded layering and precision laser engineering. While its construction is a complex process, the result is a seamless, easy-to-integrate system that provides boatbuilders and installers with unparalleled flexibility and significant time savings. Allowing multiple displays to fit side by side in small areas and curved consoles, the Glass Pods can simply be dropped into existing consoles, rather than requiring labor-intensive, build-around efforts common to existing glass pod systems.

“The KEP Marine Glass Pods have that “WOW” factor—providing a stunning, aesthetically pleasing look while
enhancing boaters’ overall navigation experience,” said Keith Cariani, sales manager, KEP Marine. “Our helm package delivers the ultimate customization and flexibility, even in limited spaces, to provide a sophisticated big boat feel on small center console vessels. In addition to the Pod’s end-user benefits, its versatile installation and innovative design allows for simple integration, even in curved consoles, without requiring extensive carpentry—saving huge amounts of installation time resulting in lower costs. Our new Glass Pods are sure to be a crowd pleaser with boaters and builders alike.”

The flush-mount KEP Marine Glass Pods are watertight in the front and provide rear access for servicing displays. Ideal for pilothouses or fly bridges, the Pods feature a standard glass treatment with less than 1% anti-reflection coating, chemically strengthened glass for improved impact and scratch resistance, and a seamed
edge treatment to prevent chipping as well as improved safety during handling. The Glass Pods are equipped with a proprietary dry film technology, and have high-strength lamination with optical transmission less than 97%, no double refraction (birefringence) and are completely repairable. KEP Pods are also compatible
with multiple switching devices for easy source selection, as well as KEP Marine Bridgeview, AMX or any RS-232 control system for convenient management of displays from one or more stations. While KEP Marine Pod specifications vary based on display size, each package is fully customizable to meet boaters’ specific needs, includes clamp mounts and hardware, and is protected by a 2-year worldwide advanced replacement warranty.

The KEP Marine Glass Pods have suggested retail prices starting at $15,000 US, and can be purchased from authorized KEP Marine dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. KEP Marine’s design team also offers perspective and experience for installation, and will customize Glass Pod systems to meet customer needs and expectations. For more information on the new KEP Marine Glass Pods or the entire line of KEP marine electronics, contact 800-631-2165 (toll-free) in the USA or visit

About KEP Marine:
KEP has designed and manufactured high-quality industrial hardware and software products for over fifty years. Entering the marine market ten years ago with innovative vessel monitoring systems, the company now offers
industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, glass bridge displays, monitor management interfaces, marine computers, multimedia systems, and video recording and security systems. Known for providing top-of-the-line, highly reliable products and integrated solutions, as well as unparalleled support and warranty protection, KEP works with over one hundred distributors and representatives worldwide.



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Busy owners deserve boating accessories that multi-task just as well as they do. With Accon Marine’s Quick Store System, boaters can attach small, mesh storage pockets to their Accon Quick Release Drink Holders to create convenient storage space on deck.

Durable and breathable, the Quick Store System is constructed from vinyl-coated mesh fabric. To protect against mold and mildew growth, the system has antimicrobial properties. It also features Sunbrella™ acrylic binding for reliable, long-term use.  UV-resistant thread helps keep these storage pockets in top form.

Hook and loop fasteners and closures make it easy for owners to move the pockets around and establish additional storage where they need it. The lightweight Quick Store System is low-maintenance, easy to clean and dries quickly.

Single, double and triple pocket styles are available. Offered in neutral colors, the system won’t distract from a boat’s décor. Accon Marine’s Quick Store System has a starting price of $25.69.

            Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33762.  727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

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BoatUS Report

Lurking Below The Surface
BoatUS Safety Tip: Beware of Flood Debris

Normally this time of year, boaters have to be concerned about cooler water temperatures, rapid temperature swings, and being more self-reliant as fewer boaters are on the water to help in a potential emergency. With the recent storms, however, you can add one more to the list: a dramatic increase in the number of submerged objects lurking on or just below the surface of rain swollen rivers, lakes and bays.

Flooding from recent storms means boaters need to be on the lookout for submerged objects.

What’s the best precaution? Slow down after significant rain events and post extra lookouts – the more eyes the better. “It’s really a problem for any boat as running gear and outdrives can be damaged and lead to water coming in,” says Adriance.

BoatUS has these four tips:
Before you go: Have all of the safety and communications gear aboard and ensure the bilge pumps are working and there is no debris in the bilge. It’s always a good idea to have an extra bailer or two aboard, such as a bucket, emergency hand pump or even a cut-off detergent bottle. Also understand that navigational aids may have shifted.

Stop for any “thud”: If you hear a thud, always stop the boat immediately and inspect the bilge or storage compartments for damage – then check again a short while later. BoatUS Marine insurance claims files show that a crack can open up after a boat has bounced around a while. Another sign of damage is the boat may feel “funny” or less responsive, a sign that water is coming aboard.

Put on life jackets: If you find water coming aboard – even if it’s just a trickle – immediately put on your life jacket and notify the Coast Guard as you could lose the power and the ability to send a distress call on your VHF. It takes only seconds for a trickle to get worse.

Be prepared to improvise: If you do find a hole in the hull, bilge pumps alone may not stem the tide. Use anything you may have aboard such as towels, wooden bungs (keep them handy for plugging round holes such as prop shaft logs), or other gear to wedge into holes or cracks.

About BoatUS:
BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States – is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing over half a million members with government representation, programs and money-saving services including towing services and boat insurance. It’s Damage Avoidance Program helps boaters learn how prevent injury or vessel damage using real-world examples from the BoatUS Marine Insurance claims files and other boating safety resources. For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

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